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Steve Hyde

September Photo Challenge Poll - Critters

September Photo ChallengePoll - Critters  

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  1. 1. Here are this months choices:

    • TeeCee - Large Monkey Business - AA7AA3
    • Sally - Bad hair day - K5W575
    • Lars Madsen - Eurasian Red Squirrel - F132R7
    • GS Images - Wasp Mimic Hoverfly - K4H30A
    • Russell Watkins - Two Northern Gannets - HEFEK3
    • ColdCoffee - Two squirrels - ETKN6N
    • gvallee - Cotton Harlequin Bug - JP2WKA
    • Image Plotter - London Zoo - HG11J0
    • Robert Shantz - Kit Fox pup - BB70KT
    • CB Images - A Jawfish mouthbrooding - JHWAH7

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  • Poll closed on 07/10/17 at 22:59

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Well done Russell. That was neck and neck. 

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Thanks for the kind comments all.


As ever, there were some impressive entries and I'm delighted to have topped the poll. Thanks Steve for a great subject and competitive shortlist; I know it's a cliché but it's true - any shortlisted image would have been a deserved winner.


I'm en route back from West Wales at the moment (RedSnapper's stamping ground) so I'll get the next comp up and running on Tuesday.


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Congratulations on a great image Russell!


Kumar (the Doc one)

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