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  1. Might sound a bit obvious but have you tried logging out and back in again or perhaps try another device to sign in with. Failing that email Alamy.
  2. Whilst in Spain check out San Sebastián and Bilbao....probably the two greatest cities in Europe.
  3. Ok, that makes sense. I personally would not want to be part of the press pack, I’m sure there would be a lot of newsworthy shots away from the main thong....useless auto correct, I meant throng.
  4. I don’t see the point in any accreditation whatsoever if you are intending to upload to the Alamy news feed. You are in a public place taking pictures of the public for editorial news so no problem. I really don’t believe that Alamy favours any of their contributors whatsoever referring news. If you are there and get the right shots keyworded and uploaded immediately then you have as much chance as anyone else. My occasional input to the news feed has been very successful and I’m hardly on of the “favoured few”
  5. Pretty much identical pattern for me John. My CTR has took a serious dive but my sales total is higher this year than it's ever been. One thing I've learnt over the years about CTR stats and sales etc on Alamy is that the only constant is that it's random. Andy
  6. Double click on the home button then swipe to close the page, then open up safari and try again and it should work.
  7. Not quite what I meant. The point being is that this is a public forum.
  8. You may be creating a problem to fix. Firstly you do not say what computer you are currently using. I personally use Macs and I have never had a problem straight out of the box and that includes 27" imac and 2 macbooks that I have never calibrated. I have a lot of prints printed out by labs that are always spot on without any lab calibration and pretty much all childrens portraiture so have to be right. Secondly, and more importantly, I have had a look at your portfolio and I cannot see any obvious colour cast so there may not be a problem. In the distant past in the old pc days I of
  9. Tried it on my iPhone 6 Plus and it's a right mess, can't even open an image. I'll wait for the gremlins to get ironed out.
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