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  1. This discussion is really between a rock and a hard place 🤓
  2. I just discovered a use for it, saw a YouTube tutorial and he referred to it as the hidden noise reduction slider. I have used it to reduce noise in an image without the image smearing. I use it in the camera raw filter in PS.
  3. Three today Personal Use low $$ Distributor sale micro $ sale perpetual use Website, app and social media full resolution both these are Panama Another distributor sale micro$ perpetual use Website, app and social media
  4. just noticed my forum blue number is showing my approved uploads from yesterday but they are missing from the portfolio page too.
  5. I was thinking to use a copy stand and a macro lens on a full frame Canon, but sounds like archive is the way to go.
  6. I saw the offer which is very reasonable, I had already bought Affinity a few years ago and it is a viable alternative to PS which is what I mainly use, but I have stopped using it because the lack of keyword function. Currently subscribe to PS.
  7. I have some old greetings cards and photos my Dad took during his time in the merchant navy, would they be better to upload through normal channels or apply for archive privileges.
  8. I have sold the same number of images month to date as I did same period in January last year however the value is three times higher than last January, an encouraging start. Should add no distributor sales so far this month.
  9. Yes I do auto updates but never knowingly chose to keep older versions, I felt like with other software programs the base program was “updated” not replaced. I do want to hold onto a desktop version of LR and PS because I sometimes feel paying the monthly fee a bit much, especially as royalties have been steadily declining. Thanks for you perspective.
  10. That is interesting I had a D300 but was always slightly disappointed with the image quality, good to know about the Fuji quality, I have looked at Fuji for sometime but felt APS-C would be a disadvantage for noise.
  11. I can sympathize with the icons, I had 4 for Photoshop and ended up using a previous year’s edition as it was in my dock, so I was wondering where all the new features were. I have now cleaned house and have the latest PS CC with all the new features. Personally I wish the PS desktop icon would always be the latest one automatically, I do understand we may wish to use an older standalone version if you cancel your subscription. I don’t find Adobe that intuitive to manage. Glad you are getting things sorted Betty.
  12. I think it it worth it for me, I have 40% of 2020 sales came from distributors. My highest distributor sale was $225 and low value sales can be very low but overall I'm happy to participate in this revenue opportunity.
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