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Have you Found any Alamy Photographs October

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National Geographic / Travel
Visit Europe's most beautiful cemeteries


ZAGREB CROATIA 29 June 2017: Mirogoj Cemetery on June 29th, 2017, in Zagreb, Croatia.
KEEGRM Florian Blümm RF


Msida Bastion Garden of Rest, Floriana, Malta
KG9BJT Touch The Skies RM


25 spooky places to visit around the world


the ruins of castle Cachtice - Slovakia
BX8BRE Věra Kailová RF


Charville Castle Offaly Ireland
B1MTAT Christopher Hill RF


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Guardian online

KMT8P5 Nigel Sawyer A Mute Swan (Cygnus olor) with a flock of ducks mainly Teal (Anas crecca)
C3GXE6 J.Enrique Molina Mexico. Veracruz city. Mexican folk-dance exhibitions. "Son Jarocho".

D8EBYT Bell New Zealand wood pigeon feeding on ripen guava fruit.


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Guardian Online 19/10/18
Martyn Vickery   Blue entrance page for joining an online sex site - Image ID: AHJE30
juan moyano     closeup of a transgender symbol painted in the palm of the hand of a young caucasian person - Image ID: HW16AJ

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British Wildlife magazine, October 2018. Volume 30, No. 1. ISSN 0958 0956

P1, Howden, UK. 16th July 2018. Very low water levels at Howden Reservoir. Gary Bagshawe/Alamy Live News. Image ID: P98DT5.

P12, Bangor borough/town plan. Reform Act. Llandegai Menai Bridge. Dawson, 1832 map. Antiqua Print Gallery/Alamy Stock Photo. Image ID: FBB1WG.

P28, Corncrake Crex crex calling in hay meadow on island of South Uist, Western Isles. Chris Gomersall/Alamy Stock Photo. Image ID: BDW87P.

P36, The Garden of Eden, ca 1611. Heritage Image Partnership Ltd/ Alamy Stock Photo. Image ID: MPW1P8.

P51, Juvenile sand lizard (Lacerta agilis) basking in the autumn sun in Surrey, England. Gillian Pullinger/Alamy Stock Photo. Image ID: H3KX90.

P77, Highland Cattle grantown on spey strathspey highlands Scotland September. Mark Hicken/Alamy Stock Photo. Image ID: A07DDG.




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15-21/10/2018 The Big Issue (print)

Early morning light over Ely Cathedral and the Fens, Cambs. A71HX6 Rod Edwards

Kensal Rise Library, NW London, closed by Brent Council despite demonstrations by local residents. CEC9GM Jonathan Goldberg

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Weekend Waitrose Magazine (print), 18/10/18


p.35: Tetra Images Portrait of Yorkshire terrier - Image ID: B27RJ5

p.37: Ann and Steve Toon  Galloway Forest Park, the UK's first International Dark Sky Park, Dumfries and Galloway, Scotland, UK, May 2014 - Image ID: E6GNDP

p.47: Garden World Images Ltd Young Tomatoes in Grow Bags - Image ID: J1WAWB


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Times 20th


River Torridge, Devon, UK. 19th October, 2018. UK Weather. 19th October. After a cold night the small North Devon villages of Appledore and Instow wake up to an amazing scene as the sun rises over the River Torridge estuary. Credit: Terry Mathews/Alamy Live News - Image ID: PX3GDF

Jinhua, China. 18th Oct, 2018. Over 60 paragliders training in flower sea in Jinhua, Zhejiang, China on 18 October 2018.(Photo by TPG/CNS) Credit: TopPhoto/Alamy Live News - Image ID: PWYB10

Brexit  is it worth it protest parliament - can't find it

Andrew Michael Woman filling up a car with petrol. UK - Image ID: C8T98E

Mike Clegg  Chelsea Bridge in London at Dusk - Image ID: DRPE2J

Martin Lee Modern Apartment Building or Block With External Cladding Against a Blue Sky - Image ID: JWWKWK

