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Have you found any Alamy images September 2018

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4 hours ago, Clare Gainey said:

Guardian online

DYMP28 Stefano Politi Markovina Shinkansen high speed train with skyscrapers behind, Tokyo, Japan



Thank you for having found this one of mine.



Barcelona Photographer

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16/09/2018 Mail On Sunday Life section (print)

Hadlow Tower, Kent; the tallest Gothic folly in existence. KGKKC7 Kentish Dweller

Queen Anne's Summerhouse, an 18th century folly on the Shuttleworth Estate, Bedfordshire. BRXKJ2 Me !

Rick Astley in concert Munich 1988. PK1NBH dpa picture alliance

Common frog amongst daisies on a garden path. BCT7JS Tim Gainey 

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Cheers Douglas!


Sunday Times 16th




Clearview  Hartlepool Historic Quayside - Image ID: F0MHCF

blickwinkel  African lily (Agapanthus africanus-Hybride), flower, blooming - Image ID: A9GN4E

Westend61 GmbH  Man pruning lavender in garden - Image ID: H62CE8

The Photolibrary Wales  Pendre Street Cardigan Ceredigion West Wales - Image ID: AR4RT0 - crop

manusaporn kasosod cctv - Image ID: M2HWNE

Michael Ventura  A high end residential bathroom shower stall with white tiles and towel - Image ID: PE043B

DAVID HERRAEZ  Young man doing laundry view from the inside of washing machine - Image ID: P8HDGC




Keitma  Yakiniku Japanese barbecue with meat and vegetables cooking - Image ID: PEGTF3

Sean Pavone   Heian Shrine in Kyoto, Japan. - Image ID: GDKRMD

Kimberly Walker  Calama Street decorated with streamers for September 18 Independence Day holiday, San Pedro, Chile, South America - Image ID: E4A5D8

Bryan Toro  A person with headlamp observing the Milky Way Galaxy on a clear night at the Valle de La Luna in San Pedro de Atacama, Chile. - Image ID: M2AH0M

rudi1976    Bern. Image of Bern, capital city of Switzerland, during dramatic sunset. - Image ID: EPNXA2

Prisma by Dukas Presseagentur GmbH  Bern, Zytglogge, clock, watch, clockwork, clock tower, tower, rook, Switzerland, detail - Image ID: CFAXRR

Blaine Harrington III  Exterior of the Zentrum Paul Klee (art gallery) by Italian architect Renzo Piano, Bern, Canton Bern, Switzerland - Image ID: D6YNC2

LatitudeStock   Woolacombe is a popular beach with holiday makers and surfers. Devon, England. - Image ID: C90MDJ - cropped

Jeremy Lightfoot  Morte Point, Devon, England, United Kingdom, Europe - Image ID: D1FBBN

Cultura Creative (RF)  Man carrying luggage outside hotel - Image ID: ARF6YK

FreeProd  Wine Tourism-Bicycle in Bordeaux vineyards - Image ID: EYX1K6

Susanne Pommer  St Andrews Cathedral in St. Andrews, Scotland - Image ID: KH15XA



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1 hour ago, Bryan said:

Michael Ventura  A high end residential bathroom shower stall with white tiles and towel - Image ID: PE043B


Thanks for the spot Bryan! I just uploaded that photo a couple of weeks ago....nice to have a quick turn around for a sale.



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Cheers TeeCee

16/09/2018, Observer [Review section], p27, mushroom attacked by trichoderma disease, B7AJ62, miguel champi [Alamy credit only]
16/09/2018, Observer [Review section], p27, mushroom mycelium, ARFGX8, blickwinkel/Hecker [Alamy credit only]
16/09/2018, Observer [Review section], p27, cellulase, HWHYJ0, molekuul.be [Alamy credit only]
16/09/2018, Observer [Review section], p27, electron micrograph of Aspergillus fungal conidiospores, ECWW52, Scott Camazine [Alamy credit only]
16/09/2018, Observer [Review section], p48, man in a cage, JFRF73, Anan Kaewkhammul [Alamy credit only]
16/09/2018, Observer [Magazine], p50, izakaya in Tokyo, DYMP28, Axel Schwab/LOOK Die Bildagentur der Fotografen GmbH [Alamy credit only]
16/09/2018, Observer [Magazine], p51, Tokyo high speed train, DYMP28, Stefano Politi Markovina [Alamy credit only]
16/09/2018, Observer [Magazine], p53, Yasaka Pagoda and Sannen Zaka Street, H5WWY3, Raul Garcia Herrera [Alamy credit only]


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Cheers Michael!


