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  1. I need some advice from the forum in terms of a keyword problem issue. The issue was sent to Alamy and they replied there is nothing I can do but I am wondering if other contributors have found a way around it. Here is my email to them and then their reply. Any advice is appreciated. My email: In the past month someone has been searching for photos of Geneva in Switzerland and it keeps happening. Unfortunately I have posted a cadre of photos of Geneva-on-the-Lake, Ohio, a resort town in Ohio, USA. "Geneva" is not in any of my search terms but instead it should only be coming up in the search engine when it is as I have put it, "Geneva-on-the-Lake" with hyphens as the town is known. My CTR has taken a major hit because of over 100 views over several sessions. How do I stop my photos from appearing for searches of "Geneva"? If you put in the search engine "Geneva-on-the-Lake" you will see I am the only one to have photos posted of this popular northeast US resort town and that none of the search terms are "Geneva" on its own. I cannot strip the photos of their title "Geneva-on-the-Lake" otherwise they will obviously not be found. Alamy reply: If you have ‘Geneva’ anywhere in the tags or captions of your images, they will appear in a search for ‘Geneva’ even if the word is part of a multi-word tag. Our search engine doesn’t recognise most punctuation such as apostrophes, hyphens etc so have ‘Geneva-on-the-Lake" won’t make a difference.There is no way you can stop images of “Geneva-on-the-Lake" from appearing in a search for ‘Geneva’ unless you remove this word. Obviously I cannot remove the name of the town otherwise people who are looking for photos of Geneva-on-the-Lake will not appear. Has anyone found a way around this type of situation? Some other examples may be if I put up photos of Santa Fe, New Mexico. Would searches for "santa" bring up my photos of Santa Fe? If someone is searching for photos of "Mexico", will photos of New Mexico (the state) come up in the search? If there are photos of New York, will the search "York" bring up photos of the city in the US instead of York England? There has to be a way for terms that cannot be left out of keywording be delineated but I am at a loss as to how. When I wrote earlier that over 100 views over several sessions is impacting my CTR, I should clarify that over 100 of my photos (several repeat searches) of Geneva-on-the-Lake have been viewed with no zooms of them seeing as what is being searched for is a completely different locale.
  2. I always keyword and caption in lightroom before uploading. Can any one explain that if I keyword the tif image and export to jpeg, the keywords and caption are intact when uploaded to Alamy. Yet if I keyword and caption a jpeg image in lightroom the keywords and caption are Missing upon upload? My last upload had a mixture of both, so it's not a batch problem.
  3. Keywording problems with accessibility issues

    I have quite bad arthritis in my hands, and I'm finding the keywording process more and more frustrating because of one simple issue. When keywording multiple images, many of the keywords show up as light grey when they only apply to some of the selected images. I want to select these to add them to all selected images. However, unless the mouse is COMPLETELY still when clicking, all you do is to move the keyword slightly. It doesn't apply to all images. I end up clicking on a keyword, it temporarily darkens, then goes back to grey because my mouse moved by one nanometre. This also happens when I try to promote tags to supertags. This is frustrating, as I find it very difficult to keep my mouse absolutely still and click the button at the same time, meaning it can take me 10 clicks (or more) to select each keyword. This is VERY frustrating! I really don't see why it's necessary to move a keyword anyway, as the order makes no difference (I know you can combine keywords by dragging and dropping) but surely clicking to select is a MUCH more common activity. Can the keyword be selected if you click anywhere within the box, not just on the text? Can it be selected if you move your mouse even a tiny amount? To move a keyword you need to drag the mouse a considerable (relatively) distance. This really is affecting my ability to keyword, and I believe it's a disability/access issue (as well as incredibly frustrating for most people, I'm sure!)
  4. I thought I must have had a blonde moment when I keyworded a recent upload and used the keyword Hosta several times. but when I got to the end of Managing the keywords, I realised it was because I'd put e.g. Hosta 'Paradise Island', or Hosta 'Funny Mouse', which is the standard way of naming cultivars, but the system had split them. Confirmed when I looked at my original keywording before uploading: original.jpg?dl=0 Note that not only is the phrase split, but the constituent words after division aren't placed next to each other, but well apart. I'm sure this has been covered before, but don't remember seeing it, so maybe it can save someone else time. (And not to worry, the search seems to turn up images even if you search in the standard way, e.g. Hosta 'Paradise Island'. And actually, now that I think about it, I've noticed the problem before with an apostrophe, though the system seems to just 'omit' the apostrophe, unless I'm remembering wrongly. Any idea why the system can't accept punctuation like this? It's muscle memory (as well as correct) to use them also in place names and businesses (though the system does accept ampersands!) PS, it's not consistent. Having managed a file which had split Gardeners' World Live into Gardeners and World Live far away, I just found another with Gardeners' World Live set as one keyword phrase.
  5. Keywording

