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  1. I just wanted to answer Susan but no need. The only forum out there where contributors are fair, respectfull and friendly to each other. Mirco
  2. Start a new account

    Hi, I had some special reason to do that. Nothing to blame on Alamy. I would not create new account. Also I think this kind of move is moralic not the best. To create similar effect you can simply move your photos to a different pseudo. Mirco

    Lets also not forget @geogphotos

    Again i fully respect your opinion. Also i can fully understand you since you are since 2010 on Alamy and it can be a tough thing only to imagine the change. Anyway thanks for your openess and your toughtfull opinions. It are the people like you that make this forum very interesting. Mirco

    Just to add my final. I understand what you are saying. If nobody would have gone that microstock direction the money that exist there would be in the traditional agencies. I think i can understand your pain and fully respect your view in this. But just inmagine today.... a new contributors wants to sell stock. He will check on internet and quickly will figure out where agencies are that creates highest monthly income. I can fully understand that this person will not exclude himself. He will not change the industry by doing so. It is far to late. He will help nobody and hurt himself. Trying to win a lost war. There are top contributors on that micro site that earn close to 1 million per year. They will never give it up. So it is really take it or miss it. It is not being egoistic from my side. Mirco

    Amount per image is not relevant if the total amount per month is much higher. How can be 200 USD per month more profitable then 800 USD per month basing on the sale per image ?? You spend the same amount of work. For the same amount of work i prefer to have 800 USD regardless how the 800 USD is build. Also you must consider the much higher amount of photos without sales on such traditional sites. Many Zero per image. On most micros the largest percentage of your port will sell and not only subs. I get regular 50+ sales. This are extended license that are similar to a Alamy RF license.

    It is not selling for pennies. Having at least 3 times more on the bank account are not pennies. Pride can be destructible. Loosing 75 percent of income is for me already passing the pride line by far. I really dont agree that somebody earning on micro has no pride. I have pride.. i want to earn 800 instead of 200. Additionally on that subs are in my case 50 percent of the Micro earnings. It is a big myth that it is just subs. Sub licenses are very limited compared to the on demand sales. I am not mentioning Alamy but there is an other traditional agency that in all life didnt reached so high amount of payout like this micro agency did in one year. This is such a clear fact where the money is. Mirco

    But the thing is i believe they will never stop it. One reason is already that they paid only in 2016 (12 months time) 115 million to contributors. The year before 99 million. Growing trend. End of 2016 it was a total of 500 million. Estimates for now it should be already 650 million paid out to contributors. So it means it is working and will not lead to stop their current business method. Therefore i think Alamy is doing the right thing to adjust a little.

    No it is not compared to Agency 1. Because the outcome says much more. Agency 1 gives 3 times more income. Without 1 i will have 120 USD. Without 2 i will have 350 USD. You only loose 75 percent of income every month by ignoring Agency 1.
  10. SERIOUSLY???

    I totally agree with the complaining part tough.
  11. SERIOUSLY???

    I just see it very simple. The material thing is the money we see in our banks. Agency 1: 500 subs 0.38 cents) 190 USD + (SOD sale) 70USD + (30 miscelanious ales average 3usd) 90USD = Monthly NET income 350 USD Agency 2 : 5 sales 100 + 6 + 25 + 50 + 60 = 241 Brutto = Monthly Net income 120 USD. Should i ignore Agency 1 just because of the subs??? We are not doing this for the fun but most to earn something right? We can wait and wait and wait and loose time and money or just accept both and earn 470 USD. Take what you can
  12. 2018 - is this what the future holds?

    I think the border between alamy and micro is very thin. On known ms agency has 40 million editorial photos. I have the same editorial on both places and sell on both. 70 percent of ms sales are in my case editorial.
  13. 2018 - is this what the future holds?

    By surprise +1 from me. Best answer to all of this. Note that I do respect you a lot. Especially because discussions are very hard with you. You stand for your opinion. Mirco
  14. 2018 - is this what the future holds?

    I believe you totally. I also had several 100plus sales. My point is just ...how many of those sales we are missing out now because of the digital era. In the times that you needed expensive camera to have great technical quality we would had much more of those sales.
  15. 2018 - is this what the future holds?

    Still it is not really human decisions. It is more human acceptance. Digital cameras for low price are everywhere and also people that can take good photos. If someone can make a good photo they will most not spend 100 dollars for a photo that they can take themselves but they will visit the city center and take that shot. BUT paying only 5 dollars it is worth to stay home. That is not a decision it is the state of today. To make a photo 100 dollar worth you need to take photos that other can not create. By being super exceptional or having caught something on the other side of the world. It is the evolution of technology that makes this happen. NOT microstock. Very wise words from somebody we know very well ;). I think if there would be no microstock there would be still decline of sales on traditional agencies because people have far better access to take great photos themselves. So to keep people not taking themselves photos it has to be worthwhile. Mirco