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  1. Thats cool!!! Great work including the portfolio page. Is the mobile "fix" also taken into consideration? So we can keyword while being on the go? Thank you :).
  2. Well here you go: https://www.alamy.com/portfolio/651415/toysandmore.html
  3. Trust me.... some people can have some special obsessions......
  4. Coming back to shooting local. I think on Alamy this mainly works if you live in the United Kingdom and around. I am living in Poland and i could shoot my city and all the details until my fingers bleed. I dont think it will make a large effect. The Alamy 2017 numbers where showing something like sales coming 35 percent from UK. 17 percent from other European countries. This is a really small amount indicating that Polish buyers are elsewhere. How much percentage of those 17 percent could be Polish buyers.... maybe 1 percent or 2? It is not to discourage other contributors but it
  5. You are totally right. But better is to compare the payouts made to contributors since this is the money that we see. I think Alamy had around 10 million paid to contributors. The micro agency you mention paid 150 million to contributors. Yes it is a large difference but still i think 10 million is a large amount. This micro agency is just the world number 1 thats all. Nobody should be scared away from numbers. Just do what works for you and i know that Alamy works very well for many. Mirco
  6. Hi Andy, I cant yet answer to your question if you know what i mean but i cant resist to add that i am not surprised that you made it to 1000. You have amazingly processed photos with superb quality. You can directly see the care and effort in the photos. Love your port. Congratulations. Mirco
  7. Hello all, I see many contributors asking if we can use AIM on a mobile device. If it is opened it shows a "deformed" page. Maybe it is very obvious and discovered by most but there is for example in Google Chrome under settings an tick box called "Desktop Version". Just click on it and the AIM looks the way it looks as on any laptop/desktop. I am using Android myself so i am not sure how it looks in a Apple browser but i can imagine that similar function exists. Good luck. Mirco
  8. I indeed mean this yellow wonderful drink. But good that my comment opened some secrets of you
  9. Hello Mike, I know exactly what you mean. I use android and i simply use the setting "Desktop Version". In google chrome you can tick a box and website changes to desktop format and everything looks normal. I am not sure where you can find that option in your apple browser but i guess it should also exist. Mirco
  10. I always knew that Ed Rooney was a glass of bear.... i just never dared to ask.....
  11. Your opinions already helps me a lot and opens up some thoughts. Thank you as always for your helpful attitude.
  12. Thank you. I know what you mean. I am not talking about the green color. Those 9k are really not well tagged. I learned much from the past and i just know i can do it much better. They have no super tags for example or are "only" 8 keywords for example in many cases. Just hasty done. Thanks for your part. I assume you would go for the 35k ;).
  13. Hello Folks , I am curious about your opinion and need please your help here. I have at the moment around 35k images offline and want to get them up on Alamy. In the meantime i have 9k online that are not optimal tagged. I know it can be done much better with aligning to Alamy needs. Would you first concentrate to "correct" those 9k to improve the CTR or should i more be fixed to get those 35K online to note loose potential sales? Thank you already for your opinion. Mirco
  14. Thank you John. Title was not clear :(. Lets close this one.
  15. Hello folks, The Nikon full frame mirrorless cameras arrived. https://www.trustedreviews.com/reviews/nikon-z6 It seems mirrorless is diving deeper into the camera marked and pushing DSLR even more backwards. Mirco
  16. Hello Alamy team, I am wondering if there will be a plan in future to create an option to share galleries. Very often i would like to show certain images to certain people but it is not possible yet to select them only. Maybe something to consider ;). Regards, Mirco
  17. Hello folks, Just to add my part. I have adobe subscription for the new Lightroom CC with 1 TB cloud space. I am very pleased with the ability of this setup. Edit your images from anywhere on any device. Best comfort i ever had. But i am running behind two children in my daily life so this could be the reason of my enthusiasm. Mirco
  18. I just wanted to answer Susan but no need. The only forum out there where contributors are fair, respectfull and friendly to each other. Mirco
  19. Hi, I had some special reason to do that. Nothing to blame on Alamy. I would not create new account. Also I think this kind of move is moralic not the best. To create similar effect you can simply move your photos to a different pseudo. Mirco
  20. Again i fully respect your opinion. Also i can fully understand you since you are since 2010 on Alamy and it can be a tough thing only to imagine the change. Anyway thanks for your openess and your toughtfull opinions. It are the people like you that make this forum very interesting. Mirco
  21. Just to add my final. I understand what you are saying. If nobody would have gone that microstock direction the money that exist there would be in the traditional agencies. I think i can understand your pain and fully respect your view in this. But just inmagine today.... a new contributors wants to sell stock. He will check on internet and quickly will figure out where agencies are that creates highest monthly income. I can fully understand that this person will not exclude himself. He will not change the industry by doing so. It is far to late. He will help nobody and
  22. Amount per image is not relevant if the total amount per month is much higher. How can be 200 USD per month more profitable then 800 USD per month basing on the sale per image ?? You spend the same amount of work. For the same amount of work i prefer to have 800 USD regardless how the 800 USD is build. Also you must consider the much higher amount of photos without sales on such traditional sites. Many Zero per image. On most micros the largest percentage of your port will sell and not only subs. I get regular 50+ sales. This are extended license that are similar to a Alamy RF license.
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