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  1. Broadleaf (magazine of Woodland Trust) - Summer 2020 Cover - DNP3KW - 2 young women walking on a log - Tetra Images p2 - KBFYT1 - Coast of Isle of Harris - Peter Watson p3 - FJ5E2C - Head of Grass Snake - Blickwinkel p3 - MK9PNF - Grandmother and granddaughter - Jozef Polc p4 - RD59HG - Beech tree - Samuel Ray p5 - M871FB - Long-tailed tit (reversed and cropped) - Jordon Sharp p13 - JW1JCK - “Save Me” sign on street tree - Richard Bradley p14 - TAH59M - Great Spotted Woodpecker - Gillian Pullinger p15 - GRHN9H or GNKY20 - Cottage beside Loch Sheildaig - Iain Masterton p21 - AHF0G6 - Lighting campfire - Roger Bamber p23 - CW053K - Mature couple in forest - Daniel Allan p33/34 - C2T397 - Head of Adder - Les Gibbon p35 - KAJX77 - Slow Worm on bracken - Gillian Pullinger p37 - PD4KHR - Selina Scott - Richard Swaine All credits alamy / photographer
  2. Sunday Times 22/3/20 Culture supplement Book review A collection of street signs has been made into a large composite on pages 28 & 29 ????? - All Alone - cannot find F1XFBT - Bell End - Karasentinal B01PED - Warning Tongue Lane - Steve Walsh GGW848 - Drang - Urbanimages ????? - Brassey Steps - cannot find BP384J - Crumps Butts - Colin Underhill DM6X8T - Slack Bottom - John Potter D5JBYY - Sproutes Lane - Lesley Pardoe BCD1JX - Bow Wow - Chris Deeney (best guess of several similar) JMGRXE or JMGRPA - Long Entry - (both by) Carolyn Jenkins ????? - Cockshut Road - cannot find D9EGOM - Twitty Fee - Cary Clarke PAF64C - Whip-Ma-Whop-Ma-Gate - Paul Brown (best guess of several similar) D9EFK8 - Hopping Jacks Lane - Cary Clarke CMXJM5 - Squeeze Gut Alley - Urbanimages ??????- No Ope - too many similars Composite credited to Alamy All are taken from "The Address Book" by Deirdre Mask. Other similar images could be in this book which I think, has just been published.
  3. Conde Nast Traveller website Hebden Bridge : An Insider's Guide to the Bohemian Yorkshire Town KM215P - Pack Horse bridge and White Swan Pub - John Davidson Photos BMG3GX - Sylvia Plath's grave - John Morrison CRHTGW - Market day - Me! J51FH4 - Bridge Gate and Hebden Mill - Ian Dagnell Cannot find a publishing date. Appeared in Sales today (21/3/20)
  4. Sunday Times - 9th Feb Travel section Canal, Hebden Bridge (circular crop) - ERMTJG - Peter Jeffreys Culture Section (TV) p33 - Orthodox Church (vertical crop) - C58N83 - Julian Cartwright p36 - Building on Irish coast - JK13C5 - Anthony Lynn
  5. While I have never been a great seller here on Alamy, I have had a strange couple of years. 2018 was my best ever in both quantity and revenue. So far in 2019 I have only 50% the number of sales, compared to 2018, but have now exceeded revenue ( high $$$), even if only by $8! Couple of distributor sales in there, but only signed up this year. With 6ish weeks to go I hope for another few sales. Time will tell.
  6. Sunday Times Travel supplement 17 March P3 - Leeds and Liverpoll canal, Skipton - EWA82N - John Morrison P8 - Pilek cafe, NDSM wharf, Amsterdam - EGWE02 - Peter Horree P30 - Beach huts, West Wittering - KGD5GB or E6N8DR - Slawek Staszczuk
  7. I have used my Canon ef-s 15/85 lens on a crop sensor for most of my stock photography. I have been happy with the range, which makes it a good walkabout lens. However, I am begining to have conserns with image quality in all but bright conditions. CA has always been an issue, but i have learned to work arround it. Has anyone a suggestion for an upgrade? I have considered 24/105 L, but thought I would loose too much at the wide end. I have 10/22 and 70/200, so may have to consider more lens changing "on the go" . Thanks in advance for any suggestions and help. Paul
  8. Broadleaf ( magazine of Woodland Trust) - Winter 2018 cover - Lone tree, South Downs - F9BJ1A - mjt photography (cropped to vertical) p2 - Kelly Brook - GAYDT6 - Mark Thomas (cropped to vertical, also reversed on cover?) p2 - Wye Vallet - CEWTNW - Loop Images p11 - Kelly Brook - GAYD7R - Mark Thomas (cropped to vertical) p13 - Giraffe - FJ45TA - Kevin Williams (reversed) p18 - South Downs - E57E4M - Ian Wood p20 - South Downs - C7C5PF - Banana Pancake p29 - Lineover Woods - A34PMH - Nick Turner
  9. So far this month, no sales and only 4 zooms to cheer me up! Waiting for the end of month rush.
  10. Sunday Times 4th November Home supplement P6 Steven Gillis - Park Hill Flats, Sheffield - DC0TYB ( cropped to vertical, and overprinted with Jodie Whittaker (Dr Who)) Hope you are a Dr Who fan, Steven!
  11. https://bestfreephotos.eu/old-hartley-caravan-club-site-with-st-marys-island-and.html Found this site via google. Lots of alamy images........for free? Paul
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