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  1. Thanks Ed, I had mine set for 125 to 1600 on a Sony RX100V, I have noticed sometimes it only takes one photo and not three even though it’s on twilight handheld mode and other times it does the three shots. Maybe I’ll try setting the upper limit to 3200.
  2. When using the twilight mode on the Sony RX100 cameras at night what ISO do you generally use?
  3. That’s what I was alluding to, the temptation is real.
  4. I tend to tread cautiously with Alamy QC, so I only upload one submission at a time with usually 15 or 20 images and if I have any doubt about an image being sharp I don’t include it. if you go down the one submission at a time the advantage is that Alamy QC is really working quick about 24 hours for non 5* accounts and remember they don’t work at the weekends. Hope things get better for you.
  5. Maybe King Neptune is popular in Liverpool because of the seafaring past, there is also a microbrewery Called Neptune Brewery, they have a brew called King of the Sea.
  6. Ed that’s a great picture of the Museum of Liverpool, great to see a nice deep blue sky not inky black! @Colin Woods Another great image beautiful done, where is it?
  7. Even my frozen submission from 10 days ago now approved this morning, quite the relief. This new regime is great for me to catch up on all my backlog of photos from this years travels, really appreciate this Alamy development, very encouraging. Hope it’s working out for everyone.
  8. Maybe the success of the North American Alamy office, it’s odd because you think of Alamy as a UK centric business for customers.
  9. This year has been a turnaround for me, my sales revenue had fallen in 2017 and then fallen further in 2018 (downward graph), this year I have revenues higher than these two years but funnily my sales volume is less. I have $389 more in revenue and 4 less downloads, not big numbers but nice to have a reversal and the graph heading up!
  10. I got the 5 stars last week or so, I had a batch uploaded during this period of change that appears to be stuck it’s been 7 working days and still in QC, I have never had a failure so I decided to upload a batch yesterday that went straight through and is now online. Anyone else with a stuck batch from a week ago?
  11. Thanks Ed, That’s good advice especially about cropping, I’ll give that a try.
  12. I’m another grateful recipient of smooth quick uploads, just uploaded 120 images this month so far which is a lot for me and all online within 24 hours on average give or take, so yes Betty thank you Alamy!
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