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  1. Alamy, please post new 'Manage Images' general info - including your video - in a place contributors can find easily. (While I was taking tour of new Manage Images, I prematurely closed area with 'View Video' link. Now I have questions, but can't locate that video.) Your new Manage Images certainly looks promising. Thanks - Ann
  2. A simple question from a newbie: what is the proper way to enter a location? Copying longitude and latitude or descriptively. Thanx
  3. I'm using Manage Images for the first time since the system changes and I find that the keyboard shortcuts for cut/copy/paste (Ctrl-x/c/v) are not working; I can't copy keywords between fields unless I use the mouse and right click to get a pop-up menu. This is on Windows 10 in Chrome. Is this just me or is anyone else having the same problem? EDIT - FORGET IT, AS SOON AS i MAKE THIS POST IT STARTS WORKING. But it certainly wasn't to begin with.
  4. We're starting to work on something we've wanted to do for a while now: improving the upload and keywording process. Although our turnaround times for image processing are one of the quickest in the business, it's clear that our upload tool and keyword management areas of the site could be far more user friendly. We're looking at vastly streamlining the whole process to make keywording and uploading more elegant and efficient which should make submitting images to us a far more enjoyable experience. So what would you want to see changed / bought in? We're already sold on the idea o
  5. I have been managing some images and sosmething strange has happened - a bunch of them while unready have gone to RM-Exclusive licence something I don't use. I had set the Pseudonym and Licence to RM in batch and not all that batch are RM-E. Although thery are not ready (No keywords) I cannot reset them. But that is not the issue - I did not notice it until one of them had been made ready. I can't now put it back into unready state while, hopefully, member services sort it out. I face the propect of having to resubmit it (and possibly yet the others). If I delete essential keywords and s
  6. losdemas

    Adobe Flash

    Given the huge progress with Web technologies in the last couple of years, specifically HTML5 and CSS3, and given the device/vendor-specific problems with Adobe Flash (think Apple/Adobe clash; MS Silverlight; among other issues) and the fact that this technology seems to be on its last legs, is it not time for Alamy to ditch Flash once and for all? We have all had problems with Manage Images v2.4 from time to time, but these don't seem to be going away. In the long-term, relying on a vendor-specific solution seems to be asking for trouble in this rapidly changing field. EDIT: Of cours
  7. When I've uploaded some new images and they need keywording, in 'Manage Images' I like to have 'all images' open so that I can copy keywords from any similar images to the new images. I know you can just see any un-keyworded images as that comes up by default but then you can't see your existing pictures. It would be a good idea when looking at 'all images' if any un-keyworded images had a red box around them to make them stand out from the others and to let you know they aren't yet keyworded. John.
  8. I've been unable to find a way to increase the size of the thumbnails, window, fonts etc while keywording in manage images 2.4. Has anyone found a way to do that? Alamy, is it possible to incorporate a tool like that in a future version of manage images?
  9. Hi Alamy, Just noticed an unintended consequence of the new changes to the searchability of pseudonyms which means more work for us! I'm sure this was an oversight.... Manage Images no longer allows us to look at our collections using a pseudonym and keyword combination. It has always allowed us to see: A) everything under one pseudonym (by using the dropdown selector); or B)everything under one keyword by typing the keyword (or a phrase) in the search box; or C) by typing the pseudonym and keyword into the search box we could see all images of that keyword within a given pseudony
  10. Most software allows the use of the ctrl-z shortcut to correct mistakes and slips of the finger (it undoes the previous action). Unfortunately this doesn't work in Manage Images (although other short cuts, such as ctrl-v for paste, do). I've lost count of the number of times my fingers slipped and I lost the keyword I was cutting and pasting from, say, comprehensive keywords to main keywords! Is this just a Windows problem, or is it a problem across the board? Dealing with this would be very helpful in improving efficiency and productivity.
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