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June Challenge GREEN

The June challenge Green - voting time  

48 members have voted

  1. 1. My favourite from the June challenge is

    • Steve Hyde's Inside-out brolly EY7B7G
    • Michael Ventura's Green wheat field S1EG17
    • Marianne's Green bucket EFWGW8
    • John Richmond's Wet leaves DR43T8
    • Losdemas's Frog F06HW0
    • Doc's Snake C71GGR
    • Olivier Parent's Chartreuse J196C5
    • TeeCee's Bottles H65R6K

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Thanks to all who entered. As ever there were some great shots and I can only pick eight, and here they are


A woman holding an umbrella which has blown inside out during a sudden storm. the woman is wet and sodden with no Stock Photo

Steve Hyde's Inside-out brolly




Young wheat growing on a farm is Southern Virginia USA Stock Photo

Michael Ventura's Wheat field



Vintage green metal bucket white polka dots on sandy beach with sea urchin shell Summer vacation concept Retro filters Stock Photo

Marianne's Green bucket





Dewdrops on the hardy maidenhair fern, Adiantum venustum Stock Photo

John Richmond's Wet leaves




Red Eyed Tree Frog, Agalychnis callidryas, on 'Lucky' twisted bamboo plant. Stock Photo

Losdemas's Frog





Green Tree Python (Morelia viridis) coiled around a branch, Singapore Zoo, Asia Stock Photo

Doc's Snake





Green Chartreuse on the rocks Stock Photo

Olivier Parent's Chartreuse (which can deliver a hangover as I found out the hard way)





A row of wine bottles on a rack, from beneath, with light shining through Stock Photo

TeeCee's Bottles

Edited by Colin Woods
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Great challenge so many fun images, it took me a while to choose.

Was feeling kinda wiped out from a long day and seeing one of mine in the running made my day - thanks so much! (And despite being a brash American I did not vote for myself - I've been in this British forum too long so I know better). 

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And there we go, we have a winner. It looked like Losdemas's frog was going to be the winner but John Richmond's wet leaves put in a final surge and takes the podium. Over to John then to set the challenge for July.

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I didn't expect to do well given the stiff competition so my thanks to all who voted to put me at the top.


I'll set the July challenge later today.  I haven't finally decided the theme - but it won't involve flowers 😀

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