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  1. Thanks, everyone for the advice/help. I've opened images in the current catalog and a new images in a new catalog from the internal drive and everything works fine: scrolling in Lightroom really fast... I connected the external WD drive again and could open folders and quick look in Finder. When I tried to open an image in Lightroom from the external i had the same problem; Lightroom and Finder not responding. Another of my WD externals doesn't show in desktop, another does and works fine. Maybe it´s the the USB hub I´m using. All of my external were working fine on my creaking old Dell last week. Lightroom never skipped a beat on that machine. Regretting dismantling and recycling it now.
  2. Jaime, 300GB free space on internal drive. Looks like an external drive/Mac issue. I tried moving around 200 images on the external drive to a new folder inside Lightroom and the laptop froze. Had to press the power button to turn it off. Mark, our router doesn't have the 5GHz option, only 2.4 GHz -20MHz Thanks Joe
  3. Thanks, Michael. I`ll give it a go. External is portable WD My Passport, 4TB with about 1.5TB free
  4. Michael, no antivirus installed. Macbook is 16 inch 16GB RAM. Graphics - AMD Radeon pro 5300M Intel UHD graphics 630 1536MB. If I turn wifi off and on it doesn't make much difference. I can live with it. We have a fast internet connection, so connecting via cable isn't a problem; if I'm in the same room. I had another "quick" session with adobe support who said it was something to do with permission... Photoshop and Lightroom running okay now. Lightroom is sluggish scrolling through thumbnails in library. Maybe because my images are on a WD external that is plugged into a USB/thunderbolt hub. Do you think buying a new cable to plug in external drive direct to laptop port would make a difference?
  5. I've been having problems with Lightroom, Photoshop and Finder not responding on my new MacBook Pro which I bought in May. Apart from the deathly slow wifi (at times), everything worked fine until about a week ago. After talking to Adobe support for hours and reinstalling creative cloud it seemed to be okay (ish). When i try to open an image in Photoshop, I get the spinning wheel and not responding message in activity manager. Finder also says not responding. I had a quick chat with apple who told me to reboot in safe mode. That solves the finder problem short term. If i click "get quick look" on a jpeg image in Finder I just get a grey window and spinning wheel. Creative cloud app says install Photoshop, which is already installed. Doesn`t give me the option to uninstall. I don't think I could survive another mammoth Adobe support session. Would resetting the Macbook to factory settings be an option? Joe
  6. Bryan, if you have adobe creative cloud subscription for Lightroom/Photoshop, there is also a free website in the package (Adobe portfolio).
  7. Thanks for the spot, Bryan. That'll be 2C9CWET. A news image from Thursday.
  8. Thanks, Geoff. Much appreciated. Thanks for the link, Harry. Joe
  9. Anyone know what type of tree this is? Quite a few of them in the streets here on Gran Canaria. I've asked a couple of council gardeners but they just shrug their shoulders. Thanks Joe
  10. Thanks, Bryan. Was it a sunrise image of three masted ships? I uploaded a couple of images to news yesterday.
  11. Thanks, Ian. Much appreciated. Is that print or online? Joe
  12. ... I should have said I'll read the article when I can connect. WIFI really slow at times on new MacBook Pro! Much slower than my old, creaking dell laptop.
  13. I have a new Macbook Pro. I know there are a lot of Mac users here. Is there a best/go to antivirus for Macs? Thanks Joe
  14. Thanks, Gnans. I have a few hard drives that are full so wouldn't be be an option. A third party driver called Paragon looks like an option. Anyone using/used it?
  15. I have a new MacBook Pro, anyone know of an easy way to make Windows NFTS external hard drive compatible with Mac without formatting it? Thanks Joe
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