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Images Sold in September (one per day per contributor)

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1 hour ago, Hellonearth said:



Sale has been refunded within 24 hours. How can Alamy allow this? It was downloaded for PU use and now they have my image and their money back! 


Buyer thought he/she was buying the car.



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A Borneo picture sold to Taiwan for a magazine.

Distro, flat rate, bulk discount.


Not doing well this month eh? My only other sale this month is a PU.

Mind you, if I had dropped out of PU, I would have a big fat 0 sales this month. 

That's a positive way to see things.



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On 9/3/2018 at 23:27, cbimages said:

Gen, a lovely photo of one of my favourite birds. Betty, these birds can become very tame. I have a family, Mum, Dad & 3 babies from last year. The parents have been here for at least 10 years. Mum is nesting again & Dad carol's (that's magpie singing) loudly outside the bedroom window every morning to get breakfast to take to her. He and 2 of the youngsters eat from my hand. The youngsters are very naughty and enjoy swinging on my shower towel when it's airing on the line. This is one I took of them last week but not on Alamy.


  Image may contain: bird and outdoor

Precious!  :D I’d be trying to tame one. I sat forever before luring hummingbirds to perch on my hand while holding a small red cup of nectar. They weigh nothing. Then there was the juvenile male squirrel who learned to come for his pecan half and take it from my hand when I called him.

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6 hours ago, Hellonearth said:

 Not a word from Alamy.



Have you got in touch with our Contributor Relations team (contributors@alamy.com)? They'll be able to look into this for you. 




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Country: Worldwide
Usage: NU Editorial website and app multiple use, Editorial website and app multiple use
Media: Editorial website and app multiple use
Industry sector: Travel & tourism
Image Size: Any size
Start: 05 September 2018
Duration: In perpetuity


For my lowest ever fee... :(


edited to add: was searched as LU, zoomed and bought on the same day.




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1 hour ago, spacecadet said:

2500 circulation magazine article, 5 year. OK fee. These days.

My first Routemaster licence, but I only have 11, so not bad. Taken last year-this was our lift to the church and back to a great bash.


You have a Routemaster licence? :o Always handy as a career backup, I s'pose! :lol:

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16 minutes ago, Hellonearth said:

Digital only; 10 years worldwide; as defined in the current agreement




Hoping this one doesnt get refunded like my last sale.


Well done.

Tip: you got a typo in your caption mate. Luckily it's correct in the tags.

Thought I recognised Straya, that's why I looked.





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