Times 17th


Bath, UK. 15th Sept 2018. Fans of the Jane Austen gather in regency dress to promenade through the historic city of Bath. The annual Jane Austen Festival draws people from all over the world to celebrate the famous novelists work. ©JMF News / alamy Live News 

- Image ID: PKTGKC

Aberystwyth Wales UK, Saturday 15 September 2018 UK Weather: A young woman juggling with fire poi and fire battens on the beach after sunset in Aberystwyth, Wales , on a mild and calm mid-September evening. Photo © Keith Morris / Alamy Live News 

- Image ID: PKTNAD

tom viggars  calpol bottle isolated on white background - Image ID: C7P2X0


Irish Edition


Barry Lewis  Bruxelles, Dublin bar. Statue in honour of Thin Lizzy founder rock star Phil Lynott - Image ID: CMNJX4

Sabena Jane Blackbird  Tree Mallow Lavatera 'Rosea' - Image ID: E5TJYN




Justin Kase Colourful Paperchase stationery & greeting cards shop front in a mall at the Westfield shopping centre at Stratford City Newham East London England UK - Image ID: C8RBFW

Windermere Cumbria UK .30th July 2018 Full service back (with two carriages instead of 3 previously ) on Lakes Line after services where cancelled after new timetable at Northern rail All trains on the Lakes Line, in the Lake District, are being reinstated after 2 months of bus replacements & vintage Railway Company which ran the line for 2 weeks. Northern scrapped 168 services per day last month to try to relieve chaos caused by the timetable's introduction in May. Services in Manchester, Merseyside and Lancashire are partially resuming . Credit:Gordon Shoosmith/Alamy Live News - Image ID: PBWFMY

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17/09/2018, Guardian, p21, Varanasi in india, BTNXP1, Richard Bradley
17/09/2018, Guardian, p25, Edinburgh Castle, KA9B1G, Joana Kruse [No credit - poss not via Alamy]
17/09/2018, Guardian [Journal section], p4, harbour warning sign, C82A09, paul ridsdale [Cropped to vertical]


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Found in the Sun by Adie




Warrior on a Horse statue and fountains at dusk, Macedonia Square, Skopje, Skopje Region, Republic of Macedonia Stock Photo


Photograph Warrior on a Horse statue and fountains at dusk, Macedonia Square, Skopje, Skopje Region, Republic of Macedonia

Contributor: Greg Balfour Evans / Alamy Stock Photo

Image ID : J59P85

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Times 18th


London, UK. 17th September, 2018. Cornelia Parker’s Transitional Object ‘Psychobarn’ at the Royal Academy of Arts. Standing at nearly 30 feet (10m), it is made from the components of a dismantled traditional American red barn and is based on the house seen in Alfred Hitchcock’s film Psycho (1960), which in turn was modelled on a painting by the American painter Edward Hopper, House by the Railroad, 1925. Credit: Guy Corbishley/Alamy Live News 

- Image ID: PM2DJ3

Editorial  Screenshot of Fortnite. COPYRIGHT: Epic Games, People Can Fly - Image ID: MNRM71

Downing Street, London, UK. 11 September 2018. Esther McVey, Secretary of State for Work and Pensions, in Downing Street for weekly cabinet meeting. Credit: Malcolm Park/Alamy Live News. - Image ID: PK7BDP - think it's a crop of this

