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What would you like to see in the new manage images / upload process?

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I wonder if anyone at Alamy has read/analysed this thread?



We've replied throughout the thread and we've been working on this all year. It's a huge job so it takes a long time.


Many of the same suggestions are coming up so as previously mentioned, if anyone has any ideas that have not already been noted here then feel free to add them.


We read everything but it's not possible to reply to every suggestion.





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Thanks for the consultation. I keyword before uploading which seems to solve a lot of problems so can easily past identical keywords if wanted.


Some of the requests have been present in the “Old Manage Image” such as drag and drop between fields even images, pasting and changing individual keywords, undoing/redue, and can see multiple images on a single page. An amalgamation of the Old and New Manage would solve many of the requests. I'm not in favour of plug-ins for our specific hardware as too diverse in the way we work and difficult to maintain.


Some suggestions seem to relate to what computer / monitor is used at our end, for instance can use a magnifier on own monitor, easily open a second image


1. I would like to be able to set default answers as others have suggested.


2. Would like to go back to being able to opening “Track Your Images”, Manage your images” and opening images in a tab not a new window. This has only recreantly changed and would be better if followed setting in browser instead of overriding with no choice but new window.


3. The “number of people” field almost seems useless as a search criteria as they may be tiny or only parts so would prefer that as Easily Visible numb of people then a tick box if any people are in photo without a release. Would give a searcher much better options.

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Upload process.


I should like to be able to change data on uploaded pics until QC. In particular I would like to have the ability to change RM and RF. This would simplify my batch key wording as I would be able to change individual exceptions while populating all field by batch.


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I would very much like to see an enlarged image - when keywording I really can't make out how many people, for example, are in the photo!! And my screen is full of nose smudges :)


What I do Nick is to create a text file with my image filename and how many people are in the shot. I create that when I'm editing, and I can then access that file from whichever computer I'm doing the keywording on. It's an extra step though that it would be nice not to have to bother with.





What I do Geoff is to have the folder with the image files I am working on open on the desktop. Then when I need to check anything I click on the file which opens on the desktop at full size then close it down again. That is the system for Windows.


Actually as I am using an iMac so I do not close it down but store it on the popup Dock at the bottom of the screen until I am finished with it then close it to its folder ready for the next one. The folder is stored on the Dock too.



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Hello Alamy,


I would like to see a RF license option for editorial photos. I think you could apply it by setting every RF image with unreleased people or proberty with a comment "editorial use only" or create a new licence "RF-Editorial Use Only"


Please, please :).



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I do this now, but would it not be better if you could upload the Excel file in Manage Images.




Maybe Alamy wants to have a peek before applying it? It's quite easy to f-up a lot very fast this way.


It would be very useful to be able to do things in batch, which you can do in Excel. Like search and replace.

I would like to search for keywords I have missed and then append those.

Like search for USA but not US United States of America and then append US United States of America. (Or replace USA by USA US United States of America.)


However with the way the algorithm currently functions I hesitate to use batch edit at all. A good search engine would be very useful though. Integration of the client side search interface and using lightboxes as the base for batch operations would be enough for me. The edit button was such a simple and elegant solution. Now here an image opens in edit; there in the zoom page.

- Sorry for the rant.



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Another thing that came in mind is to have a Alamy app.


An Alamy app where we can check our sales, statistics and keyword our images for example.





I support the idea of the app

Nowadays everybody is more connected with their smartphones than on their computers

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