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    The only lens that I have at the moment is the 18-105 G OSS which is very good for general use, it is tie though that I expanded my lens kit and looking at the two options I', more in favor of the F2.8 + a converter, this will mean the whole of my Nikon kit will have to go D7000 + four lenses. I probably will not get a great deal for it as trade in but it will save me the time of having to advertise it. Liam

    Was the 2.8 not released for the Sony mirror-less range? Liam

    They both retail at around £2500 here in the UK. My main subject will be wildlife. Liam
  4. I am in the market for a new lens for my Sony A6500 and will be trading in my Nikon kit, I'm in a bit of a quandary though not knowing if I should get the Sony FE 70-200 F2.8 GM OSS with a converter, or the FE 100-400 F4.5-5.6 GM OSS, I have watched several YouTube video's and they both look extremely good lenses even though some reviews are quite conflicting. Does anyone have either of these lenses or have a preference if they were to purchase one. Liam
  5. No sale!!

    My views have dropped by almost a third over the past twelve month and it seems as though the more images I upload the less views I get.
  6. Travel Camera?

    I'll go with Allan on that great little camera. Liam
  7. Light-box

    I have made myself a light-box using a couple of old picture frames, my problem is I am not sure which type of bulb to use for copying slides. Any ideas? Liam
  8. Shrub ID

    I have been doing a few searches and the closest that I can find is the Dwarf Chinese Holly Ilex cornuta 'Rotunda, the leaves are very similar, but having now had a close look at both suggested id's I'm confident that the B.darwinii is correct (sorry Allan) I have come to this conclusion because it has clusters of flowers and not berries. Please correct me if I am wrong. Liam
  9. Formatting

    Yes some form of indication would have helped. Thank's for the info. Liam
  10. Shrub ID

    I am unable to ID this shrub it is a holly of some description I think but not sure. Your help please.
  11. Formatting

    Strange, or have I had a senior moment? I noticed that the battery was almost exhausted so I put on charge left for a while and hey presto card formatted. Many thanks for the advice both. Liam
  12. Formatting

    Found the little grey thing, not that.
  13. Formatting

    Yes it's a Sandisk SD card. How would I have locked it? as I don't recall tampering with anything since I last formatted it. Just tried a different card and that's the same.
  14. I have just inserted the memory card back into my a6500 after uploading to computer and it refuses to format, keeps displaying the message (this function is currently disabled). Anyone have any ideas has to what has caused this. Liam
  15. Stock Photography