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  1. This year I have had 3 affiliate charges for the first time ever, all in quick succession since August....as Meanderingemu points out its yet more commission heading out of our pockets. So Yes, there has been a sudden increase from my side of things of these charges.
  2. That is terrible service from Alamy/PA....You just feel that they really do not have a grip on the situation....first they do not report the sale, then they do little to chase and follow up without a lot of prodding. I wish I could get 6 months + interest free credit from loan providers.....thats if they remember that I had a loan with them!!
  3. Its been pretty slow for me this month as well, but what I have also been noticing under Alamy measures is that the views/zooms have dropped off dramatically these last 7-10 days....I normally have several hundred plus views per day, and it's now down to 2 digits suddenly, with a corresponding drop in zooms. Is this just down to a seasonal variation, or something else?
  4. I have just received a reply from Alamy: Customers can report uses up to 2 years after the initial download, which is why we have to honour these licences. I'm staggered with that statement to be honest, I can find nothing anywhere which says that even if you opt out of distribution, any photos that have been downloaded by the Distributor prior to your opt out, can be used up to 2 years later!! None of us know which photos have been "downloaded" by a Distributor as Alamy is not exactly forthcoming with that information, plus of course you have no idea when they were dow
  5. I am awaiting another reply from Alamy, as obviously I queried this and said its stretched the bounds of believability to think that someone could be stiffed 2.5 months after opting out of the distribution scheme. So Yes, they do need to clarify exactly when they are recording sales versus downloads as there does appear to be a discrepancy here.
  6. I have just had 4 piddly single figure Distributor sales on the 5th August, even though I had opted out on the 21st May this year. Alamy in their response said that these files had been downloaded before I had opted out....what 2.5 months earlier!! Come on Alamy thats stretching things a little !!!
  7. I am infrequent contributor to this forum, but for my 2 cents worth, this is just Alamy/PA getting rid of a lot of the smaller Contributors and going with generic stock images from the the larger Studios, thereby reducing their costs of administration/Computer storage. They are hoping everyone on Silver will drop off the edge of the Planet, and those on Gold will hang around to the next commission cut just to preserve some individual content. As for the small print in the Contract which has been widely discussed in the forum that is reprehensible in my view. I moved over to the dark
  8. 0 yet again....no point downloading anymore tbh, I appear to be flogging a (very) dead horse here on Alamy. Good luck to everyone else, and stay safe.
  9. Not a good April at all, in fact not a good 2020 as both other sites that I use, are handsomely beating Alamy hands down this year. I appear to have entered a deep Black Hole with Alamy for reasons unknown, so am concentrating my effort on those other sites that actually make sales these days.
  10. Congratulations Doc...very inspirational and very well deserved.
  11. For the 3rd month in a row....Nada. Alamy now firmly at the bottom of the table compared with the other Agencies I submit to. Time to decide whether I should continue to waste my time and upload here to be quite honest.
  12. My Wee Port was averaging 2 reasonable sales per month until November, but since then I have had $1 MS value sale in December and thats it....I believe I am on the same Cliff as John, with Zooms and CTR tumbling. Interestingly I am seeing the same type of Sales figures that Reimar is reporting from my other MS sites in the interim....and Yes, it does make you wonder....
  13. Personally I think I will stop contributing to my small portfolio I have on here until I see which way the wind is blowing and what the future holds. I am so glad I went non exclusive a few months back as the 2 sites I now contribute to, earn more for me than Alamy ever has, so I will concentrate on uploading in their direction for the forseeable future. Alamy was becoming increasingly Microstock in any case for the short period of time I have been on here, as I believe they were losing their sense of direction, so were desperately trying to grab any sort of income that they could find, t
  14. Zero for Zero! I am not sure what is happening with Alamy for my port (Small though it is), as for the last 3 months both my other 2 MS sites beat it quite handsomely. I am so glad I did not put all my eggs in one basket (after Alamy reduced our commission), and went over to the dark side last year. Last sale here was for a miserly $ as well, of which I get 40%! so maybe I should now consider Alamy a MS site these days....
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