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  1. Yet another reason for me to leave. I get punished while they make more money. But that's the way the world works, isn't it. I have deleted all the tags on my photos, checked all the restrictions I am allowed, and sent in my resignation. I know that they don't give a shit one way or the other. This is for my own peace of mind. Alamy was never going to be a significant source of income for me--my portfolio is way too small and I am not a prolific photographer. I would like to say thank you to everyone on the forum who has spent the time to answer my questions, whether I asked them directly or d
  2. I know I am a very tiny minnow in a very big pond and that my staying or leaving makes no difference to anyone but me, but sorry, that lowest tier is a slap in the face. Obviously small contributors are not wanted. Who knows, I might actually make the $250 limit--I've had some sales this year. But if I don't, I am being punished, not encouraged to contribute more. My life is enough of a shit storm already without having to worry about getting bumped down to the ripoff level. For those of you who have been stock photographers for a long time, for those who rely on this for income--I am so sorry
  3. Found three today on my phone. The Guardian online: Jon Bilous ERAFGR Mount Hood in Oregon, from Mount Tabor, Environment section--Funeral for an Oregon Glacier 5/2 Goncalo Diniz CBT275 Tokyo Valley Glacial lake. Environment section--Glacial lakes threaten millions with flooding 5/2 Photo of red tailed hawk opening article in US News section 5/2 "How did wildlife lover become one of the bloodiest poachers in California history?" Alamy credit only--couldn't find this one.
  4. From the May/June issue of Journey Western (AAA Magazine in US) Zach Holmes BZNYA1 Hurricane Ridge/Olympics pg. 9 Dennis Frates BMY5X8 Catherine Creek pg. 11 Peter Carey EA4XPY Mt. St. Helens pg. 13 Wolfgang Köhler 2CBMTW5 Gold Creek Pond pg. 14 Russ Bishop AN0XC5 or R41741 Picture Lake pg. 17 George Ostertag 2C9X4WE Moose and calf pg. 21 Craig Lovell AARD1X Cedar walkway to Cape Alava pg. 31
  5. Conde Naste Traveler online April 5 8 Waterfalls in the US worth traveling for by Ashlea Halpern Nugget Falls in Juneau, Alaska Todd Bannor CRJH3T Rainbow Falls in Watkins Glen State Park, New York Kenneth Heifer R5E3NM or R183D8 National Geographic online Travel Section April 3 Where to find warrior queens, fairies, and castles in Scotland by Connor McGovern Natural rock formations in Skye's Fairy Glen Ruben Galvez 2C552P2
  6. From National Geographic Online April 4, 2021 (I also saw a March 30 date on this when I searched for it so I apologize if it was already mentioned under March findings): Why do People Stack Stones in the Wild? by Katy Kelleher four of the five images are from Alamy Cairns on Peterskoepfl Peak in Austria Andreas Strauss Claca Cairns outside of Inverness, Scotland Albert Knapp Rock sculpture of Barour Snaefellsas in Western Iceland Stefan Ziese Ceremonial shrine on Mongolian steppe near Arkhangai Alamy credit only
  7. I had two sales for $44 gross. Four so far for the year (my first sales with Alamy)--all flower images taken on my own property so at least there was no great expense to get the shots!
  8. Thank you Betty. I've been working on building up the number of images in my portfolio slowly but surely--a few more each day. I admit, when I saw the $55 I was hoping it was my share, not gross, but I'll take it!
  9. Two sales for $55 gross. My first sales here at Alamy!
  10. Thanks so much for all the feedback! I will put a few up here and there, but since mine are almost all RAW, non-keyworded files I probably won't bother with too many. Hope everyone has had a good weekend 🙂
  11. My daughter got accepted into grad school at the University of Washington today! First of two choices. She'll hear from the second one next month but it's pretty much the first really good news we've had in quite awhile so we're all thrilled.
  12. Thanks everyone. I appreciate the feedback. I've got a few up already. Will probably just leave it at that.
  13. Hi All, I know that Alamy is mostly for editorial work, and I'm trying to work on that, but in the meantime I've got bunches of bokeh and texture images that I used for my artsy work in the past (closeups of rock surfaces, wood grain, paint strokes, soft focus bokeh in many colors, etc). Has anyone had any success with these sorts of images that would be appropriate for backgrounds? Is it worth my time to upload these? Would love your thoughts!
  14. January/February 2021 Issue of AAA's Journey Magazine(Western Edition US) Pg. 19 Middle photo of an Osprey on the Yakima River Chris Boswell (sorry, can't find image number)
  15. I had this problem repeatedly last month. I recently got a new router and the problem seems to have resolved itself. Are you having any trouble with internet speed? I think that was my issue--photos were uploading too slowly and they would eventually be rejected with an error message.
  16. Still no sales at all but at least I got some zooms this year. Got more uploaded and worked on keywords quite a bit.
  17. I got a new network extender today and can finally upload photos again. Hurray! It still took 15 minutes to upload seven images because we have crappy internet out here in the woods but I will take what I can get 🙂
  18. Definitely Art for me, though I spent a number of years doing horse shows. That was quite enjoyable for awhile but I'm too darn old to stand ten hours ringside anymore! Stock is new for me but I'm trying to move in that direction. It's not easy for me, as I am socially awkward so people shots are difficult. I'm hoping to build up a portfolio of plants and gardening sorts of shots (I'm learning some Latin that way!). I do have some work on FAA. Need to build that portfolio up just as I do here. My favorite type of Art is ICM, which works well for me since my old eyes aren't working quite as wel
  19. Hi Chuck, Compared to catching your own, it's spendy, but I think price is still pretty fair, as long as you stay away from places like Pike Place Market! I have noticed them getting much smaller. Two good crabs used to easily feed four of us, now we need three. Several local grocers have commented on that in the last couple of years. I also think the seasons are shorter and fewer locations available for non-commercial crabbers. Must admit, I am now hungry for crab, some really good sourdough, and that bottle of wine. I have been here in Washington for 30 years but grew up in the B
  20. Been out of town on camping trip but finally got to check out this shot--great one, and just as relevant for that area today. You have a fascinating portfolio! Kelly PS Re the mushrooms, I've probably got them on our property!
  21. I might get run out of town for admitting this, but I'm not really a fan of oysters! Now a nice Dungeness crab is a different story :-) Kelly
  22. Thank you so much for all the tips! Most appreciated and I will take them all to heart :-) Chuck, it's nice to meet another Washingtonian--I'm in Belfair by Hood Canal.
  23. Hi Everyone, I've been slowly building up my portfolio here on Alamy and am hoping that some of you might find the time to offer me some constructive criticism. I do know that it is quite small, making me a tiny fish in a very large and talented pool, and I don't have many people shots, but is there any other help you can give me? I am working on my tagging (and going back to my first entries to add)--I think I started out with not enough but am wondering if now I'm adding too much? Any advice is most appreciated! Thank you in advance for your time. https://www.alamy.co
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