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  1. Sunday Times Travel supplement 17 March P3 - Leeds and Liverpoll canal, Skipton - EWA82N - John Morrison P8 - Pilek cafe, NDSM wharf, Amsterdam - EGWE02 - Peter Horree P30 - Beach huts, West Wittering - KGD5GB or E6N8DR - Slawek Staszczuk
  2. I have used my Canon ef-s 15/85 lens on a crop sensor for most of my stock photography. I have been happy with the range, which makes it a good walkabout lens. However, I am begining to have conserns with image quality in all but bright conditions. CA has always been an issue, but i have learned to work arround it. Has anyone a suggestion for an upgrade? I have considered 24/105 L, but thought I would loose too much at the wide end. I have 10/22 and 70/200, so may have to consider more lens changing "on the go" . Thanks in advance for any suggestions and help. Paul
  3. Broadleaf ( magazine of Woodland Trust) - Winter 2018 cover - Lone tree, South Downs - F9BJ1A - mjt photography (cropped to vertical) p2 - Kelly Brook - GAYDT6 - Mark Thomas (cropped to vertical, also reversed on cover?) p2 - Wye Vallet - CEWTNW - Loop Images p11 - Kelly Brook - GAYD7R - Mark Thomas (cropped to vertical) p13 - Giraffe - FJ45TA - Kevin Williams (reversed) p18 - South Downs - E57E4M - Ian Wood p20 - South Downs - C7C5PF - Banana Pancake p29 - Lineover Woods - A34PMH - Nick Turner
  4. So far this month, no sales and only 4 zooms to cheer me up! Waiting for the end of month rush.
  5. Sunday Times 4th November Home supplement P6 Steven Gillis - Park Hill Flats, Sheffield - DC0TYB ( cropped to vertical, and overprinted with Jodie Whittaker (Dr Who)) Hope you are a Dr Who fan, Steven!
  6. https://bestfreephotos.eu/old-hartley-caravan-club-site-with-st-marys-island-and.html Found this site via google. Lots of alamy images........for free? Paul
  7. I had a sale ($$) back in March 2018, with these details:- Country: United Kingdom Usage: Editorial Media: Travel guides -print and/or e-book Print run: up to 100,000 Placement: Inside Image Size: 1/8 page Start: 01 March 2018 End: 01 March 2021 Duration: Up to 1 year Payment has not yet been made and I was wondering if this type of sale is usually slow payment, or should I be reminding Alamy? Paul
  8. Many thanks for your help, John. Will look into the above. At least I seem to have been going in the right direction! Paul
  9. I saw this tree in a local (Yorkshire) garden, and loved the variegated foliage. From my research it seems to be an Acer platanoides drummondi, or Norway Maple. Can anyone confirm or otherwise identify? Tree stands about 15 ft tall, and at first I thought it was some form of variegated Sycamore. TIA Paul
  10. Broadleaf (magazine of the Woodlands Trust) Summer 2018 edition P4 - Train on railways tracks - FEX428 - EyeEm P6/7 - Pine tree, Rannoch Moor - D5102K - Granville Harris P9 - Ash tree, Malham Cove - cannot find - PHILMACD/PHOROGRAPHY P11 - Old Oak tree, Sherwood Forest - EY7222 - Robert Morris P12 - Bear and 3 cubs - BG38EN - Juniors Bildarchiv gmbh P16/17 - Old Oak tree, Calke Abbey - D7H9XR - Photimageon P18 - Old Oak tree, Windsor - AWP72D (cropped and reversed) - Frank Blackburn P19 - White cattle, Chillingham - DN5Y4W - Ernie Janes P20 - Parliament Oak, Sherwood - DTJWPB (cropped and reversed) - eye35.pix P20/21 - Queen Elisabeth Oak, Cowdray Park - C9986G - John Glover P23 - The Old Man of Calke tree - DH4T7N - Harvey Wood P29 - Creeping Lady’s-tresses - E1TDM8 - BUITEN BEELD P30 - Military Orchid - FJ6NA6 - Gillian Pullinger P30 - Bird’s-Nest Orchid - D1MKK3 (cropped) - Wolstenholme Images P31 - Greater Butterfly Orchid - EWXPPR - Ivor Chuter P31 - Lady Orchid - D8P4BR - Martin Mitchell P31 - Bee Orchid - cannot find - Ben Lee P31 - Ghost Orchid - EYYMYE(cropped)- Blickwinkel P34 - Roydon Common, Norfolk - BY6W69 - Chris Herring All credits photographer/ Alamy
  11. Thanks for the suggestion, Cryptoprocta, but skynewsmagazine seems to cover astronomy. My image was a baby shopfront, the article about the ownership of the shop chain. Think I will wait a few more days (to allow the usual 3 months) then report as unauthorised use.
  12. I have recently sold an image, details of sale are: Country: Worldwide Usage: Magazine, editorial website use, one time use only Industry sector: Media, design & publishing Start: 20 July 2018 End: 20 July 2020 On searching on GI I have found the image used on skynews website. Didn't think skynews was a magazine? Wondered if this was an unreported used, as it was 11weeks prior to licence start date. Has anyone had a skynews sale usage described like this? Thanks, Paul
  13. Just taken 45 mins to load 24 images using non superfast broadband.
  14. Only my worst performing pseudo showing. Coincides with lowest value sale I have ever had Things can only get better! (I hope)
  15. Sunday Times 1st July Culture section P3 (cropped) and P34/5 - DYKK46 - Banksy(?) of Eavesdropping agents around telephone box - David Barrett
  16. J18E6H....line 3 M88K5M....line 9 Checked both Creative and Relevant. Interesting differences from different replies!!
  17. Hi, Janet, Check out www.craigrobertsphotography.co.uk Craig uses OM d EM1 and has advice on mirrorless on both his website and his E6 youtube channel. He shots for stock (G) , magazines etc, and has some very good vlogs. Hope this helps, Paul
  18. HURTIGRUTEN Next Generation of Exploration (Polar cruises) brochure Shipwreck remains of Maud, Cambridge Bay, Nunavut, Canada - J0Y4NW - Sophia Granchinho Icebergs and shoreline house credited to All Canada Photos which I cannot find Both credited to photographer - Alamy stock (brochure free with Sunday Times)
  19. Alamy Measures last updated today, 14th February at 08.14 GMT, according to my screen. Definitely updated my data since yesterday.
  20. Sunday Times 11th February Culture magazine p48 - Snap Inc. banner on Wall Street - HRGH0C - Christopher Penler
  21. I thought that CTR was used by Alamy to determine the order of presentation of images, (i.e. on first page of a search term, as opposed to much later page where my images reside!). Or my view may be too simplistic. Paul
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