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  1. That is how snipers (guns) work, there is a natural pause after exhalation
  2. You asked for honest, the collection is full of pretty pictures similar to a billion others on sale online. The most saleable image is the young lady with the flag, it tells a story. Assuming that the child is yours she is your best asset, photograph her a lot with flags, mobile phones, tablets, reading, playing, if she can act.. sad etc.
  3. My tip for the day is do not cut one foot off of a goat 🙂
  4. My 2p worth, you have not joined a site where pretty pictures sell well. Images should tell a story or support a story. People do not necessarily buy what you want to make they but to fill a need. Simplify the flag if you need to, it does not have to have the map underneath. Ask yourself how many stories/messages would need RY1J21 Then ask yourself how many stories/messages/presentations could be supported by a national flag? Ask yourself how many people could us an EU flag or a union flag to support Brexit article. Ask yourself how many product manufactures/services could use a
  5. Hiya lovely work, if I had your skills I would make a lot of those flag images for major countries, EU, Olympics etc, I imagine that they would sell.
  6. Hi all Thank you for some great ideas, lots to plan and research while I am waiting to be back on my feet. I really appreciate you all taking the time. ATB Mark
  7. Thank you for your advice,I had not thought of POD and I know very little about it. Can you recommend a POD site please. If not here, markbaigent1955@gmail.com please
  8. Thanks Michael. $38,000!!! Thank God for our NHS, this will cost me a grand total of nothing. We can just worry about getting better and not stressing about costs. ATB Mark
  9. Stents are a breeze, I would much rather have stents than go to the dentist! Good luck with your back.
  10. Thanks David, I think that I will be looking at the micro option I did not recognise the photo below, the "oh it's mine" doh
  11. Hiya, I had my stents in 2004, now they tell me that they don't last for ever 😞
  12. Thanks Tracey 🙂 I currently have ten stents and I am going for the record 🙂
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