Ian Bottle University House, Bishop Otter Campus, University of Chichester, Chichester, West Sussex, England, Great Britain, United Kingdom, UK, Europe - Image ID: JC6DC1

Pictorial Press Ltd   JOHN OSBORNE English playwright directing The World of Paul Stuckey in April 1959 - Image ID: B3NDTP

Everett Collection Inc  VENUS AND THE LUTE PLAYER, by Titian, 1565–70, Italian Renaissance painting, oil on canvas. A nude reclining Venus stops listening to music to be crowned by Cupid. The meaning of this work may relate the Neo-Platonic debate of visual arts versus music as the best sense for experiencing beauty (BSLOC 2017 16 74) - Image ID: KWDMAP  - couple of these

My Gender is Mine to Define - can't find it

Jeff Rotman  DeepSee deep diving submersible with headlights Cocos Island Costa Rica Pacific Ocean - Image ID: BAD36C


Scottish Edition


Scottish independence referendum vote man holding yes - can't find it

MediaWorldImages TAITS FR227 & SUNBEAM FR48 Scottish Pelagic fleet 'Super Trawler' ships, ship bow sea water, boat, vessel, nautical, transportation, Fraserburgh, UK - Image ID: DYCPWG

flock sheep snow winter scotland - can't find it

GARY DOAK An elevated view of a busy concourse and notice board at Edinburgh's Waverley station at rush hour. - Image ID: B22MGW

John Peter Photography  The Bank of Scotland branch in St. Andrew Square Edinburgh Scotland - Image ID: FGC8X9

Stirlingshire, Scotland, UK. 15 October 2018: uk weather - Red Admiral butterflies on the last of the buddleia or butterfly bush flowers underneath brilliant blue skies in Stirlingshire, Scotland Credit: Kay Roxby/Alamy Live News - Image ID: PWBFDB


Irish Edition


Eisleben, Germany. 12th Dec, 2016. An employee of Aryzta Bakeries Deutschland GmbH packs pre-baked croissants in Eisleben, Germany, 12 December 2016. The Eisleben site is the largest site and the German headquarters of the Swiss company. Around 1,800 people are employed by the company that produced frozen baked goods for the retail sector. Photo: Peter Endig/dpa-Zentralbild/ZB/dpa/Alamy Live News - Image ID: HG6HFM




Dave Ellison  House of Fraser, Deansgate, Manchester. - Image ID: H6FA36

Ian Canham French Connection store, Long Acre, Covent Garden, London,UK - Image ID: BK98DR




Andrew Aitchison   A barrister wearing the wig that is worn in all crown courts in England. - Image ID: C71MKP

Mo Peerbacus  A colourful TSB sign in the financial district in the City of London, England, United Kingdom. - Image ID: E0CYC0




Seoul, Soputh Korea. 26th June, 2017. South Korean cloning pioneer Hwang Woo Suk in the laboratory of the Sooam Biotech Research Foundation in Seoul, Soputh Korea, 26 June 2017. Photo: Dirk Godder/dpa/Alamy Live News - Image ID: JGX5NG




Tono Balaguer Tapas seafood fried anchovies fish from Spain. - Image ID: KN72WH

Hans Geel   Three different organic heirloom tomatoes from Spain. - Image ID: G3HAKN

John Glover  Actaea simplex White Pearl syn Cimicifuga with Cleome - Image ID: B7C5BB

Wiert Nieuman   Flowering autumn bugbane or autumn snakeroot - Image ID: HH78DD


John Richmond  Close up of the September flowers of the dark leaved perennial, Actaea simplex 'Black Negligee' - Image ID: F1RG2W

Scott Camazine  Berries of Actaea pachypoda (Doll's-eyes, White Baneberry), a flowering plant in the family Ranunculaceae - Image ID: BFNEG8


Dorling Kindersley ltd  Using a garden fork to aerate grass, close-up - Image ID: PFMM66

