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My Biggest Single Licence Fee in 15 Years!

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10 minutes ago, Sultanpepa said:

I'm not sure things are picking up, at least not for me. Congrats on the sales though. 👍


Thank you. Maybe it was just a glitch for me too (in the right direction for a change). But, I have been more active with regards to uploading new images, and I've got a couple of shoots lined up with a 'St. Patrick's Day' theme, for the live news feed, over the next few days. So, I'm prepared to remain optimistic for another week or so. :)

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1 hour ago, Steve Valentia said:

Image sales are picking up recently, for me. Today, I had 2 sales and one of them was for a very nice mid-$$$ figure that is the highest sale I've had for one image, since I started contributing, over 15 years ago. This was for a RM (editorial) image and prior to that, my biggest sale was for a RF image, that grossed $100 less.

It was for a 2-page spread, world English language use in a magazine with a print run of up to 5 million.

I know that other members have had regular three and even four-figure sales, but for me, sales are usually mid-to-low 2 figures. So, maybe things are picking up for us all.  

Congratulations, very good news!




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I also had a very good sale $$$ at the end of January, the first in a long time.


Image PE2RDE


Country: Worldwide
Usage: Marketing package - Large business, Perpetual rights granted for Web (corporate or promotional), promotional email, electronic display, in-store display or poster, table tent our countercard, trade show panel or presentation, brochure or direct mail, electronic brochure, single sheet or postcard, external newsletter, sales CD/DVD/Video, sales giveaway.
Start: 27 January 2021
End: 27 January 2026



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3 hours ago, Avpics said:

My first licence over $200 for a very long time has dropped in today. There's hope 🙂

I had a very decent $$$ sale a few days ago - just hoping that no refunds are around the corner. The last time I had a >$300 sale it was refunded in a couple of days. Fingers crossed for better outcomes for everyone.

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