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Have you found any Alamy photos December 2022?

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17 minutes ago, Bryan said:

Not sure I can help you with that as you need to copy the image address into your post using the Insert image from URL button. This means lifting from an existing web site or uploading to a file sharing app that allows you to copy the address. 

So no way to insert a photo from an iphone...?

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1 hour ago, Iain Masterton said:

So no way to insert a photo from an iphone...?

Beyond me Iain !


Times online 3rd




Justin Kase Asda UK supermarket petrol filling station supply chain H35T6D




CAMimage General Assembly Hall and New College, The University of Edinburgh on the Mound hill in Edinburgh,  KFJECH

Jo Syz  London, UK. 18th July, 2016. Brendan O'Hara of the SNP speaks at anti Trident protest   GDM7TN

Stockbroker High School Students Wearing Uniform Raising Hands To Answer Question R81Y3J

McPhoto/Ingo Schulz High Court of Justice, Royal Mile, Lawnmarket, Edinburgh, Lothian, Scotland, D96X66

Sally Anderson City Art Centre, Edinburgh, Scotland, UK, 01 December2022. Auld Reekie Retold exhibition 2KYM62A




A swathe of previously reported Alamy images relating to Scotland's best cycle routes





Ket Sang Tai  View of Queen Elizabeth Hospital in Birmingham, UK  W3PTNT

Marcin Rogozinski   City of London police officer, London England United Kingdom UK  H3267D

Steve Vidler  UK, England, London, Euston, The Wellcome Collection Museum, Artificial Limbs  D9XC7T

Steve Vidler  England, London, The Wellcome Collection, Portrait of Henry Solomon Wellcome by Hugh Goldwin Riviere 1906  ER69P8

Neil Holmes HMS Victory 1793 painting by Swaine England UK A00YEC

Lordprice Collection  Admiral Lord Nelson Englands naval hero in the famous portrait by Lemuel F Abbott  ARNXTE

MediaWorldImages  Preston, Lancashire; 1 Dec 2022.  Preston Marine. A Christmas night switch on for the crowds 2KYRHAY

Simon Maycock  Wadebridge. Cornwall, UK. 2nd December 2022. UK Weather. 2KYRPAN




A series of shots of leaves and tree bark, some Alamy

Mark Sunderland Photography Idol Rock gritstone rock formation at Brimham Rocks Nidderdale AONB North Yorkshire  2AX9XT5

Anne Coatesy  Close up of a snipe at sunrise. Scientific name: Gallinago gallinago.   2JAFECT




M4OS Photos  An iPhone showing the First Direct website rests on a yellow background table with a keyboard, : T2AJM6

Gareth Fuller A row of estate agent's boards outside some new build homes near Ashford in Kent.  2K87HD4 ? No credits, montage

Andriy Popov  Cropped image of businessman's hands calculating invoice at desk: KFH1MA

incamerastock  Money house made with twenty pound notes sterling CPKYXN

Edited by Bryan
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Telegraph 3 Dec 2022


Paris at Christmas. People ice skating at night in front of the Eiffel Tower in Paris France.

Contributor: Christian Wilkinson / Alamy Stock Photo

Image ID: CNP9YX


Aerial view floating fishing village and rock island, Halong Bay, Vietnam, Southeast Asia. UNESCO World Heritage Site. Junk boat cruise to Ha Long Bay

Contributor: Quang Ngoc Nguyen / Alamy Stock Photo

Image ID: T0KW30


The Cotswold market town of Stroud, Gloucestershire, UK

Contributor: SFL Choice / Alamy Stock Photo



Driving on the A1 M, a UK motorway in England, UK

Contributor: incamerastock / Alamy Stock Photo

Image ID: B4D69G


Black mould (stachybotrys chartarum) caused by damp penetration in an empty house. It is a known health risk (UK)