    I am looking for any suggestions for keywording software as I literally have thousands of images to keyword! Many thanks Alan
  6. Keywording exhaustion

    I find keywording severely tedious. Is it just me? I mean, I know it has to be done so it's not a real, sincere complaint, just a minor one.
  7. Why oh why oh why does Alamy completely lose all my supertags from some of my recently uploaded and keyworded images ? I remember actually tagging them all recently and saving but now all gone. no wonder my sales have slumped. It's bad enough that we have to re-tag our older files uploaded but to find that recently tagged images have defaulted back to zero supertags is astonishing and very frustrating. Now I have to go through every image to check. It's absolutely ridiculous and needs addressing as soon as possible. Rant over.
  8. Hi I returned to Alamy after a long long break, with the intention to regularly upload more images. I measured the average time it takes me to keyword my images and it is approx 3 minutes. With say 50 images this will be 150 min (over two hours). This is probably my entire "spare" time in a week... My question is, how do you streamline the keywording process? i looked at some people here, with over 50k images, surely they dont spend half of their life keywording each submission? Thank you
  9. Hi Everyone - I have an image that is not yet on sale and needs keywording - I have images of a similar image/locationon Alamy taken a few months ago - is there a way that I can locate the earlier images and transfer the data to the new one on one screen? Thank you all and help greatly appreciated Colin
  10. A summer gift

    Hi all, today i'm gonna give you a gift since i've read many complaining on this forum about what is selling and what is not. I found this site on a training i just followed. It's based on micro market analisys (look at the result sites considered) but it's very useful also for Alamy photographers and videomakers (like me) in my opinion since most of us are taking shots of cities and editorials. Try entering "london camden" and you'll find it's a better profitable option than "london bridge"for i.e. As explained on the site any topic with a ranking above 20-25 is sellable for top shots while 100-200 is fine for medium level shots. Hope to have given a really useful tool today... i feel good to have shared this Let's see how many greenies this produces lol
  11. 2 months without sales

    Hi everybody, my Alamy experience started badly with me having only 4 major sales in over one year and now 2 months from the last sale occurred in late May. It's my fault since i've uploaded in the beginning a lot of similars and may be bad keywordered files with the "cream" of having not properly post processed all my images. Most of you all veterans advised me about these things but it seems i'm a bad student My CTR is low but my views are up (few zooms actually) so it seems topics i covered are requested by customers and my CTR is not so bad. What do you suggest me at this point? 1) Delete badly post processed or similar files 2) Improve keywording BEFORE adding new files 3) Add new files caring more about the above points 4) Play with pseudos 5) Start a new account and add new files there I know 2) and 3) i should do by the way but it would be enough without doing 1) , 4) or the worst option 5) ? Thanks
  12. Has anyone tried the Lightroom plug-in 'Excire' for searching/keywording? It searches your Lightroom catalogue for similar images based on image content as well as existing keywords. Watch the video - Reason I ask - I don't use Lightroom but I use IMatch for keywording and the developer of IMatch is thinking of developing a plug-in for IMatch. Some users on the IMatch forum seem to rate it highly -
  13. Just came across a new Free keywording app go to this should make keywording a lot easier!
  14. Now that with the new image manager, we are limited to 50 keywords / tags, I just wanted to remind everybody about this lovely little application that counts words and characters, removes duplicate words and shows and corrects spelling mistakes. You can also drag and drop the words around Take a look at And now on a special summer sale (50% off) for a few more days
  15. Newbie here! I'm wondering how other abstract artists and illustrators are doing with sales. I'd also love to know your thoughts on keywording.... do you get all 50 in? Are you using non-color color-names like peach? Is still life one keyword or two? I'd welcome advice on keywords. I use Photoshop the most (for repeating patterns as well as abstract compositions), but am starting to think of putting my repeating vectors online too. Is Alamy the right place for this? Is vector illustration selling better than raster? This is the first time I've licensed, and I'm really uncertain of what to expect... relating your experience could help :-) Thanks for your time and input! Kristin ps... how does one get "verified?" Also, I have almost 200 images on Almay, not 15 as my profile shows
  16. Dear Peeps at Alamy, Just an idea but wouldn't it be useful to be able to keyword photos in the QC approval queue? It might be wasted effort, if they eventually failed QC, but think of the potential time saved in being able to keyword photos while they sit in purgatory. What do people think?
  17. I'm wondering what conclusions people are coming to on best practice for tagging and supertagging keywords and keyword phrases. I'm particularly concerned with the use of keyword phrases as a unit and whether to use the individual words from the phrase as a further tag. and which of these, if any, to assign as a super tag. In examining my legacy images I am finding in most cases that all the current super tags are single keywords which the Image Manager has assigned as such. For the most part I also have corresponding keyword phrases in my list of tags, but they are just ordinary tags. To use a fictionalised example, in keywording my image of the shop exterior of 'The Purple Scorpion Shoe Shop', I think it is best to supertag the whole phrase and probably 'purple scorpion' and 'shoe shop'. However what about the single keywords 'purple', 'scorpion', 'shoe', 'shop'. Each of these alone is capable of resulting in false positives. Should I just remove the supertag status from them? Should I delete the single keywords altogether and just rely on the keyword phrases? Any insights from those of you who have delved into these things? Such keyword editing as I have done so far doesn't seems to have much of a positive impact and I would like to know what is the best way forward as I strive to edit the next 2000 images.
  18. More on discoverability

