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Your favorite blurry image


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Cyclists in Cambridge.





People walking past down and out.





Poppies at edge of crop field.





Front runner.



I am going to have to edit the tags on all my images with blur as some have "blur" and others have "movement" but not both.:angry:





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On 21/10/2017 at 08:36, Kukkudrill said:


I love this portrait. How did you get the idea?

Thank you. The "how" part ... dunno, just thought of the "one still figure in a busy world/lot of movement" - then worked the idea through.  I've used this setup a few times over the years, takes a little perseverance - main ingredient is a set of step ladders.
Got all the kids to stand really, really close, then shouted "MOVE"!

About six attempts, this one worked out best, zero fiddling in Photoshop.

Shot for a Scottish newspaper, in the end, they used a boring shot we did outside the school with the sign behind, and another shot of her with a couple of kids ...

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