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  1. The large one is definitely chicken of the wood as i have a few images myself, not to sure of the other though
  2. Mushroom ID help

    Same as Gena Pleated Ink cap.
  3. Take Down Notice

    I'm sure they would love that.
  4. Take Down Notice

    That's a blow 15 of my images being removed from Alamy. Ralph Court Gardens have contacted Alamy saying that they have a notice on their entrance door stating that photograph is not for commercial use but private use only, when it was put there I do not know but it was definitely not there when my wife and I visited. I have been doing a bit of a search though and have found that a photographer is exhibiting work from the gardens in h.Art art week starting on the 8th September and some of his work is similar to mine, so this could explain the appearance of the notice.
  5. A new dawn cometh

    I also left Nikon earlier this year and went over to the Sony A6500, and I'm loving it.
  6. calendar sale

    I had a couple of calendar sales back in 2011 they were what is call a page a day calendar for $12.60 each before Alamy took their 50%

    Image P99P0B clearly states that it is chocolate peanut butter which is not candy, that is why i did not include the word candy in my keywords, i could include it but would that not then attract a lot of false views.

    Very strange.

    What is happening with my views and uploads? The moor images that i upload the fewer views i get and my sales to date for this year total 2 which is a considerable drop compared to last year.

    Many thanks Allan
  11. I am running LR 6.14 and checked for updates yesterday I followed the instructions as they stated and clicked on download updates and I now have a free trial for LR 7.4 classic cc this was not what I were expecting. Is this correct? as I do not want a subscription LR.
  12. Preferences.Readprefs

    That is possible as I used it the other day to take a screenshot of an image of mine that has been downloaded without Alamy's permission, by a company in Panama it may have come from there.
  13. Preferences.Readprefs

    it's happened just the one time, I have rebooted since though.
  14. Preferences.Readprefs

    Apologies for that Its just a screenshot of a box that popped up on my computer below is what it stated. Preferences.readprefs err=69 what= where=4 Name=Preferences.xml
  15. Can anyone explain to me what this might be, it came up on my computer this morning when I switched on. 2018-07-14 05.33.31.png?dl=0