Ernie Janes  Bamboo Chusquea Gigantea originates from Chile - Image ID: P47B7A




A. Astes   Paris, Galerie Vivienne. These typical passages were built during the first half of the XIXth century. - Image ID: E95F6R

Ingo Oeland   The southern side of Kata Tjuta in morning light. - Image ID: DNC613

Sydney Harbour bridge opera  etc - too many!!

redbrickstock.com Underwater view of Great Barrier Reef Australia - Image ID: BCBB45

Fayek Salama  Door in historic ramparts, Montreuil-sur-Mer, France - Image ID: BH96XG

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Guardian online

BH50N4   Naturepix Three Magpies (Pica pica) Searching for Food in Fallen Leaves.
P6BRDG Daniele Schneider / Photononstop France, Hautes Pyrenees, la Mongie, Pic du Midi de Bigorre (2,877m) covered by snow

C4TPMT  Anne Gilbert Pisum sativum ‘Meteor’ in flower
J1XKWD GWI/William Clevitt FATSIA 'SPIDERS WEB'  (cropped)

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5 hours ago, Bryan said:

John Richmond  Close up of the September flowers of the dark leaved perennial, Actaea simplex 'Black Negligee' - Image ID: F1RG2W

Thanks yet again, Bryan.  I haven't even got time to read the papers, let alone look for and record the images so your efforts are always greatly appreciated.

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Daily Mail online - PX92GP - Sadiq Khan at the people's march, London - Imageplotter / live news.




PX90EM - People in Abington Park, Northampton - Keith J Smith - live news.


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20/10/2018, Guardian, p43, single train tickets, BJ062T, shinypix [No credit - poss not via Alamy]
20/10/2018, Guardian, p44, pension pot, DXA39H, Trevor Chriss
20/10/2018, Guardian, p46, wheelchair next to step, CPH16C, format2 [Alamy credit only]
20/10/2018, Guardian [Magazine], p63, Pisum sativum ‘Meteor’, C4TPMT, Anne Gilbert [Cropped to landscape. Alamy credit only]
20/10/2018, Guardian [Magazine], p63, Fatsia 'Spider's Web', J1XKWD, GWI/William Clevitt/Garden World Images Ltd [Cutout. Alamy credit only]
20/10/2018, Guardian [Travel section], p63, Pic du Midi de Bigorre, P6BRDG, Daniele Schneider / Photononstop
20/10/2018, Guardian [Travel section], p9, Florida Road in Durban, BGAXGR, David Buzzard [No credit - poss not via Alamy]
20/10/2018, Guardian [Travel section], p9, Durban curry bunny chow, F1JXC5, Brand SA/Greatstock [No credit - poss not via Alamy]
20/10/2018, Guardian [Travel section], p11, folk music in Veracruz, C3GXE6, J.Enrique Molina
20/10/2018, Guardian [Review section], p27, silhouette of hunters, B0FPNX, Don B. Stevenson
20/10/2018, Guardian [Review section], p28, Ariadne in Naxos by Evelyn De Morgan, EC81A9, World History Archive
20/10/2018, Guardian [Review section], p32, statue of James Joyce in Dublin, B5EDMR, deadlyphoto.com [Alamy credit only]
20/10/2018, Guardian [Review section], p35, London from Hampstead Heath in 1947, ERX9AM, Trinity Mirror / Mirrorpix



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Glad to be able to help, John and Kay!


