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  1. That is how snipers (guns) work, there is a natural pause after exhalation
  2. You asked for honest, the collection is full of pretty pictures similar to a billion others on sale online. The most saleable image is the young lady with the flag, it tells a story. Assuming that the child is yours she is your best asset, photograph her a lot with flags, mobile phones, tablets, reading, playing, if she can act.. sad etc.
  3. My tip for the day is do not cut one foot off of a goat 🙂
  4. My 2p worth, you have not joined a site where pretty pictures sell well. Images should tell a story or support a story. People do not necessarily buy what you want to make they but to fill a need. Simplify the flag if you need to, it does not have to have the map underneath. Ask yourself how many stories/messages would need RY1J21 Then ask yourself how many stories/messages/presentations could be supported by a national flag? Ask yourself how many people could us an EU flag or a union flag to support Brexit article. Ask yourself how many product manufactures/services could use a
  5. Hiya lovely work, if I had your skills I would make a lot of those flag images for major countries, EU, Olympics etc, I imagine that they would sell.
  6. Hi all Thank you for some great ideas, lots to plan and research while I am waiting to be back on my feet. I really appreciate you all taking the time. ATB Mark
  7. Thank you for your advice,I had not thought of POD and I know very little about it. Can you recommend a POD site please. If not here, markbaigent1955@gmail.com please
  8. Thanks Michael. $38,000!!! Thank God for our NHS, this will cost me a grand total of nothing. We can just worry about getting better and not stressing about costs. ATB Mark
  9. Stents are a breeze, I would much rather have stents than go to the dentist! Good luck with your back.
  10. Thanks David, I think that I will be looking at the micro option I did not recognise the photo below, the "oh it's mine" doh
  11. Hiya, I had my stents in 2004, now they tell me that they don't last for ever 😞
  12. Thanks Tracey 🙂 I currently have ten stents and I am going for the record 🙂
  13. Hi all Feeling less sorry for myself today 🙂 There are some great ideas there thank you all.
  14. Blimey, well that puts things into perspective!! I hope you are well now? Thanks for the ideas
  15. Hi all I have had a bum few months, five operations on one of my eyes, which now does not work. Now I have heart trouble that could keep me off work for months (assuming I live that long), I can't walk far or lift much. My finances have taken a hammering, I would really appreciate some ideas of how to earn some pennies from home, a bit of stock obviously (but out of ideas) and maybe some photoshop work of some type. But happy to try anything.. Feeling a bit lost and picked on to be honest 😞 Mark
  16. Hiya, there are some lovely work there. J7G347 is probably the most saleable image that I saw while browsing you images
  17. Shoot lots of mother baby stuff, not portraits but activities, learning, growth, play, feeding, screaming, look at baby/parenting magazines and see what images they are using . You have a free model for a long time to come.
  18. Hiya, hardly anything is selling at the moment, I need to do a mass keyword update.
  19. Hiya Good question, there was a time that booking models was worth while. I used to book a model and shoot a batch of book cover style images for one library and then some more basic images but it is not viable (for me) any more. If you want people shots use your family and friends if you can, things that tell a story like parenting, education kids with tech can be good as the tech keeps changing so you can keep reshooting. Do they sell, my top selling image is a shot of a flower, next is food.
  20. I used to do the opposite trip when my ma in law moved to Newport
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