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Favourite Photos in September


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A common sight now, an Asian couple having a pre-wedding photography session in London (I expect in other touristy cities too). Shame the Palace of Westminster is in scaffolding.


Asian couple pose for wedding photos beside a traditional red telephone box, in Parliament Square, Westminster, London, UK.

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Marble surfacing out of an eroded creek bed, North Queensland, Australia




Sunrise in the Outback, North Queensland, Australia




Mackerel sky over Chillagoe Observatory, North Queensland, Australia



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As a lover of thunder and lightning, I have been disappointed this year. Despite record heat and high humidity (humidex of 47C a couple of times) with really heavy and threatening clouds, we had no storms here in Quebec. Imagine my joy then, when we went back to Gaspesie for a week, to see this cloud with us in the cross-hairs. I managed to get the tent up  in record time, then me and my boy legged it to grab some shots.a-panorama-og-golden-evening-light-and-a-dramatic-summer-storm-reflected-in-the-lagoon-at-carleton-in-gaspesie-quebec-canada-PK8C7F.jpg


I also got this one below which I put on a couple of arty-farty sites. 




The rain and lightning did not disappoint. I was glad I got the tent up in time, or I would have had an uncomfortable exchange of opinions with The Leader of the Opposition. 


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Photos taken in the Petrified Forest National Park, Arizona, USA


Eroded, colorful clay hills along the Blue Forest  ( Blue Mesa ) Trail







View from along the Blue Mesa Road








Petrified logs along the Crystal Forest Trail













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1 minute ago, aphperspective said:

Front page in the local paper Andy well done. You may have set up a trend for baby cots.:D


Thanks Andy, pleased with the front page.  I'm not sure it would catch on as a baby cot, maybe a tad expensive :lol:

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