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  1. PC upgrade

    It would be interesting to see where you got that :-)
  2. PC upgrade

    Thanks David, that is an idea.
  3. PC upgrade

    Thanks Jill, the Lenovo range looks good. I guess my next question will be about monitors :-)
  4. Hi all I need to upgrade my steam driven PC to something that can cope with modern photoshop/lightroom. A desktop system. I have a budget of £1,700 to £2,000, Any suggestions for an off the shelf system? Not Mac.
  5. Tips to improve Alamy Sales ?

    You are competing with billions of stock photos available on line, standing out in that lot is tough. It is the nature of the industry now that there is not many people making a lot of money. IMHO
  6. This is Amazing!

    That is amazing!!
  7. Hmmm, time to slash my image collection

    Thank all, then all I have to do is re-keyword and caption what is left, sigh
  8. Hmmm, time to slash my image collection

    Now that makes sense, that is what I will do, ta muchly
  9. Live News - exclusive?

    Ta both
  10. I have been away from stock photography for ages and I have just dropped in to review my images, I got a bit of a shock. I have so many crap images so time to delete a load of them. Maybe losing the rubbish will give the better images a better chance?
  11. I carry a couple of copies of the Photographer guideline by the Association of Assistant chief constables
  12. Live News - exclusive?

    like who Martin, news is not an area I know anything about.
  13. Image quality and cameras

    The camera is not the issue, you need to look at images in adverts, magazines etc and shoot what people want to buy. Try picking a theme such as "bullied, bully, bullying" then make images that show that subject. We have all gone through the stage where we shoot what we want to rather than what is wanted. Research the market. Good luck
  14. Pretend that you are a professional and do not upload duff images, if the duff images reach clients it affects the reputation of Alamy and all of us photographers. I remember when the ban was 30 days.
  15. Select all images

    OK, done it.