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  1. One of the six images of this ship (American Star) which sold yesterday. Personel use.
  2. Personal use. What was left above water of SS American Star in 2005. A former luxury cruise ship with an interesting history (carried 350,000 American troops across the Atlantic during WW2), washed onto this beach in The Canary Islands in 1994. Also did the lucrative postwar emigrant run from Europe to Australia. Anyone who emigrated to Australia in the 60s'/70's from the UK may have sailed on her; called SS Australis at the time.
  3. Did Alamy confirm if these lower live news rates are here to stay? Waiting for a handful of live news print sales from a recent three week trip to the UK to be reportred. One of my online live news images was reported today. If these are the new rates i can see a lot of news shooters having a rethink. Joe
  4. Thanks, Care. Heading up there today for a long mountain trail run. Joe
  5. Has the end of month surge/trickle been and gone? A few sales dropped in yesterday, but not as surgy as most months. Joe
  6. Thanks, Michael. They have sent me example images from another of their shopping mall projects, so i have a good idea of the style/type of images they are looking for. Yes, 100 does seem a lot. I assume to choose from. Something i need to clarify.
  7. It`s been a long long time since i did a commissioned shoot. When my partner was contracted to a large firm of architects, as a favour, i took a few images for her which she used in a report. The architects have now asked me to quote for supplying them with around 100 high res images of a new shopping mall. Ball park figure of what i should be quoting? The shopping mall is about a 30 minute drive from home. Thanks Joe
  8. I have hundreds of lapsed news images that are on sale without tags, but they don`t show up using the "not on sale" filter search in AIM ( live news images automatically go on sale with only the caption). They will show up if tick the on sale - poor discoverabilty box, but that also returns lapsed news images which i have previously tagged. Anyone know if there is a way to search/filter for only lapsed news images that don`t have tags? Thanks Joe
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