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  1. Yes you need the release for you and family members as has been answered above, another curiosity is in theory you need a property release for your own home if it is in your photos and also your pets or other peoples pets or property. These releases are for allowing commercial use of your photos of identifiable people and property i.e. advertising, if you just want editorial use and no advertising then a release isn't required.
  2. This is the whole point, I’m sure you are all hearing the new phrase “Flattening the curve”, and that is what staying home is trying to do, look at Italy and Spain, they are beyond what the capacity of their health service can cope with. Ian, your project is totally reasonable in normal circumstances, it just means you need to stay home and everyone else to try and do your bit for this dreadful virus. Ian you are sacrificing your church project for a few weeks or months in order to help save lives. If one person sees you doing traveling then another will want to and another.......... You are safe at home and so are others.
  3. How do these people think that the photos get in their Sun newspaper! Lol
  4. Many times, especially now with so many people at home, what to shoot is some guidance or direction for you to think about creating images, a nudge to your creative ideas, so boredom doesn't set in.
  5. John, B.C. getting negative press from the weekend with throngs of people in Vancouver, P.M. referred to it today in his press conference
  6. Thanks Ed, I had mine set for 125 to 1600 on a Sony RX100V, I have noticed sometimes it only takes one photo and not three even though it’s on twilight handheld mode and other times it does the three shots. Maybe I’ll try setting the upper limit to 3200.
  7. When using the twilight mode on the Sony RX100 cameras at night what ISO do you generally use?
  8. That’s what I was alluding to, the temptation is real.
  9. I tend to tread cautiously with Alamy QC, so I only upload one submission at a time with usually 15 or 20 images and if I have any doubt about an image being sharp I don’t include it. if you go down the one submission at a time the advantage is that Alamy QC is really working quick about 24 hours for non 5* accounts and remember they don’t work at the weekends. Hope things get better for you.
  10. Maybe King Neptune is popular in Liverpool because of the seafaring past, there is also a microbrewery Called Neptune Brewery, they have a brew called King of the Sea.
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