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Favourite images uploaded - Feb 2018


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1 hour ago, kay said:

Thanks for the info. They are also being constructed on the River Tyne.

see page 2 of this thread


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13 minutes ago, GS-Images said:

A reflection in a puddle. A weird one, I know, and not easy to think of keywords for it.



In case you aren't sure, this is the moon.  :wacko:  I've got others, but wanted to have a portrait version with some copy space. This one has come out sharper and nicer looking than my others too, so it was worth adding.



Wow.. amazing shot of the moon! I'm curious as to what lens you used? I don't think I have a lens good enough and long enough to get a shot like that!

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Set of four. The background to the sign keeps changing colour.



M458E1.jpg               M458DX.jpg



M458DT.jpg               M458DR.jpg






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I'm going back over old images that got missed.  This is one.



Teenage tourists look at mobile phones outside a traditional UK phone box painted with a portrait of Kate Middleton, The Duchess of Cambridge, talking on a mobile phone. Windsor Castle, Windsor, Berkshire, England, GB, UK

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