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  1. GTP1H2 Findlay Small ferry at a pier on Loch Lomond Thanks Claire, That's greatly appreciated, Findlay
  2. Thanks Douglas, Terrible shooting conditions, so I wasn’t paying much attention to who was about me. Sorry if I ignored you. Findlay
  3. Thanks Bryan for the "double"spots. I've just picked them up. Findlay
  4. Cheers Bryan, That's an old "News" that was zoomed last week. Many thanks again and very much appreciated. Findlay
  5. Cheers Bryan, If you keep this up, I'll soon have to put you on the payroll! Findlay
  6. Sally, I agree with you 100%. I too have taken steps to withdraw from what I thought was a close relationship with Alamy and now looking for other outlets and revenue streams. If Alamy thinks that a small or temporary reduction in uploads won’t have a serious effect on their business, they are being quite myopic. If (unhappy) contibutors mark all their images “non-exclusive” and “non-distributer sales”, then put out to other Agencies, I think the financial impact on Alamy would be significant as well as curtailing its world wide standing. Even with my (many) years of wrestling with suppliers, cash flows and customers I have never experienced what seems to be such a radical and ill-conceived financial plan. I have followed this thread since I first got the initial email, but decided to take time to consider my options and not jump in with my opinions. On reflection, I think that was wise. I may have said something I might have later regretted. Mr West could easily have consolidated the obvious contributor loyalty, utilised the breadth of experience here and taken advice and soundings from outside his office. But no, Punish his suppliers after all it must be their fault. In another thread, someone complains about an image selling for $1.00 Well, I can beat that. I had notification of a sale for $0.99! To be fair, Alamy said they would pay me $0.50. How generous, more than 50%! Exchange that into GDP and I don’t have enough to pay the electricity to recharge my camera battery. I have a moderate portfolio here and that provides a (very) small income. That has taken years to accrue. Heaven help those who have less than 1000 images and have been hoodwinked by Alamy’s sales pitch of glorious returns. Things move on. Perhaps I was becoming too comfortable. One thing is for certain, it doesn’t matter what happens now, Mr West has a serious uphill struggle to win back the ground he has lost. I suspect he is hoping that giving out the bad news with so much notice, come February the disgruntled will have burnt themselves out and peace and harmony will return. My advice, for what it’s worth is - think again! Findlay BA DPMgt ARPS
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