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September Photo Challenge Poll - Critters

Steve Hyde

September Photo ChallengePoll - Critters  

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  1. 1. Here are this months choices:

    • TeeCee - Large Monkey Business - AA7AA3
    • Sally - Bad hair day - K5W575
    • Lars Madsen - Eurasian Red Squirrel - F132R7
    • GS Images - Wasp Mimic Hoverfly - K4H30A
    • Russell Watkins - Two Northern Gannets - HEFEK3
    • ColdCoffee - Two squirrels - ETKN6N
    • gvallee - Cotton Harlequin Bug - JP2WKA
    • Image Plotter - London Zoo - HG11J0
    • Robert Shantz - Kit Fox pup - BB70KT
    • CB Images - A Jawfish mouthbrooding - JHWAH7

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  • Poll closed on 07/10/17 at 22:59

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OK, here's the poll.


I can't say I particularly enjoyed choosing my top 10 (couldn't get it down to 8) as there are lots more submissions that could easily have been included in the poll.


Still, it had to be 10 so I went for pictures I just really liked, made me smile, involved me or were technically good or difficult to create. I also enjoyed reading the short write ups accompanying some of the images. Just knowing a little bit about how a particular picture was created can make you see an image in a totally different light.


I think my final 10 offer quite a good cross section of the critter images submitted. From macro, specialist, some human interaction, technical, humorous and cute.


Sorry to those I left out, it really was a very close run thing.























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Thanks for selecting my photo of the little foxes. 


I was really lucky that day to see them and have them cooperate.  Considering that they were wild and in an area where they could be hunted, I have no idea why the mother and pups let me photograph them at close range.





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Sorry for the late reply to the messages above. I’ve been busy with the day job since Sunday.


Sally, TeeCee, Russell, Gvallee, ColdCoffee, CBImages, Lars, ImagePlotter, Robert. You’re all very welcome. The votes looking very tight at present!



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There’s just over 24hrs left to vote for your favourite pic from the September Photo Challenge. 


There’s been a good spread of votes across the top ten with two obvious front runners, neck and neck, with twelve votes each at the moment. I’m pretty new around here and not sure what happens in the event of a tie. Exciting times!


For anyone who is yet to cast their vote, the poll closes at midnight tomorrow.





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I know. What a spot. I do hope you have held on to your vote because we might need it. The good news is that we won't know if it was you or somebody else. We are voting anonymously, thank heavens.



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