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  1. How about Glebionis coronaria https://www.first-nature.com/flowers/glebionys-coronaria.php
  2. My guess would be some form of annual chrysanthemum for the flower.
  3. I would suggest also doing this for your plant pictures. For the caption scientific name followed by cultivar if it applies (in single quotes) then common names. So for example Digitalis purpurea 'Pam's Choice'. Foxglove If you want to add anything else eg growing beside a river put that at the end but only if you can see the river in the picture. Then repeat these in the keywords. Then other keywords that relate to the picture. You also need to learn a bit more about the plants that you are photographing, many of your plant pictures are captioned and keyworded somewhat vaguely and of
  4. I see that this magazine is published by Bauer media. I know that Alamy have licenced pictures of mine to Bauer with free re-uses for the next five years, so this might be the reason nothing showing yet.
  5. Thanks for this. Been using this for over four months and never noticed the text search. Found over a dozen uses for my ISSN list.
  6. Yes you're right I have got a bit mixed up here,
  7. Looking at the sizes quoted you appear to me to be cropping your pictures so that your camera may well be taking pictures over the 17MB size but you are then cropping them to under 17MB. Your largest picture quoted was 2701 * 2182 this is 5,896,283 pixels and comes out as 16.8 MB Apologies to Shareece I got a bit mixed up here.
  8. Found one of mine and also one that had been wrongly captioned, slightly annoying as I had several there that were correctly captioned.
  9. Only occasionally when doing a very small flower, most of the time just the macro is enough. I do seem to struggle with focus when the macro is combined with an extension tube, usually end up with focus in the wrong place more often than not.
  10. My 105mm Sigma macro is the lens I use for probably 99% of the time. It is the only lens I have for my full frame camera that is used for nearly all my stock pictures.
  11. I would not give up the "single macro flower shots" There is definitely a demand for these if they are captioned with full details of species and cultivar if applicable, as yours are.. Mix them up with wider shots by all means but carry on with some of them.
  12. Very wise. Sometimes the difference between two cultivars can be something almost un-noticeable. I grew two tulip cultivars this year, one was a sport of the other. Their flowers were identical, the only difference was a slightly different shade of green to the leaves.
  13. Displace was not the word was not referring to and to be honest I have no idea what a Booleans is. The OP queried why " a search ‘red squirrel’ brings up photos of grey squirrels where the word ‘red’ has never been used in the keywords." I was pointing out that the phrase "displace red squirrels" which appears in several of the OP's pictures of grey squirrels includes the word red. EDIT From Alamy advice on tagging "Our tagging system does not exclude constituent words of a tag from being searched for e.g. “Banff National Park” will still show up for “banff”,”national park” and “p
  14. You have the search term "displace red squirrels" in the keywords for some of the pictures. My knowledge of keywords and how phrases are searched is limited, I gave up trying to understand alamy's keyword changes years ago, but I think this is what is causing them to come up in searches for red squirrels.
  15. Possibly Cosmos bipinnatus 'Psyche' this one has the extra centre petals and comes in mixed or a white only selection.
  16. If you want to sell pictures of flowers/vegetables you do need to do a bit more research 2C8JBJA Red flowers hanging from a branch This is a fuchsia but that will not help a great deal you really need the species and if applicable the cultivar, Applies to most of your flower pictures. 2C8JBWY Fresh green runner beans growing from the stalk Do not look like runner beans to me, not 100% certain but these look like radish pods. I would also avoid offering the same pictures on Alamy and a microstock site.
  17. Noticed your picture Marigold Tagetes flower bud - Image ID: 2C16DG9 I am afraid that flowers can get a little confusing,there are two species often called marigold, what you have here is a Calendula probably calendula officinalis, not a Tagetes. This is commonly known as the Common marigold Pot marigold or English marigold plus a few other names. It is part of the daisy family and probably originated in Europe The Tagetes species, most common ones the French marigold and African marigold are the ones related to sunflowers and originating in Mexico.
  18. See what you mean about the indents; definitely suggests moyesii.
  19. I would guess at Rosa rugosa, possibly rubra
  20. I would say Anemone coronaria De Caen Group Possibly one of the named cultivars but not one I recognise. Might be "Sylphide" All the same colour does suggest may be a named cultivar.
  21. For plant names whenever possible I use "Find a plant" on the RHS website.... https://www.rhs.org.uk/plants/search-form This gives Lavandula stoechas 'Papillon' as being a synonym for Lavandula pedunculata subsp. pedunculata As I understand it this is a name used in the past that is now no longer seen as correct. Regarding the Campanulas there are hundreds of species of these and hundreds of cultivars, the RHS has 2344 results for Campanula and they cover a wide range of plant and flower size and form. Also there are some plants that look like Campanula but are a d
  22. Regarding your plant images you do need to improve the captions and keywords. Not just to add more detail - scientific name, cultivar name etc but also to remove the "poetic" bits. Also some are named wrongly. eg. White Peace Lily Perfection - Image ID: R2R1X3 This is a Zantedeschia common name Arum lily Amaryllis Love - Image ID: TAR72N This is actually a Hippeastrum but would also include Amaryllis as a common name. PUre white bulb flower open close up stamen - Image ID: R20MG7 Probably Hymenocallis × festalis BOLD COLOR FUSCHIA BLOOMING WITH GREENERY HANG
  23. According to your wife you spend ages looking at the pictures in magazines in shops and keep tilting your head to read the picture credits printed sideways in the margins.
  24. AAAXCE Narcissus Slim Whitman Country: ThailandUsage: Editorial, One time use in a Museum Display, any size, Thailand only, for 15 yearsMedia: Museum display (single use)Industry sector: General business servicesImage Size: Any size Can't help but wonder why a museum in Thailand would want a picture of a daffodil. Was going to include the picture as many do here but could not work out how to do it.
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