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    My family, photography, bushcraft, canoeing, woodcarving, rugby, hillwalking, woodlands.


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  1. Hiya, there are some lovely work there. J7G347 is probably the most saleable image that I saw while browsing you images
  2. Shoot lots of mother baby stuff, not portraits but activities, learning, growth, play, feeding, screaming, look at baby/parenting magazines and see what images they are using . You have a free model for a long time to come.
  3. Hiya, hardly anything is selling at the moment, I need to do a mass keyword update.
  4. Hiya Good question, there was a time that booking models was worth while. I used to book a model and shoot a batch of book cover style images for one library and then some more basic images but it is not viable (for me) any more. If you want people shots use your family and friends if you can, things that tell a story like parenting, education kids with tech can be good as the tech keeps changing so you can keep reshooting. Do they sell, my top selling image is a shot of a flower, next is food.
  5. I used to do the opposite trip when my ma in law moved to Newport
  6. Until I semi retired the return on effort was not worth it sadly
  7. As mentioned above it includes the good old days when over £100 was the norm.
  8. Hiya, I knew you would :-) I love it here, beach, backwaters, sea for canoeing and the wildlife is wonderful.
  9. Hiya Yes, I have looked at some of my old images and the keywording could be much better as well. Just up the road from me is the village of Beaumont-cum-Moze
  10. Indeed, that was when $1500 sales were available Nice :-) To be honest I have neglected Alamy for years but now I am semi retired I will be concentrating on it a bit more. Mind you I said that a little while ago and then my mum died and I have been bogged down in Probate ever since
  11. Hi, as a photojournalist you will understand the need to shoot images that tell a story :-)
  12. Hi all I have just noticed that I have had my 500th sale, add them all up = $42,272, better than a poke in the eye with sharp stick. I might celebrate with a cup of tea.
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