Sunday Times 21st


Kleber Cordeiro Costa  Fresh and juicy hamburger and beer on wooden background - Image ID: KJJG3E


Scottish Edition


John Eveson  Autumn colours at Langholm, Dumfries and Galloway, Scotland. - Image ID: KCPNEJ

vexedart  War on Narcotics. Drug cartel and the war on drugs. Razor blade and needles. - Image ID: PK57BX

John McGovern Traffic passing bridge renovation roadworks, Crown Street, Glasgow. - Image ID: F5KB44

fraser band Traditional Scottish Country Highland Dancing. - Image ID: HWP20R


Irish Edition


Nick Daly A mother holding a new born baby - Image ID: BHBBEX

Simon Turner  A nurse talks to an elderly patient in a modern UK hospital ward - Image ID: F7EYRR

Phanie Treatment of carotid stenosis by angioplasty and setting stent prosthesis, Here, a catheter inserted through a vein under - Image ID: E5RMBT

Robert Convery  Renault car dealership sign, UK. - Image ID: ERKG6H

ColorBlind Images Mixed Race male construction worker carrying lumber - can't find it

simon katzer Cyclist avoiding an opening car door - Image ID: DGXWR4

Plantography Autumn Garden View Broadview gardens - Image ID: A59F40

Tim Gainey  Matteuccia Struthiopteris. Shuttlecock fern decaying in autumn - Image ID: H6FBGE

Carpe Diem - Flora  Autumn colours of Geranium macrorrhizum - Image ID: B8EF57

Steffen Hauser / botanikfoto Giant sea holly (Eryngium giganteum) - Image ID: AW7F0X

Catherine Hoggins close up image of the dried seed head of an artichoke - Image ID: D31JCM




Amsterdam The Netherlands 15th February 2018 Goed Geld Gala Charity event Red Carpet. Actor and environmental activist Leonardo DiCaprio present on behalf of the Leonardo DiCaprio Foundation (LDF). Together with Boudewijn Poelmann and Marieke van Schaik, founder and managing director of the Postcode Lotterij. Credit: Richard Wareham Fotografie/Alamy Live News - Image ID: M4C8RP

Open Government Licence  Nuclear submarine HMS Vanguard arrives back at HM Naval Base Clyde, Faslane, Scotland following a patrol. HMS Vanguard (S28) - Image ID: KTY7CC

Robert Ashton  Tesco.com delivery van on the M62. You shop we drop! - Image ID: BKN9J5

Oldmanwalking  Great Western Railways Hitachi Class 800 800017 New Super Express at Cardiff Central Railway Station, South Wales, UK. - Image ID: MM3DP1

aberCPC Overseas Students in traditional gowns and mortar boards graduating on graduation day Aberystwyth University, Wales UK 2014 - Image ID: E8MD83




chris lobina  a London skyline, cityscape, high rise, skyscraper, the Gherkin, Tower 42, Heron Tower, night, dusk city, financial center - Image ID: H8M4HG

riddypix Numerous for sale and to let signs outside homes united kingdom - Image ID: DTKXM8

Durham Waspi group pension protest - can't find it

Jozef Polc Senior tourist couple hiking at the beautiful mountains - Image ID: F989JB

Mladen Mitrinovic  Outdoor portrait of senior man who is listening music on headphones. - Image ID: M0RNDN

B. BOISSONNET / BSIP  Elderly person with tablet - Image ID: DY7T99




drone above roof - can't find it

David Hatfield   Wentworth Woodhouse East facade - Image ID: H6XEMY

Clare Gainey  Malus domestica 'Sunset'. Apples growing in an English orchard. - Image ID: CWNPH1


Bon Appetit  Fresh picked apples (variety ‘James Grieve’) in basket - Image ID: BD48PP

Eric Nathan  Aerial view of the city of Cape Town, South Africa. - Image ID: C42PMN

Neale Clark Coventry old cathedral shell and new modern cathedral, Coventry, West Midlands, England, United Kingdom, Europe - Image ID: D2R06K

Oleg Gavrilov Tropical island in the ocean - Image ID: DCGRW9

Doug Steley C kitchen knives - Image ID: CYJRF7

Lamara Dalzous  Bed Bugs (Cimex lectularius) an emerging pest species, on an embroidered bed sheet, Spain - Image ID: DY8CC7




