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How was your July 2020?

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It was a normal month for me. More than some less than others, some new pictures sold and some very old ones as well.


Looking at trading conditions and the "other" challenge, Alamy must have worked pretty hard, so thank you Alamy!


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After a relatively quiet year I had a sudden flurry of above-average sales in the second half of July. The majority of them were quirky subjects - exactly the kind of thing I shoot specifically with Alamy in mind.



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5 for $251.47, an average of $50.

Varied subjects, one RF,  uses from blogs and social media, to television, to a book, to magazines.




object on white 


person doing something

Edited by Betty LaRue
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8 sales for £221. The new normal.


The good news is that zooms have picked up from 33 on the 1st July to 54 on the 31st.


Light at the end of the tunnel, or an oncoming train.....





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52 for $1413 gross - only one $$$; so maximum was $119 on 31/7.


Zooms 184


Total views 25,900


All still going along at about 60% of normal



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