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A small helping of slightly good news...

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Well done John. My figures tbh are depressing - Sales down 30% and revenue down a whopping 65% compared with 2023. I have never seen anything like this before from Alamy. My other Stock sites have mirrored 2023 results almost to the penny, so something somewhere in Alamy has gone horribly wrong for Me.

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2 hours ago, Webby said:

Sales Up

Revenue Up

Uploads Up


Likewise. It's very difficult to study trends when I keep moving my own goalposts greatly, but my average value per licence has increased over 2022.

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After 4 years of increasing numbers of licences and declining gross revenue, this year has bucked the trend with a small reduction in the numbers sold, but the best year since 2018 for revenue.


Is it a flash in the pan, or the start of a great resurgence ?  Suspect the former, but hope for the latter !

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Not sure that I sense a great resurgence. My gross revenue has been remarkably consistent over the past five years. This year's helping is roughly the same as 2022's, but sales are up about 18%, making it my best year (for total sales) ever. I've gotten pretty good at treading water, which is all that I'm after at this point. 🏊‍♂️



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