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  1. You are showing your age with that comment
  2. Congratulations, I'm a long way from that target.
  3. I'll go with the Greater Celandine.
  4. I've put (vintage motorbike with wicker sidecar) into search and there are plenty to choose from, I think Triumph like Harry.
  5. Rusty brown fungi with a white sort of coloring on cap, any ideas as to what variety it might be please? Found in grassland in Herefordshire UK.
  6. Will have to give this a try if it makes life a tad easier.
  7. Rusty brown fungi with a white sort of coloring on cap, any ideas as to what variety it might be please? Found in grassland in Herefordshire UK
  8. Like other things with Alamy they probably will not have the time to chase it up.
  9. I am sure that when I joined back in 2008 that there was something in the T/C relating to this sort of practice, and if found Alamy would take action.
  10. I opted out of distribution in 2009 and novel use 2014, never did care for them much.
  11. My computer tech told me that they have more problems with computers that upgraded from W7 than anything else, the dedicated W10 computers they have very little problems when up grading.
  12. Thank you all for your comments and advice now sorted. I had to get a tech man out as nothing was working that I tried, apparently it was something to do with the Feature update to Windows 10, version 1809 that went wrong when updating, so not too expensive.
  13. Computer is hp pavillion 500, all lights are on and it sounds to be running fine, the message states (there is no signal coming from comp, press any key or move mouse to wake it up, if there is no display press the monitor button to select the correct input source on the on screen display menu). Unable to get any display menu when monitor button is selected. It is the only moitor that i have therfore unable to check if that works.
  14. Are there any computer tech's amongst all of you fantastic photographers? Monitor will not work message saying no signal from computer, I have disconnected cable's and reconnected made sure all are secure but still no luck. The sad thing is that the guarantee only ran out 3 months ago.
  15. Iv'e had mine in bits but unable to find any sort of collar to restrict its travel.
  16. It has been happening for quite while now, Iv'e had many an email arrive late.
  17. It's the top section on mine, maybe it's a common problem.
  18. Many thanks for the link TeeCee, I will have to take a look and see what is needed.
  19. I have a Manfroto 190prob tripod which for some reason has decided to grow in length, one of the legs in now about 4 inches longer than the other two and as I have never taken a tripod apart I literally have no idea where to start and what to look for. Your help please.
  20. Well done on your sales Mark, I venture down your way quite often as my Father-in law lives in Clacton on sea.
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