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How was your March 2022

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3 hours ago, meanderingemu said:



sorry.  are you any closer to the $250 gross since July 1? 


(now i should go post once more)


Summary for 01 July 2021 to 01 April 2022 ( 23 item(s) totalling $245.16 ) average/image $10.65


Only need $4.84 gross in the next 3 months to get there.


Problem is that prices achieved have been dire since Christmas and if they stay like that for the following year with similar sales figures I will be knocked back to 20% of sales which would not be viable.


Well saying that they are not viable now since cut from 50% commission. I would not wish to supply Alamy/PA with more images if I am dropped to 20%.


Probably leave port with them but concentrate on other streams.




There you are, you now know my situation with Alamy. I am uploading as many new images which I think may be of use and sell but I still feel like I am flogging a dead horse. Most recent sales have been of images I took years ago and not so much the newer images.




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3 for $160, range $0.46 to $89 - average gross $53+ despite one sub-dollar license. $64 net. 


Well past the $250 threshold, so that's a relief. 


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20 sales for $345 gross. 


Lowest $0.12 (and apparently a distributor sale at that!)

Highest $115


Average gross per image around $17

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7 sales for $147 gross, $58 net from portfolio of about 4,600 images.

Below average month for me, but I'm pleased to hear encouraging figures from others this month as well as more reports of infringement revenue (especially as most of my images are still Alamy exclusive and RM).



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Another decent month (excluding all of the refunds and re licenses) with 11x $$ sales, 4x $$$ and a bunch of tiddlers. This included a very big infringement by a well known customer who has a tendency not to report sales, which would have cost them about $5 if they’d bothered to report it.

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Probably second best month ever in terms of numbers but like most others fees very low.


Got lowest net ever at 0.27 cents.


Since September 21, to paraphrase a purported quotation from Henry T Ford - “Any “in perpetuity/unlimited duration” you like as long as it is $.¢¢”


A fewer better priced licences as well but as Alamy posted in January The average licence price we sell for remains a significant indicator as to our approach to pricing, and the fact that it has remained stable over the last 3 or 4 years at $26-$30 in a difficult market shows a level of robustness.”


The $30 average is disappearing downwards


I am nowhere near it - conversely, I uploaded an image in 2017 that I thought would sell but didn't until September 21, and has now sold for a total of six times at about 0.40p net on each occasion..


Whenever the thresholds for the various new commission levels (effective July) were set, I thought they were realistic for most seeking to continue at 50% (but not Platinum of course🙄) but given the way licence pricing is at present for many it will be a tight squeeze at current rates..


I opted out of distribution because of the new contract wording at that stage (subsequently amended) and am likely to stay out. I will exit Novel Use shortly.


Out of interest, do any UK based contributors sell US images to the States directly (i.e not via a distributor)?


I still resent the Christmas 2020 message from Ms Shelley – no changes in commission – and then the levels were changed. Very badly handled (and that's being diplomatic).


It's always interesting to see how others are faring but even a $100 sale only nets $40 now for most of us.

Even worst if it's via a distributor! How does the creator end up with around 24% in those arrangements?


And as for the price of fuel...... let's hope April pans out better for everyone.

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