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  1. Alamy have a valuable resource of editorial images that traditionally micros didn’t represent, slowly microstock is entering this area as it is a market waiting to be tapped by them. If you look at a typical microstock site editorial images are a small niche of their overall library, so Alamy are way ahead in this market. Also the hoops you have to jump through with a large microstock site wanting a newsworthy and typical dateline editorial title makes submitting to them unappealing to me as not all editorial images are newsworthy. Alamy need to understand the value to their non news editorial library and how vast it is in comparison to the micros and stand firm on prices, at least charging a higher price. Microstock does not at the moment have the quantity of non news editorial because it is still relatively new to them so buyers of these images won’t find them or find enough choices, so competitive prices isn’t the issue it’s the availability and the agency who have the inventory needs confidence to stand firm on prices. The future is lower prices as these microstock sites build a larger non news editorial collection but for now Alamy is the leader here, so please price accordingly.
  2. I agree with you, Alamy is a portion of my overall stock photo / video exposure and that total income from all sources is my full time income and I do understand the frustration of growing a portfolio to seemingly stand still.
  3. Staying power is probably the one skill needed for stock photography and not everybody has it, life can get in the way. Is it too crass to say yippee to your quoted figures (tongue in cheek).
  4. Yes there are low $ sales but overall is your total yearly income from Alamy worth it, mine is.
  5. Thank you, this is very useful and interesting information. Glad you had a good meetup.
  6. I agree with what has been said, but just wanted to say you have a beautiful portfolio and I wish you every success with Alamy.
  7. You could use the Sony Play Memories app to view files on the camera and transfer them to a computer/ iPad etc also use the app as a remote control.
  8. 8 sales total $175 , three were bulk Chinese low value sales, one personal use. Two were good value sales. Beat last January by $11
  9. I have bought from new a Mid 2013 MacBook Pro 15 inch, top of the line with ssd drive and rarely shut it down, only if I leave it at home when I go on a trip or update the software. It’ still working the way it did when I bought it over five years ago. I edit 4K video every week and run Lightroom and Photoshop no problems at all. Your mileage may vary, but no I don’t shut it down and it is just fine, touch wood. Just put the top down and go find a refreshing beverage.
  10. If Alamy is following the trend of other agencies micro or mainstream in cutting commissions them implement the policies from these other commission cutters No Refunds
  11. A couple of points, noise lurks in the shadows, you said midday sunny and you were going for silky water effect midday will be maximum contrast in sunny conditions. Most shots I see doing this technique are in more overcast conditions where the contrast is lower and shadows not as deep or pronounced. Definitely keep away from stopping your lens down to maximum, the rule of thumb for a lens maximum sharpness is f8 maybe f11, so you should always try for this mid range and better lens performance.
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