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Not so many zooms this weekend

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I've just taken a look at my measures for the weekend. No zooms for me (not unusual), but, perhaps surprisingly, only 4 zooms in total over 10 screens of views. One topic (suffolk [WOP] [UK]) garnered 25,000 views without a zoom.


I've not looked at this data before, maybe it's the norm, but I would have thought that the newspapers would be working over the weekend and some of them do generate zooms.



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For me, views are well up this month but zooms are another matter. In 15 days of data I've only had 4 zooms.


As a matter of interest, in Alamy Measures one of my Pseudos had no zooms against the Search Terms for me but in addition there were no zooms in the Total Zooms field either.


I do get the feeling that zooms are generally on a slow decline


Jim ;)   

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Well spotted Bryan. I too see that none of the searches I have on my portfolio this weekend generated  any zooms for anybody. On previous weekends with similar numbers of searches there have always been zooms for somebody, even when I don't get any myself.  


Perhaps it is an almighty statistical blip., Perhaps the zoom machine is broken. The latter seems more likely to me, some glitch in their systems has not recorded zooms this weekend. Has anybody any zooms to report for this weekend? 

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We have had this problem before and zooms tended to come in a day or two later.  Out of three pages of search terms for one of my pseudos only two searched terms had any zooms recorded and they weren't mine. Something is broken again.



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I thought exactly the same this morning so had a look at AoA.  The zooms recorded there are only a fraction of what they were over last weekend - definitely appears to have been a blip somewhere 

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Something is definitely broken in zooms today, after the weekend - I started a new topic in the general forum but Spacecadet pointed out this has already been noted - 


My views and number of search terms were fairly normal (3000+ views and nearly 500 different search terms), but 0 zooms - and in addition to this, only 3 of the search terms out of nearly 500 had any zooms for anybody (ie total zooms)


I agree with Pearl - we have seen this before and hopefully the missing zooms will "catch up" over the next few days to a week or so - but meantime it's not done my CTR any good at all!




Kumar (the Doc one)

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1 hour ago, Broad Norfolk said:

Just as a footnote, did anyone notice in AoA for the weekend period only 5 sales were logged? Normally there is at least 6 pages totalling around 120 sales against the Search Terms. Something not quite right here too.



Thanks Jim - I did not notice that as I rarely have sales registered in measures



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