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  1. Ed just have to turn that camera upwards, new opportunities await
  2. As a stock photo site why wouldn’t they push the photo buying aspect to students
  3. I always used to shoot vertical and horizontal of each subject, alas as I age I seem to forget more these days. I do like how having verticals on my Alamy portfolio page adds a bit of visual interest, breaks up the horizontal grid. Nice thought provoking thread Betty. 25% of my sales year to date are verticals
  4. I hadn’t known about the student licence until reading your post, so with that in mind I made the link that Alamy was selling the idea of students to sell photos as stock photographers to ensure future supply of images, but I felt it read as a pitch to get students to buy images for projects. Maybe Alamy might comment on this to clear it up.
  5. They do refer to buying and selling and that Alamy staffers visit schools and colleges to spread the word, hence sales?
  6. Found this Alamy blog post. https://www.alamy.com/blog/all-you-need-to-know-about-100-percent-students
  7. The Scottish Sun Online September 12, 2020 https://www.thescottishsun.co.uk/news/scottish-news/6036564/glasgow-rogano-oyster-bar-not-closing-down-coronavirus/ Two photos of Rogano Oyster Bar Glasgow Scotland Kay Roxby 2BJAG4G Norman Pogson C584E2 sale just landed today
  8. Yes you need the release for you and family members as has been answered above, another curiosity is in theory you need a property release for your own home if it is in your photos and also your pets or other peoples pets or property. These releases are for allowing commercial use of your photos of identifiable people and property i.e. advertising, if you just want editorial use and no advertising then a release isn't required.
  9. This is the whole point, I’m sure you are all hearing the new phrase “Flattening the curve”, and that is what staying home is trying to do, look at Italy and Spain, they are beyond what the capacity of their health service can cope with. Ian, your project is totally reasonable in normal circumstances, it just means you need to stay home and everyone else to try and do your bit for this dreadful virus. Ian you are sacrificing your church project for a few weeks or months in order to help save lives. If one person sees you doing traveling then another will want to and another.......... You are safe at home and so are others.
  10. How do these people think that the photos get in their Sun newspaper! Lol
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