Contributor: Alex Ramsay / Alamy Stock Photo

Image ID: DTT181


1970 McLaren-Chevrolet M8D Can-Am car at the 2017 Goodwood Festival of Speed, Sussex, UK.

Contributor: pbpgalleries / Alamy Stock Photo

Image ID: K4JM02

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USA, New York Times, December 4th, 2022 issue


Book Review section


Pg. 45, Film director Bong Joon Ho getting his Oscars, PA Images/Alamy  2AWTT7H

Pg. 45, From the movie "Memories of a Murder", Photo 12 KPH22E

Pg. 45, Bong Joon Ho on the set of "Parasite", Photo 12 WNGGTD

Pg. 66, A pachinko parlor, Tokyo, Japan, Steve Vidler



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<< Cheers Mr Standfast

04/12/2022, Observer [Review section], p17, London skyline, 2D3HNHG, Greg Rowell
04/12/2022, Observer [Review section], p23, Blaise Pascal, ERH6WC, Lebrecht Music & Arts
04/12/2022, Observer [Review section], p23, St Giles Cathedral Edinburgh, P3AG4J, Kumar Sriskandan
04/12/2022, Observer [Review section], p25, Empire State Building, D6HMGM, Paul Thompson [cutout]
04/12/2022, Observer [Review section], p39, 'Svanen' by Hilma af Klint, JX45K1, Historic Images
04/12/2022, Observer [Review section], p40, Bantry House, BCH790, Mike Kipling Photography
04/12/2022, Observer, p5, Parthenon marbles in British Museum, K3H53X, Steve Vidler/mauritius images GmbH [Alamy credit only]
04/12/2022, Observer, p13, woman on e-scooter, 2AAWJF4, Javier Sánchez Mingorance/Westend61 GmbH [Cropped & cutout. Alamy credit only]
04/12/2022, Observer, p13, policeman with confiscated e-scooter, 2G2FJTP, Sipa US [Alamy credit only]
04/12/2022, Observer, p29, 'To Let' sign, 2C9FWHR, William Barton [Alamy credit only]
04/12/2022, Observer, p33, Rotterdam slavery memorial, J5GN3C, Digital-Fotofusion Gallery [Alamy credit only]
04/12/2022, Observer, p45, Christmas dinner, S1WFG0, Clynt Garnham/Stockimo  [Alamy credit only]
04/12/2022, Observer, p57, still from 'Abigail's Party', HD8K19, Everett Collection Inc
04/12/2022, Observer, p60, Companies House sign, AD5BW5, Jeff Morgan 03
04/12/2022, Observer, p64, thermal image of houses, D4M0D0, Joseph Giacomin/Cultura RM [Edited. Alamy credit only]
04/12/2022, Observer [Magazine], p3 & p55, Broadway, JAN4RK, Panther Media GmbH [Alamy credit only]
04/12/2022, Observer [Magazine], p13, still from 'Sid and Nancy', HCXKB6, Everett Collection Inc [Cropped. Alamy credit only]
04/12/2022, Observer [Magazine], p55, Lewes High Street, GDPM92, Slawek Staszczuk [Alamy credit only]

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Journey AAA Winter 2022 (Western Edition--digital)


Page 8: Stuart Westmoreland/DanitaDelmont  Naam, Seattle (couldn't find image ID)

Page 9: Cal Sport Media Isaiah Thomas F2YT8B

Page 9: Tribune Content Agency Jamal Crawford KPJDW9

Page 9: Chuck Nacke Ernestine Anderson 2APX45D

Page 21: Nick Higham Whale Sculpture, Depoe Bay PG6M94

Page 23: Agefotostock West Shelter, Cape Perpetual KP21AR

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Times online 5th




Geoff Williamson Selected  Scene on Cabrera Island, Cabrera Archipelago of islands, Spanish Natural Park, CCEA33

MOREAU Laurent / Hemis.fr Ivory Coast, Grand Bassam, old colonial house  2AKGJ48

Picture Art Collection  860 Marie Antoinette with the Rose (Vigée-Lebrun) : MP3X6B

