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  1. We've been on lockdown for a week here on Gran Canaria. State of emergency extended until at least 11 April in all of Spain. If you are out on the street for anything other than food shopping, pharmacy, medical appointment, work (if unable to work from home) and a few other exceptional circumstances, you will be fined. Not even allowed out for exercise, unless you have a dog to walk.
  2. Joybringer - Manfred Mann The air that i breathe - The Hollies Hernando's Hideaway - Archie Bleyer
  3. Thanks for spotting that one, Sally. Take from my office/gym... which opens onto our balcony.
  4. Thanks for the advice and link, Mark. I've seen few used MacBook Pros advertized here on Gran Canaria, but they tend to be expensive with basic spec. Joe
  5. Thanks, Allan and Paulette. Desktop is an option, Alan. I could limp on with my laptop for travel.
  6. Thanks to everyone who has given advice. Much appreciated. Something more modern then. My creaking and groaning Dell laptop is my only computer. The local tech here thinks the beeping is the motherboard... not worth repairing. My budget for a new computer is around 1000 Euros. Is there a laptop - or desktop, i have a decent monitor - in that price range that will run Lightroom CC and Photoshop comfortably? Laptop is preferable as need a laptop for News uploads when i visit the UK. Joe
  7. My current Dell laptop, which is my travel laptop, has been on its last legs for some time - slow, constant beeping when powering up... Have to switch on and off about 20 times before it fires up. I have the opportunity to buy a cheapish Macbook pro 2009 - 2.52 Ghz Intel core 2 duo. NVIDIA GeForce 9400M 256 MB. El Capitan version 10.11.6 If i maxed out the Ram and installed and SSD drive, would Lightroom run okay on it? Joe
  8. My last sale of the month in November was a $$$$ direct sale to Gremany. Model released hiking image taken in the UK. My previous, and highest ever fee, ironically, was a couple of years ago to a UK newspaper. Used to promote their online app. Before the sale had cleared, always a worry with high fees, i spotted it on a big screen in an airport departure lounge. Country: Germany Usage: Advertising and promotion Media: Advertorial Industry sector: Travel & tourism Print run: up to 5 million Insert: more than 25 Placement: Inside Image Size: 1 page Start: 30 November 2019 End: 29 February 2020 Multiple use across Press, Online, OOH (incl. DOOH) and Social. Germany and Netherlands. Non-exclusive license. Joe
  9. One of the six images of this ship (American Star) which sold yesterday. Personel use.
  10. Personal use. What was left above water of SS American Star in 2005. A former luxury cruise ship with an interesting history (carried 350,000 American troops across the Atlantic during WW2), washed onto this beach in The Canary Islands in 1994. Also did the lucrative postwar emigrant run from Europe to Australia. Anyone who emigrated to Australia in the 60s'/70's from the UK may have sailed on her; called SS Australis at the time.
  11. Did Alamy confirm if these lower live news rates are here to stay? Waiting for a handful of live news print sales from a recent three week trip to the UK to be reportred. One of my online live news images was reported today. If these are the new rates i can see a lot of news shooters having a rethink. Joe
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