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Jun 2022 - Favourite uploads.


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@WimBrutus’ reputation has been superceeded. 'Dominator' is it now. At 6.1m, he’s the biggest known Saltwater Crocodile in the world. He’s hyper aggressive. He attacked another croc right next to our boat, grabbing him by the tail. You feel very humbled by these monsters. We also learnt that crocodiles can retract their eyes in their eye sockets. The guide prodded one eye with a pole. The croc stayed perfectly still, not the least inconvenienced. They can also wait one year for their next meal. Respect!








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Fogg Dam, near Darwin, Northern Territory, Australia


Immature Pied Heron (Ardea picata)



Comb-crested Jacana (Irediparra gallinacea)



Royal Spoonbill (Platalea regia)






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Pizzeria pizza express 1965 High street Lincoln city 2022pizzeria-pizza-express-1965-high-street-lincoln-city-2022-2JAH1BC.jpg

Three men on wall using mobile phones St Benedicts square Lincoln


MG red advertising sign at entrance to Charles Warner motor dealership Outer Circle Road Lincolnmg-red-advertising-sign-at-entrance-to-charles-warner-motor-dealership-outer-circle-road-lincoln-2022-2JCC1FW.jpg


Lady feeding pigeons Market Square by river witham lincoln city






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Here's some of my favourite uploads from this month so far. A few local events:

Platinum jubilee decorations



Sealed knot English Civil War re-enactment





Victoria Day parade in Aldershot





And a couple of wildlife pics.

Pool frog calling



Hover fly


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I’ve uploaded a lot (for me) recently after a busy few months with the camera. Bits of all sorts really, some travel shots, a few festival shots, a few landscapes and a few old shots rescued with DxO Pure Raw 2…















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19 hours ago, Michael Ventura said:

A couple of weeks ago I was moving boxes around in my storage room, in my basement, I found an old cigar box full of a few hundred 120mm B&W negatives taken by my maternal grandfather, mostly of family.  I am beyond thrilled!  I have never seen the vast majority of these photos, many of my mother at various ages!  I am about halfway through photo "scanning" the negatives.  I set up a light table and have my Nikon on an arm, on a tripod.  I shoot them with a macro lens and bring into Photoshop where I can invert the neg to a positive.  My extended family are excited to see these photos.  I made a gallery for all to see and download full rez photos.  


Here are a few from Egypt, where they lived in the 1940s. He was a U.S. government analyst (a code breaker).  I have only uploaded a handful to Alamy (archival route), that I deemed suitable for stock.




My mom riding a camel at Luxor




King Farouk's royal procession for the Opening of Parliament in Cairo




And then there was this gem taken in the late 1930s of tourists in Yellowstone National Park (USA), taking photos of a momma bear and her cubs.  Absolutely crazy!!




Brilliant Michael!

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Another cool photo that I scanned last night, from my grandfather's negatives, this one was 4x6 inches roll film.  It is of a 1916 Pierce Arrow car at a service station.  I was able to i.d. where it was taken but not the year, probably early 1920s.  The sign in the background is of an old lumber mill, long gone, but in Pasadena, California.  That is where my mother was born in 1923 (Pasadena, not the mill).  



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On 29/06/2022 at 18:27, Martin L said:


Love this, Steve

Thank you Martin and Michael. It was quite gratifying to get that. It was one of those where I knew the shot I wanted as soon as I saw that guy. I hung around behind him for some time until he stood back to look at the mural he was working on and got the image I was after. So often your patience isn’t rewarded but it all came together with that one 🙂

Edited by Steve Hyde
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So it came to pass that we were pushing our latest grandson around asleep in his buggy when we came across this artisan market in Heaton Mersey, Greater Manchester. It always pays to carry a camera !



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