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  1. Thanks, Care. Heading up there today for a long mountain trail run. Joe
  2. Has the end of month surge/trickle been and gone? A few sales dropped in yesterday, but not as surgy as most months. Joe
  3. Thanks, Michael. They have sent me example images from another of their shopping mall projects, so i have a good idea of the style/type of images they are looking for. Yes, 100 does seem a lot. I assume to choose from. Something i need to clarify.
  4. It`s been a long long time since i did a commissioned shoot. When my partner was contracted to a large firm of architects, as a favour, i took a few images for her which she used in a report. The architects have now asked me to quote for supplying them with around 100 high res images of a new shopping mall. Ball park figure of what i should be quoting? The shopping mall is about a 30 minute drive from home. Thanks Joe
  5. I have hundreds of lapsed news images that are on sale without tags, but they don`t show up using the "not on sale" filter search in AIM ( live news images automatically go on sale with only the caption). They will show up if tick the on sale - poor discoverabilty box, but that also returns lapsed news images which i have previously tagged. Anyone know if there is a way to search/filter for only lapsed news images that don`t have tags? Thanks Joe
  6. I had one of those earlier in the week, Phil. Is there a new Swiss Army knife licence?
  7. Thanks, Parm and Danny. Much appreciated. How did you search/trace the reg? Joe
  8. Is Merlin special sufficient ID for this car? Any other ID tags, other than classic car... i should add? Thanks Joe
  9. Just had a quick play. Header image loads instantly for me. Joe
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