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  1. I will have it checked out first, but it is due for a replacement as I have had it several years. Thank you.
  2. Thanks for the confirmation I thought it might be terminal, it will be another RX100 as they are a great little carry anywhere camera and the quality of the images that it produces are outstanding.
  3. Hi All I have A DSC-RX100 that I have had for many years but think it might be on It's last legs, the problem that I am having is that when I engage the shutter release it takes some time to focus, it sounds as though the focus drive has a problem in that it continues trying to focus and the motor is still running even when I have move it away from what I am photographing. Repair or new RX100? Liam
  4. iphone I were thinking of, many thanks
  5. Only one problem there Wim I have not moved on to the smart phone yet , I'm an android user. Many thanks for the info though.
  6. It looks as tough I'll be resetting to camera default then. Many thanks
  7. Wim. I have checked out this smart remote but have never used it, is it something that you use and would recommend? many thanks
  8. Every thing looks fine with the program control knob Allan thanks, not sure what this smart remote Win mentioned is all about though.
  9. Hi all God only knows what I have done but I am unable to fathom it out and would appreciate some help, the problem being when I go to shoot mode I am unable to change anything as it keeps tell me that the "function is currently disabled" can anyone help as I must be having a senior moment which is lasting longer than normal. Liam
  10. Happy New Year All. Can anyone I.D. shrub please, I spotted this whilst out walking in woodland in Herefordshire there was nothing similar in any part of the wood that I walked, the woodland was mix of Oak, Beech, and Yew.
  11. Have I missed something? I've been away for a few days and have noticed since my return that Alamy have removed their copyright from all images, why have they done this?
  12. This looks like a good filter, has anyone purchased it yet? https://l.facebook.com/l.php?u=https%3A%2F%2Fbit.ly%2F2m8kCej%3Ffbclid%3DIwAR3ByJNxJGbheXacM7jQBNELRAiYMU5wpWfj0Ki7OV79c7tI5pMQMuIH2ig&h=AT0o84Ew42TPklX6P8-UqYkrQzCEXqPI8eOxtJGGbPkvGBE45_URtxdx3ZMsnJzMpUwgQE3baXGikSoEUIl3sT7Eh-78mHiCq2KJcFer__1Jn_4TTWTAmWtXmmVaaMFcVOSFNw6HIi9KpNl9AkG8v-VucLieg2FqtTLvSzPF6ebl-5hWo7VndfiXb722RJISrytifHlEMAjHSe0QipYpTCX6B6SsaO7vM9ab-cEsbj95Su_zJovfF8FcwWL5_9u0zlJfF1jawgR0g9he3_s4m3TQpxtkBRdH66Ihz2VRUf6ifuVlN3rISvtJaEnPI8btVmdWn4isrAmQJhj55dpXfrn7goFmDEPvyc-nFBGhUcFtcziYGfBDb1MKfPO861pY3P
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