Richard Croft  Himba Tribe, Serra Cafema, Namibia, Africa. - Image ID: DRWWMD

Alison Thompson  Mercado de Salamanca, Malaga, Andalusia, Spain. - Image ID: M7T8A2

Jerónimo Alba  Antigua Casa de Guardia, bodega tavern wine barrels, Malaga city Costa del Sol. Andalusia southern Spain - Image ID: FH0C3F

Radim Beznoska  Malaga, Centre Pompidou, Contemporary Art, Spain - Image ID: S1TJ1P

Drew Buckley  Laugharne Castle, Laugharne, Carmarthenshire, Wales, UK - Image ID: GGWT87

Ian G Dagnall  The Boathouse, the poet Dylan Thomas's home in Laugharne, Carmarthenshire, Wales, UK - Image ID: DWK0WC

Derek Payne Pendine sands, Carmarthenshire, South Wales, UK - Image ID: ASEC93

Mareen Fischinger  Little boy sitting on an airplane with his soft toy looking through window - Image ID: F2M2MK

Christian Beier Half Dome Mountain seen from Glacier Point, Yosemite National Park, California, USA - Image ID: BRC3FY

Mark Richards  Bruce's Stone, Loch Trool in Galloway Forest Park - Image ID: FWAR44

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Guardian online

FB4FM9  StockShot/Bridget Clyde The Mont blanc Express train near Le Buet Haute Savoie France
PPTA6Y Nataliya Nazarova Cable Car and snow mountains panorama of French Alps near Chamonix, France.
MPJJKH Antonio Gravante  Chair lift  over the snowy forest at Abetone, Italy.
ATW5X6 Profimedia.CZ a.s./Michaela Dusikova Ski Centre in Harrachov Giant Mountains Czech Republic
M26JFM Kumar Sriskandan People skiing on the pistes above Niederau.
B5WBFE Nikola Spasenoski  Jahorina Ski Center in Republic of Srpska Bosnia and Hercegovina


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Irish Sun online

GHNCK1 graja Brand new five euro in jeans pocket

PX3NHC Richard Wayman Ardara, County Donegal, Ireland weather. 19th October 2018. The sun goes down behind mountains on a beautiful end to a day of mixed weather. The weekend is expected to be warm and dry. Credit: Richard Wayman/Alamy Live News

M8X0A2 Richard Wayman Lackbeg, Burtonport, County Donegal, Ireland. 20th March 2018. UK Weather: An inshore lobster fisherman navigates his boat through the rocky coastline as he returns home on a sunny but cold evening on the west coast. Credit: Richard Wayman/Alamy Live News


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56 minutes ago, Colblimp said:

Irish Sun online

GHNCK1 graja Brand new five euro in jeans pocket

PX3NHC Richard Wayman Ardara, County Donegal, Ireland weather. 19th October 2018. The sun goes down behind mountains on a beautiful end to a day of mixed weather. The weekend is expected to be warm and dry. Credit: Richard Wayman/Alamy Live News

M8X0A2 Richard Wayman Lackbeg, Burtonport, County Donegal, Ireland. 20th March 2018. UK Weather: An inshore lobster fisherman navigates his boat through the rocky coastline as he returns home on a sunny but cold evening on the west coast. Credit: Richard Wayman/Alamy Live News


Thanks for the spot Andy. A 'real' Live News there so half-decent fee!

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21/10/2018, Observer, p42, European hare, F46EEB, Andy Rouse/Nature Picture Library [Alamy credit only]
21/10/2018, Observer [Review section], p25, peanuts, PGF4PE, Phanawat choeichiw
21/10/2018, Observer [Review section], p35, still from The Love Witch, HTHB6A, Pictorial Press Ltd [Alamy credit only]
21/10/2018, Observer [Magazine], p43, strawberry blossoms in a soil mulched with wood chips, D7AFTE, BOUVIER sandrine [Alamy credit only]
21/10/2018, Observer [Magazine], p43, earthworm, AN5AGM, Redmond Durrell [Alamy credit only]


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