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How was your February 2016?

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Good to see Michael's four figure sale, encouraging to think that they still exist


As for me. canny for a laddie, 17 for $482, including one distributor sale.


Zooms down a tad, but not catastrophic.


Jan and Feb have seen my first Live News sales, like buses, you wait for ages then three appear in quick succession. Still waiting to see if I can retire (again) on the proceeds.


Off topic, apols, but chuffed to make my first FAA sale, from a freebie account.

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58 new sales plus one infringement payment of $37; but poor average value with only one 3 figure sale :(


Lots of distributor sales and quite a few refunds/resales


Zooms doing well. Nothing from Stockimo.


Overall better than last February



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1 for $29 iQ sale: Educational book, editorial print + digital use, front cover, one time use only (licence until 2041?)


2 sales from zooms I've found, but not invoiced yet one is New Scientist online (credited) & one is This Is Money online (Alamy), so I suspect peanuts


Plus one has appeared for $20 yesterday 

Country: Worldwide 

Usage: Personal use

Media: Non-commercial, one time, personal/home use 

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