Matt Hancock leaving Downing St. - can't find an exact match

Britpix  Exterior of Bournemouth Crown and County Court UK - Image ID: F4M5J6

Rear view group pupils walking to/from school - can't find it

John Bowling Exterior view of St Georges Hospital Tooting London UK - Image ID: CX2TK0

Fole, Staffordshire, UK. 7th July, 2018. UK Weather: A red sunset against a field of barley near Fole, Staffordshire, UK, after another hot summer's day on the evening of 7th July 2018. Credit: Richard Holmes/Alamy Live News - Image ID: P7W0NN

Tierfotoagentur young hedgehog - Image ID: ERH1HE

Simon Price   The imposing grey granite building of the Town House in Aberdeen, Scotland, UK which also houses the sheriff court - Image ID: BD5XY8

Mike Calnan  The aftermath of the devastating fire at Clandon Park, Surrey. A fire broke out on Wednesday 29 April 2015 at Clandon Park, an 18th-century mansion. The fire spread through the building and caused significant damage. Clandon Park was one of the country's - Image ID: F7RPBA

Bell gable church UK - can't find it

Derek Beattie Images Bla Bheinn or to give it its anglicised name, Blaven, seen here across Loch Slapin. This image captured early morning in February just after the snow. - Image ID: PBRC86


Scottish Edition


Michael Doolittle  Homeless man shivers in rain while begging in Edinburgh, Scotland. - Image ID: CBF2FX

Glasgow, Scotland, UK, 17th September, 2018. UK Weather: Stormy weather ahead as a red dawn sky in the morning fire before storm Helene hits the city over Dawsholm park m the towers of Maryhill and the east of the city as morning sun warms up the morning sky. Gerard Ferry/Alamy news - Image ID: PM2BJF

ABO PHOTOGRAPHY - Fairy pools, Isle of Skye, Scotland - can't find it (in Alamy)

Iain Sharp The Old Royal High School on Calton Hill, Edinburgh. - Image ID: HDJ97A

Tynecastle Park, Edinburgh, UK. 11th Aug, 2018. Ladbrokes Premiership football, Heart of Midlothian versus Celtic; John Souttar of Hearts slides in on Tom Rogic of Celtic Credit: Action Plus Sports/Alamy Live News - Image ID: PDXPTB


Irish Edition


LAN connections - can't find it

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Welche Museen Sie sich in Florenz nicht entgehen lassen sollten
Which museums you should not miss in Florence


Europe, Italy, Florence, Boboli garden, Neptune fountain
CN0NGK Mauritius Images / John Kellerman / Alamy RM

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*You’re welcome Stefano

Guardian online

BJ2PDW Andy Harmer Raven Corvus corax in Flight
A5YWY2 F1online digitale Bildagentur Gm…/D.Fernandez & M.Peck Cheetah (Acinonyx jubatus) sitting on termite mound, Namibia
BHG3PJ Premaphotos Harvester termite workers
F4JDT3 ARCTIC IMAGES/Ragnar Th Sigurdsson Zebras by termite mound, Okonjima, Namibia, Africa
KPYNB0 Artenex Timmelsjoch High Alpine Road landscape and goats.
AM6G6G imageBROKER/FB-Fischer Silz
EP8XGW  B.O'Kane outdoor cafes, Pio Nono avenue, Barrio Bellavista, Santiago, Chile
EFG636 Markus Thomenius Sunrise at El Tatio Geysers, Chile, South America
BKY2XF Alain Denis / Aurora Open Surfers on their way to Punta de Lobos.
A4PEMA Karsten Navimag ferry in the Patagonian fjords


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Cheers Sung

18/09/2018, Guardian, p14, Kelvingrove Park & Glasgow University, G32TJ2, Iain Masterton [Alamy credit only]
18/09/2018, Guardian, p29, landing of Pedro Alvares Cabral in Porto Seguro in 1500, GDE8KD, Niday Picture Library [Alamy credit only]



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Guardian online...



The resurgence of coal is good news for Germany’s Uniper, which operates the Ratcliffe-on-Soar plant in Nottinghamshire. Photograph: eye35.pix/Alamy



David Ball  The British Library, Euston Road, London, England

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