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What difference if any has the change to larger thumbnails made?

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Hi all,


The new much larger thumbnails came in on 24.9.15. In general they have been well received, but I noted that the "portrait" orientation images were disadvantaged as a result, look relatively smaller, and can be overlooked in searches, or so it seemed to me.


I looked at my statistics to see what if any difference this had made. Clearly its too soon to see from sales figures as they often lag by 3 months, but ZOOMS are fairly immediate.


I looked at my zooms from 3 months prior to the change (Jul-Sept, 646 zooms), and compared them with the 3 months after the change (Oct-Dec, 717 zooms) to see if there was a significant difference in landscape and portrait images selected.


I also, for interest, looked at my overall proportion of landscape to portrait oriented images




July-Sept inclusive,  646 zooms;         499 landscape (77.3%); 135 portrait (20.9%),  12 pan/square (1.8%)


Oct-Dec Inclusive    717 zooms          576 landscape (80%);     128 portrait (17.7%),  13 pan/square (1.9%)


From these figures I would say that there has been no significant difference from before to after. I dont think I have enough numbers to say there has been a slight reduction in zooms for portrait oriented images. 


My collection of images consists of the following:


Total Images on sale:  18,902


Landscape:                  13,046 (69%)

Portrait:                          5,335 (28.2%)

Pan/Square:                      422 (2.2%)


Overall the number of portrait images in my collection amounts to ~28%, but the numbers zoomed appear to be between 17 and 20%


One of the reasons I was interested to look at this was because I thought I had a greater than average % of portrait images and hoped I would not be disadvantaged by the new thumbnails. Doesn't look I am!


Interested to hear what others think and what proportions your collections consist of!


Happy New Year


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Hmm. Just 10% of my 2015 sales were verticals. Maybe I should try to cover myself better.  :blink:


Yes, it might be time to get a new fig leaf. A fair number of my higher priced book sales are verticals.


I too have to remind myself to take verticals these days. Whereas in the "old days" before LCD screens, I almost always took one of each -- i.e. a horizontal and a vertical.

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For me 2015 




           Landscape: 87%

           Portrait:       12.3%

           Square:        0.7%


in Collection:


           Landscape: 69%

           Portrait:       28.2%

           Pan/Square: 2.2%



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My collection: 

  62% landscape

  38% portrait


All my Alamy sales:

  69% landscape

  31% portrait


My 2015 sales:

  83% landscape

  17% portrait


So I wondered whether my more recent images are more landscape, but from a casual look the proportions seem to be in line with my collection as a whole.

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