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  1. There was an email sent out as I was an Alamy video contributor saying the videos that were directly uploaded to Alamy would be taken offline and maybe in the future reactivated after the “new” clips were imported.
  2. I could be wrong on this, the price you set on Pond5 doesn’t necessarily mean that is the price Pond5 will display on the public clip page. It happens often to my portfolio where I see a lower price than the one I set in my uploads page. Also P5 will “experiment” with prices every now and then. I have clips that have been ported over to Alamy from P5 and I also had an Alamy video portfolio from when Alamy invited me to join their video expansion some years ago., which presumably have been deleted?
  3. One today low value * all my sales this month were below **
  4. I agree it is a pain to wear, the one I have is small but taped firmly to my chest with just one external wire. Good news it comes off later today. Have a nice weekend Betty.
  5. No exactly the same search term. There was a companion image to this one just a wider angle of the same subject it was about 15 images further down on the original search on page 2 and it is still there, I never changed anything about this image. So I have seen a jump over 100 in the search term and gone from page 2 to page 1
  6. The results are in this image now being "green" has jumped to #72 in the same search on page 1 of 100 per page, that's an increase from #172 on page 2.
  7. I started to have heart Arrhythmia or fluttering of the heart sensation after 48 hours from the the covid vaccination, ended up in the ER and this is the follow up from a cardiologist. The symptoms are so much better better before being fitted with this Holter device and of course the ER doctor prescribed a baby aspirin daily which has helped enormously. Tomorrow Friday it comes off thank goodness.
  8. I have got another photo from my latest batch has been approved for 4 days, this time I have got it to go green! 42 keywords and all the optional details filled out. It's currently on page 2 of results at 72 ( I have a 100 set per page) so it's a grand total is 172 in search results of 4,186. Will see tomorrow if there is any change.
  9. No unfortunately not, I just had the impulse to try the green discover thing after reading the blog yesterday. I might experiment with another photo from the same batch.
  10. It was a new upload that had been up for four days, based on the blog post yesterday I increased the keywords up to 35 and filled out the optional details, address and release info etc.
  11. I just checked the image I added 35 keywords too yesterday and completed all details it came up as #2 in a search result out of 550 today 😱
  12. My bad thing is I’m having to wear a heart monitor for three days for diagnostic reasons, it might be a reaction to my 2nd jab. On the positive side I did a photo of it 😂 Will be on Alamy shortly.
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