Laura Primo   a square of Albalat dels tarongers of the church of the Immaculate Conception  2AN479X

Pictorial Press TASMANIAN TIGER Thylacinus cynocephalus. The last known animal photographed at Berlin zoo in 1933 2HPTMN1




carlos sanchez Fourvière Hill with Basilica of Notre-Dame, Vieux Lyon historic centre, UNESCO World Heritage Site, Lyon,  DTGW2A

FredP  Panoramic view of the city of Lyon from the Croix Rousse district, Rhône,  2E2W1T6

GTW Mur des Canuts or Wall of the silk workers, La Croix Rousse, Lyon, Rhône Alpes, France  R3J7FC

travelstock44 Brasserie Georges outdoor at twilight, Lyon, Rhone Alps, France  CMYRE9

dianajarvisphotography.co.uk The beach on Goree island, Dakar, Senegal PB4PW1

Mirosław Nowaczyk Silhouette of baobab tree at sunset with the yellow background. Tree of happiness, Senegal. Africa  RYWGC9




Luke MacGregor  Production technician  make synthetic rda, part of the Coronavirus COVID-19 detection kit, at the Primerdes 2B1Y00F

Jeff Gilbert  Royal Mail postal worker giving a post box a coat of red paint, London, England,  2J90HY9

greenburn  Sunset from Sandy Gap, Walney Island on the Cumbrian Coast.  the world's largest offshore windfarm. 2A3P2N0




Andrew Eaton Edinburgh, Scotland, Edinburgh International Book Festival. Photo call: Alexander McCall Smith. W9CM5F

sst Edinburgh Scotland, UK 27 October 2022.Supporters of the Gender Recognition Reform 2K9BJW6

Peter Byrne  Hospital stock G7DTNC

BURGER/PHANIE  Thrombectomy performed under cerebral angiography on a patient with symptoms of a stroke, EHN55R




Hanna Kuprevich  Patient with back pain problems at doctor appointment 2F3HBB9

Cliff Hide General News  General view of Price Waterhouse Cooper offices in London HY0MHX

Jan Wlodarczyk Lionfish over Reef, Pterois volitans, Dahab, Sinai, Red Sea, Egypt EXE1CE

James Hoathly Generic law court picture: members of the bar wearing barristers’ wigs.  B72M1J

Rupert Oberhäuser Germany, the hand of a nurse holds the hand of a dying man D54MY7

Paul Quezada-Neiman  London UK 04 Dec 2022  Ginger Bread city now in its sixth year, /Alamy Live News  2M04NG5

Carolyn Jenkins  Poole, Dorset UK. 3rd December 2022. cold, but dry day at Branksome Dene Chine beach . 2M01JK4

Imageplotter  London, UK. 30th Nov, 2022. Rishi Sunak,  attends the annual festive UK Food and Drinks market 2KYMPT9




Mirrorpix Policeman on point duty seen here using flares to guide the traffic during a heavy smog in London. 8th December 1952 EJ7JFC

Edited by Bryan
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Cheers Kumar, and a Happy Christmas to you and everyone else on here!

05/12/2022, Guardian, p21, Salts Mill, BRTDGK, Ian Dagnall
05/12/2022, Guardian, p25, John Ossoff and Raphael Warnock, 2M03K4K, ZUMA Press, Inc. [Via Live News]
05/12/2022, Guardian, p25, Herschel Walker, 2KXY9BK, Robin Rayne/ZUMA Press Wire
05/12/2022, Guardian G2, p5, Paul Powlesland at an Extinction Rebellion protest, 2JAJ8W2, Jessica Girvan

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New Zealand Listener   Dec 10-16 2022

Page 21  Koromiko is a native plant of Aotearoa, New Zealand, Image ID: 2BFD995  Anne Webber 

