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  1. A little knowledge...! Not sure wether I need to move the Lightroom catalog to the shared folder, or copy the catalog, open the new user login and paste it in there.
  2. I'll concentrate on new contract issues/decisions when the dust finally settles 😒 I deleted all the old Photoshop files from settings folder and reinstalled; still not working from main user/login. Works fine from new user login. I'll read up on moving/sharing files, Lightroom... with new user login. Thanks for all your advice/help
  3. That sounds like a cabinet meeting quote 😉.
  4. Yes, one hell of a shootout! I have tried reinstalling; doesn't make a difference. After uninstalling and before reinstalling I had a look in preferences, there are still a couple of Adobe Photoshop 2020 and 2021 settings files there. Manually delete them?
  5. Now that the Villareal fan next door has finally turned off the all night party music, I can concentrate! From my existing login in Adobe 2021 settings the Prefs.psp isn't there. As well as the Adobe Photoshop 2021 settings file there is a Photoshop 2020 settings file and a Photoshop 2021 settings.old file. Adobe told me to add the .old to see if it solved the problem when I contacted them last week. If I log in from the new login where Photoshop opens, I can see the Prefs.psp file in settings.
  6. Updated this morning. Thanks for the reminder. Excuse my Mac ignorance (and Windows) but when I create a new Admin user how do I access the folders/files created in my main user account? Hope I'm making sense. As I said in an earlier post, I can open Photoshop from the new user account but not from my main user account.
  7. Blowing a gale here in Las Palmas at the moment; a balmy 24 degrees though.
  8. Thanks, Michael. At the moment I can't find Adobe Photoshop 2021 Prefs.psp. I'll try later or tomorrow. Heading out for a run to reset my settings.
  9. As I mentioned earlier, up until a couple of days ago no problems with Big Sur/Photoshop.
  10. I think I´ll go down the new user/log in route. Followed the instructions in the link to delete manually but don't see the Photoshop settings folder which should be here: Users/[user name]/Library/Preferences/Adobe Photoshop [version] Settings. Not being the most techy person, the new user/log in looks the least daunting option.
  11. Yes, have tried turning off GPU? No difference.
  12. Thanks. I've been using Photoshop since the Big Sur update; until a couple of days ago when it started "not responding" ( from this log in/user ).
  13. Photoshop not responding with the command-option-shift prompt. Just get the splash screen and spinning wheel. The instructions for resetting preferences seem to assume you are able to open Photoshop. As I said, i can open Photoshop by creating another log in/user. I'll read up on using new user/log in.
  14. Thanks, Michael. Much appreciated. As I can't open Photoshop from my main log in/user, I assume I will have to reset preferences manually. I will have a go later this evening.
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