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  1. Are multiple versions of the same photo OK?

    Thanks for your replies – all very helpful!
  2. Are multiple versions of the same photo OK?

    Thanks for your reply!
  3. Can anyone tell me if multiple versions of the same photo are accepted on Alamy? For instance, a b/w as well as a colour version, or a 'clean' and filtered version.
  4. Can anyone here recommend an app for releases (iOS)?
  5. I have a couple of questions about property releases for buildings. If you take a photo of part of a city – from a tower, for instance – would you need a release for every qualifying/recognizable building in the photo? Or if in a landscape photo there's a lighthouse in the distance? (This may be a stupid question. In any case.) Do you need a release for photos of buildings that have been demolished after the photos were taken?
  6. That's good to know – I thought the amount of keywords required to reach green was a little excessive.
  7. Thanks for your reply! Then I won't let it confuse me any further.
  8. Now the photos have actually changed status on the dashboard to 'Images on sale with poor discoverability'. They still don't come up in the search results, though, and here it still says "Images: 0". Does it just take a little while for the system to update?
  9. I've just had my first three photos accepted, and I'm a little confused by the apparent disagreement between 'My dashboard' and the Image Manager. On the 'My dashboard' page, under 'Your status', all three images are included in the 'Images not on sale' cell. But the Image Manager lists all three images as 'On sale'. As I'm unable to find the images when searching on Alamy, and here, in the forum, to the left of this post, it still says I have 0 images, the Image Manager appears to be wrong. Is there anything I need to do in order to change the status of the images to 'On sale'?
  10. Thanks for the additional comments. I've just submitted my first three images. Looking forward to hearing the verdict.