Landscape January 2023

Page 22   sweet box (sarcococca confusa) shrub - Image ID: 2ETA26D  Tom Meaker 
                Woman with scissors pruning green ivy in a garden. Horizontal photo - Image ID: 2DA4ANX  (Flipped L/R) Cavan Images
                Lowther Castle in Lake District of England. - Image ID: 2GM9TBM (I think)  Debu55y
                Trillium chloropetalum white flowered - Image ID: C3NY52  (Another flipped why do they do that)  Martin Hughes-Jones
         23   Hedera helix 'Parsley Crested' (Common Ivy) on stem growing against brick wall - Image ID: PFMXFD  Dorling Kindersley ltd
                Flowers of Pittosporum tenuifolium, UK. - Image ID: 2FNT1ER  Joe 
         27   Alocasia Amazonica potted houseplant - Image ID: KYTHDF  Sunshine 
         32   Calathea 'White Star' - Image ID: MP9HB0   John Richmond 
         34   Sowing broad bean seed, seeds in wooden seed tray. - Image ID: CFCEXW  GKSFlorapics
         35   Camellia plant bud and leaves on a frost cold morning in winter - Image ID: RHP02N  CBCK-Christine 
         37   Erlicheer double variety with small clusters of double blooms in ivory, flecked with primrose - Image ID: 2JDP8D1  Anca Enache 


May not be from Alamy if on other sites

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Times online 6th




Vuk Valcic  London, England, UK. 24th Nov, 2022. A woman walks past a Black Friday Deals display 2KJ6PY1

Nikki Court  Woman hairdressing for a costume and making up a model for a fashion showcase.  EJW2WJ

philipus Exxon Gas station at night G9DG1D

Guy Bell London, UK. 5th March, 2018. Thames water engineers consider how to repair one of the many leaks M6NAJG 




Iain Masterton Edinburgh, Scotland, UK. 24th November 2022. Striking teachers from the EIS attend a rally  2KJ0BRB

jeremy sutton-hibbert Sanjeev Gupta, CEO of Liberty House Group, at Liberty Steel Dalzell steelworks in Motherwell, : H2PGM7

Simon Price  Mannofield Cricket ground, the home of Aberdeenshire Cricket Club in Aberdeen, Scotland, AFAC2T

Colin Fisher  Edinburgh, Scotland, UK. 27th Oct, 2022.  Trans rights protest outside Scottish Parliament,  2K9BJ99




Reeldeal Images Female Medical Doctor taking a Senior patients blood pressure  M42GXT

threesome bed feet - can't find it

Cinematic Collection  James Doohan & Leonard Nimoy Television: Star Trek (TV-Serie)  2K7YCAT


Britpix Police officers on duty in Winchester, Hampshire, UK  2HMN3G7

Graham Hunt Swanage, Dorset, UK. 3rd December 2022. A steam train lit with colourful festive lights on the Swanage Railway 2M04A23

Newscom Kyoto, Japan. 05th Dec, 2022. Japanese "maiko" traditional professional entertainers  2M07XA6

Paula Solloway  Shop assistant stacks cucumbers in a supermarket  HN2G9E
lm_photography  Fenwick, 58-63 New Bond Street, London, W1S 1RQ 2BDT10X

Imageplotter Mayfair, London, UK, 09th Oct 2021. In Bond Street, models Isabella and Alexandra pose up a storm outside Fenwicks.  2GYW04T




Peter Forsberg Tram on Operring Ringstrasse street Innere Stadt central Vienna Austria C4YDJT

Michael von Aichberger  Rhine Loop Gedeonseck near Boppard in Autumn M73CAT




Picture Art Collection Portrait of Mrs. Asher B. Wertheimer, née Flora Joseph. circa 1898. JS Sargent Mrs Asher B Wertheimer MMHTPF




DAVID HERRAEZ El ciego, Spain- January 10, 2014: Winery of Marques de Riscal on January 10, 2014 in Elciego E7ATW4

Edited by Bryan
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