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  1. If live news images are being sold to stock clients during the 'live news' period for a huge discount then what is the point of 'live news'? There is no incentive for us to go out and shoot live news anymore if the fees are to be brutally honest crap. Have Alamy staff taken a pay cut? Have the top management taken a pay cut? Does Alamy honestly think that contributors will continue to shoot live news when the rewards are so poor, perhaps that is what they want. I wonder do the big news agencies who sell via the Alamy live news feed get to experience the same low fees or do they have a special
  2. With COP26 coming up in Nov i expect to be covering many more events like this. Never been licensed via Alamy but it has been one of my best selling images from my personal website.
  3. $ Country: Worldwide Usage: Editorial Media: Editorial website Industry sector: Media, design & publishing Image Size: Any size Start: 13 June 2021 End: 13 June 2026 One use in a single editorial article used within the digital versions of a single publication. Digital usage includes archive rights for the lifetime of the article
  4. "By marking Content as Exclusive, you grant Alamy the right to chase third party infringements of the Content without Alamy having to consult you." Unless you are in the $25,000 tier, why would you mark your content as exclusive? There is no benefit for a contributor having exclusive images at Alamy if you are in the lower tiers.
  5. Yeah, there is no benefit to being exclusive anymore. £$£$ talks.
  6. I have been uploading less in the last year due to covid restrictions etc and as a live news contributor, the increasingly lower fees that we are getting for live news content has been making me consider my options going forward. This new contract now makes it clear now that playing by the rules and being exclusive at Alamy is not good business model anymore.
  7. It was nice to meet you on Saturday. I have learned never to complain about a sale.
  8. Congratulations, Ed, great image. A worthy winner.
  9. Thanks Andy for selecting one of mine. As others have said the standard of entries was very high.
  10. Hi, thanks for that info. I will update the keywords later. Regarding the composition, i was walking past on the way to another shoot and only had the time to stop and shoot 3 frames, this image was the 3rd frame.
  11. Country: Worldwide Usage: Commercial electronic, Websites, apps, social media and blogs (excludes advertising). Worldwide for 5 years. Media: Website, app and social media Mid $$
  12. All images taken at one of my favourite people watching spots in Bath, looking forward to the crowds returning soon.
  13. $$$ Country: United Kingdom ; Usage: Editorial ; Media: Newspaper - national ; Print run: up to 500,000 ; Placement: Inside and online Had this image used on front page of the Guardian. Will have to contact Alamy to check if this is the report for that front page image.
  14. Many thanks, i think i got lucky with the weather. It's much easier to get a decent set of images after the snow has stopped falling.
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