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  1. Preferences.Readprefs

    That is possible as I used it the other day to take a screenshot of an image of mine that has been downloaded without Alamy's permission, by a company in Panama it may have come from there.
  2. Preferences.Readprefs

    it's happened just the one time, I have rebooted since though.
  3. Preferences.Readprefs

    Apologies for that Its just a screenshot of a box that popped up on my computer below is what it stated. Preferences.readprefs err=69 what= where=4 Name=Preferences.xml
  4. Can anyone explain to me what this might be, it came up on my computer this morning when I switched on. 2018-07-14 05.33.31.png?dl=0

    Watermarks can be removed fairly easily, and as all images on the offending site are plainly for sale I would say that people/companies do purchase them.

    Latest news Alamy are unable to chase it up as the offenders are in Panama, what next? does anyone have any contacts that I could use or how I might chase it up myself.

    I have just found one of my images on websites below, it looks as though they are selling to others. you may want to check to see if yours are being used. I have reported to Alamy and they have no record of a download.
  8. ZADAR

    Many thanks both, love the images Nick but I could not do as you ask as where I go the Sony seems to follow me around .
  9. ZADAR

    I am planning a trip to Zadar early next year and would be interested to know if anyone has been there and what places of interest there might be within a 20 mile radius.

    And are specifically designed for the Sony miorrorless range.

    Having watched reviews on both lenses by John Sisin I sunk my teeth firmly into the bullet and purchased the 70/200 2.8 which I am very pleased with, and where better to try it out than the Malvern Spring festival with my studio already set up. It was not quite as heavy to carry around as I thought it might be. Images below your critique please, be gentle.
  12. Trade in or sell privately?

    I'll be trading in, after a week of waiting for my Sigma 10-20mm F3.5 EX DC lens to sell in original box plus lens pouch and uv filter I still have it. with a starting price of £200 I had 34 views and 1 watcher no bids were made, they have been selling for between £280 and £370. I will not waste my time again. Liam
  13. Is it possibly to navigate away from I/M without affecting upload as I know this was not the case with the old system. Liam

    The only lens that I have at the moment is the 18-105 G OSS which is very good for general use, it is tie though that I expanded my lens kit and looking at the two options I', more in favor of the F2.8 + a converter, this will mean the whole of my Nikon kit will have to go D7000 + four lenses. I probably will not get a great deal for it as trade in but it will save me the time of having to advertise it. Liam

    Was the 2.8 not released for the Sony mirror-less range? Liam