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  1. I came here today to make a topic about this issue, but then I found this one already with 7 pages of comments. I just had a sale of a Rights Managed image for USD 3,00... and that is gross! If Alamy is going to sell my images for that price, I don't have any interest whatsoever. I prefer to NOT make the sale! This is micro stock prices.If it continues this way I will delete all my portfolio. I refuse to sell my images for nothing.
  2. Very weak begining of the year for me. A few sales, but very small ones... I mean, the last one was $6 dollars! And the one before $11! This is micro stock level for Rights Managed images, hardly worth the time to upload and keyword....
  3. With prices like this, and I've been getting some very low sales as well, I do get discouraged to keep uploading and keywording images on a regular basis. It's just not worth the time.
  4. Yes I live in the Mata Atlantica of Ilhabela, another island about 300km north of Ilha do Cardoso
  5. I live on the coast in SE Brazil, in and around the Atlantic Rainforest. You do have to take precautions with humidity otherwise within a few months all your lenses will have fungus. What I do is probably the cheapest yet an effective solution. Just get yourself a large transparent plastic box like the one below and put in the blue silica gel and a simple humidity clock to monitor it. Don't cover your lenses, light is your friend. Ideally you should glue eva foam on the edges so that you don't have a lot of outside air coming in. You will need to recharge the silica whenever the humidity gets
  6. I already use some portuguese keywording on my images, as I have a few regular brazilian buyers (normal, since most of my work is here). Looking forward to a portuguese version of Alamy, it should increase the reach for the brazilian market. However, I keep my portuguese keywording just to the basics, like the subject name. It is still an english-speaking site so I expect buyers to search mainly in english.
  7. Had 3 sales today, quite small sales but happy with it! This is one of them, a pit viper snake from the Atlantic Rainforest of Brazil.
  8. First DSLR - Nikon D70 back in 2004 But my first digital camera was a Kodak DC20 in 1996, boasting amazing 0.2 megapixels and 1 MB of internal memory. It was horrible even for those times standards, lol. Still have it today.
  9. This is very surprising to me. I would have never guessed that with such a low number of images one could make as much as $25k with micro, congrats. But that is gross profit I imagine, correct? What percentage did you get from that? Also, I imagine you are the exception of the exception in the micro world - not too many people shooting underwater I guess. Even then, if you compare the number of images you have here with the number of images you have in micro and your profits, I wonder why you are not moving everything to micro? Could you explain the logic here? These numbers are hard to explai
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