    Hi folks, I’m a newbie and I’m making some progress. Keywording and tags take much more time than checking QC on my photos. I’m realizing as I go along that I need to take more notes as I go along on trips. I’m so busy concentrating on taking photos that I haven’t taken the time to note down the names of streets etc. This causes me problems later, particularly if it’s a city I have never been to before. I had noticed that if I have the correct address for a building that discoverability goes way up! ​ How do you folks tackle this problem? I have read all of the recent posts on discoverability and most posts say that the "greenies" don't matter but I'd like to see something happen with my photos so I am trying! ​Thanks for all the comments, all of it is grist for the mill.
  19. The Tao of Keywording

    I am getting ready to run the keywording marathon so have been cruising the web for a keywording philosophy. This article by Dan Heller has some good up to date advice, even though it was written in 2007. It is a long read, but worth your attention.
  20. Question on keywording

    In trying to keep from falling into the trap of keyword spamming, I wondered if anyone here could answer this question: If I have the keywords "swallowtail" and "butterfly" for an image, is it redundant to add "swallowtail butterfly"? Or, by having "swallowtail butterfly", does it make it more likely that my image will show up higher in the search results if a customer searches for "swallowtail butterfly"? And, going the other way, if I have only keyworded "swallowtail butterfly", will my image appear in search results for just "swallowtail" or "butterfly"? Megan
  21. The image below is yet to be submitted here for my portfolio. I just dug it out while working on a cancer-fund-raising campaign for a terminally ill patient. The image proved to be very effective, particularly so, as the gentleman in the image is the subject of our campaign. I suppose images with the possibility of being included in social campaigns can indeed be fairly useful from stock pov. And, the ironical fact of the matter is that while shooting this image, I wasn't aware at all as to the context in which I'll be using this image one day. Of course now I will need to be just that much more careful while keywording this & similar images.
  22. Keywording tools / software

    Hi All I have just upgraded to windows 10 which has finally killed my legacy keywording workflow I am looking for a tool that can help me: 1. easily sort individual keywords 2. remove duplicates 3. if it can also suggest additional keywords that would be great 4. if it could correct or warn about my atrocious spelling - even better Some of you oldtimers will be able to recognize this as the now, completely dead (not mostly dead), ImageKeyworder Thanks for any and all pointers and suggestions
  23. Comma between keywords

    Hi, i am new to alamy. I've been uploading my photos with metadata to this site. But, my keywords for e.g: apple, fruit, red appear as apple fruit red. Do i have to add comma between them or is it okay without keywords? Any help is appreciated!
  24. Keywording on iPad?

    Is it possible to update one's keywords on an Apple mobile device like iPad or iPhone? Just tried to do it now and got an error message that Adobe Flash is required...which isn't supported by Apple .
  25. Hi over the last few weeks I had several search results in All of Alamy which I don't understand. 1. F59CMG. This picture showed up in a search for "make a bird house", although the word make is neither in the keywords nor caption. 2. Two searches, one for "liguria sea", the other for "Liguria sea". Same day, 100 views (i.e., one page) each. On the two searches, different images of mine showed up. Are keywords case-sensitive after all? 3. A picture of mine showed up in a search for "erdnussöl", which is German for peanut oil. I only used English keywords. Is there an automatic keyword translation mechanism? 4. One of my pictures has, among others, the following keywords: "cow bell, cheese making". It showed up in a search for "cow bell making". Why? I thought by using commas to separate key expressions rather than individual keywords I could prevent such false results.