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  1. Thanks, Chris. Definitely looks more like Wigandia than Solanum. Much appreciated. Joe
  2. Solanum Pandemii? I'll ask one of the gardeners next time I´m passing Joe
  3. Thanks, Phil. The Solanum vespertilio flower seems to have a hook shaped Stigma, unlike this one. Thanks Joe
  4. This plant is growing in one of the city parks here on Gran Canaria. Solanum family? I don't think it is native to the Canary Islands. Had a look on the local flora website but couldn't see Solanum with such broad leaves. Thanks Joe
  5. I have four TV usages for 2020. The only licensing info is; 'worldwide, editorial, television' for three of them and 'Missing television broadcast' for the other one. Anyone had any luck tracking down TV sales for DACS claim? One of the images was a Wetherspoons pub, a few other contributors reported a similar sale. UK TV? Thanks Joe
  6. Thanks for the spot, Bryan. it's 2EJAJH, a News image from yesterday. Joe
  7. Spotted a few of my news images on there, too. I found one of my news images from a couple of days ago on this website https://englishheadline.com/cupboard-cut-up-over-coronavirus-resort-quarantine-plans/. The Daily Mail used the image, so looks like they have lifted it from there. News aggregator site? They appear to be using some kind of translation software; not sure why, the site is in English. Example, they have replaced cabinet (as in the government) with cupboard...
  8. Thanks for the links, MDM and Marianne. Much appreciated. Joe
  9. Thanks, help much appreciated. I know what you mean, Betty. Heart ruling the head. Joe
  10. I was running in the mountains here on Gran Canaria a few days ago (always take the Sony RX100111) when I spotted this Butterfly? Moth? on this flower. Can anyone help with flower and Butterfly...? identification? Thanks Joe
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