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Is that a Russian Blue? Lovely animal. They have a very cool presence. 


Oh, sorry. That pic was back on page one.


I've said all this before, but since I've now turned the thread into The Russian Blue, I'll say it again to get back on track. I need and want to be able to shoot at 800 and 1,600. I have no personal need to shoot at higher ISO's. My Nikon D700 has zero noise at ISO800 and just a tiny bit at ISO1,600. With the NEX-6 I can shoot at both these ISO's but I have to tweak these images in LR5. I can usually do the same with my NEX-7 images but ISO1,600 is . . . pushing it (if I may use an old film-day term). I'm still deciding about the RX10, since I have not yet been able to do a lot of shooting with it, but I'm sure things will go swimmingly. 

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