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"Your Alamy portfolio page"

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I guess I should play around with it a bit, but I managed to get it to work in a few minutes. Got a header up and a few verbals about what I do or did. I was using Google Chrome.

When I go to the invitation from Alamy on iCloud which I use to get into my emails I don't get very far. Strangely if I enter "Robert Estall" in the search box, I get two images of the lately deceased Professor Robert Estall from a Historical collection and three random landscapes from East Anglia from my own portfolio

Edited by Robert M Estall
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5 minutes ago, Phil Crean said:

Can't get a header image to load.... Choose one and just get 3 loading dots for ages


Anyone else experiencing this?




Just had a quick play. Header image loads instantly for me.



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3 minutes ago, Stokie said:

Do you have to click on each individual image to put them in a gallery or can you do a search by subject and then just select all those?


It seems you have to click on every single one. A quicker way would be useful.

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Just now, Matt Ashmore said:


You can share a link to a profile... it would also be great to be able to share a link to a gallery within a profile. :-)


You can - just click the burger menu (three lines top right corner) of the gallery tab and share from there.





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