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Have you found any Alamy photos December 2022?

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13/12/2022, Guardian, p10, mirror sculpture at Barbican, 2M19NA7, Imageplotter [via Live News]
13/12/2022, Guardian, p21, march in Whitehall against Iranian regime, 2M162XG, Tennessee Jones
13/12/2022, Guardian, p22, turf cutting in Mayo, EA597W, Christopher Hill
13/12/2022, Guardian G2, p5, Southwyck House, 2DE68HK, UrbanImages :)


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Times online 14th




Philip Known  A worker unloads new stock from a cage at Sports Direct T845FM

Islandstock  Man buying fruit & veg in Aldi supermarket. H34TT5

Dimple Patel  Exterior of the Institute of chartered accountants in England and Wales,  R5RCNE




sasirin pamai  Asian nurse physiotherapist doctor  elderly old lady woman patient at hospital ward : 2BXRNYK

Toby Houlton  Red Deer on estate land, Ross-shire, Scotland 2BCRTX1

PJ Collins   Flanders Moss National Nature Reserve, Scotland 2AXKY8M

WENN  London Film Festival - Wild Rose -Janey Godley Where: London, United Kingdom When: 15 Oct 2018 R221EC

Iain Masterton  Edinburgh, Scotland, UK. 24th November 2022. Striking teachers from the EIS 2KJ0C93

Gerard Ferry  Glasgow, Scotland, UK 18th August, 2022. Empty supermarket shelves 2JPHFBA

Graham, David  West coast of Scotland vistas 2H5FG7X




Tayfun Salci  London, England, UK. 20th Nov, 2022. Midwives stage a protest in Parliament Square   2KFX8PF

True Images  A woman opening a winning Premium Bonds letter with her winners cheque  W2Y9YB

Clodagh Kilcoyne  Stella McCartney handbags are seen for sale in the Dundrum branch of Brown Thomas 2HPWMRN

Pictorial Press  EVELYN WAUGH (1903-1966) English writer at his home in Combe Florey, Somerset about 1957  DGDADA

Mark Kerrison  Windsor, UK. 18th May, 2018. Adam Afriyie, Conservative MP for Windsor, MNP7B5

Graham Wilson 1st September 2022; The King Power Stadium, Leicester,  Jadon Sancho of Manchester United 2JTTTC8

Richard Bryant Peckham Library, London. Exterior from north west. Architect: Alsop and Stormer  ABWH27

Wim Wiskerke  Peckham Public Library Will Alsop Jan Stormer Southwark London  A4NRBE

sst Edinburgh Scotland, UK 30 November 2022. Craig Hoy, Scottish Conservative Party 2KXKJGK

David Gowans Cessna 560XL Citation Excel Business Twin engined Jet approaching Inverness Dalcross Airport. : EAYB6W




Mira  Aerial view of the French city of Nice, French Riviera, Côte d'Azur, France, DNJ87Y


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On 08/12/2022 at 02:55, Bryan said:

Michael Ventura  USA Gaithersburg MD Carvana Auto automobile car dealer using a vending machine concept to sell new cars  P4NRXD



Thanks for the spot Bryan! I missed seeing this.  So few of mine get reported here that I easily miss my photos!

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Times online 15th




Stephen Chung London, UK. 16 December 2021. People outside the Bank of England  2HB144R

Ian Rutherford  15th February 2016. Stirling Castle and town of Stirling, Scotland  FFKDC6

Mark Kerrison London, UK. 9th Jan, 2018. Harriett Baldwin MP  KXG76K ? crop

Geoffrey Robinson Thomson (Tui) holiday plane in July 2015 at Rhodes Airport,Greece. FAM42E

SOPA London, UK. 03rd Sep, 2021. Naked rebels protest behind their banner outside HSBC, 2GGYB5T

dpa 03/31/2020  the taxi market is extremely suffering from the current lockdown  2BEY604

Windmill Images West Yorkshire, UK, 8th March 2022.Fuel prices hit new UK records 2HWYP5A




Ian Davidson  London, UK. 29th Mar, 2022. chief of the defence staff Admiral Sir Tony Radakin 2J2159X

Rob Crandall ITER PF Coils Winding facility building, ITER, International Fusion Energy Organization.: KBCDT5

Tampa Bay Times Florida, USA. 23rd June, 2022. Jack Sweeney displays his @elonjet Twitter account 2JF0K3G

Imageplotter  Westminster, London, UK. 22nd Nov, 2022. Suella Braverman QC MP,2KG9B91

Tayfun Salci London, England, UK. 15th Dec, 2022. General Secretary of Royal College of Nursing PAT CULLEN 2M3E68K

JMF News  Bristol, UK. 15th Dec, 2022. Nurses  are taking industrial action 2M3ED34

Gruffydd Thomas  Carmarthen, UK. 15 December, 2022. Nurses on a picket line 2M3EE7X

Guy Bell London, UK. 15th Dec, 2022. A picket line of Nurses outside Guys Hospital   2M3EPXE

Guy Bell London, UK. 12th Dec, 2022. The emergency srvices, Ambulance and Fire Brigade, keep working  2M1BPE3

Mark Thomas London, UK. 15th Dec, 2022. Nurses and nursing staff demonstrate outside St Thomas's Hospital 2M3F1CJ

Maureen McLean Slough, Berkshire, UK. 14th December, 2022. Rail staff from Slough Station were picketing  2M2YGAR

Maureen McLean Slough, Berkshire, UK. 14th December, 2022. An Elizabeth Line train en route to Paddington from Slough.  2M2YGKN

Maureen McLean  Taplow, Buckinghamshire, UK. 12th December, 2022. The M4 Smart Motorway  2M1G5MX

Maureen McLean Slough, Berkshire, UK. 26th November, 2022. Traffic misery for travellers on the M4 2KM9TN0




woolver  Edinburgh, Scotland, UK - Gordon Aikman Lecture Theatre for Edinburgh University  2JER504

Grantly Lynch British baby in maternity ward London UK  A5J7EG

Colin Fisher Edinburgh, Scotland, UK. 23rd Nov, 2022. PICTURED: Dr Sandesh Gulhane MSP, Shadow Health Secretary 2KGX4WK

Dmytro Zinkevych Positive friendly young woman showing her kindness  RGHN5X

sst Edinburgh Scotland, UK 24 November 2022 Ariane Burgess, Scottish Green Party 2KHYRF5

woolver Edinburgh, Scotland, UK: Quartermile housing and business development  2KM25FD

David Ross Hermitage Bridge at The Hermitage woodland in Dunkeld, Perthshire,  R009JH




Gary Cook  Ice pancakes at Pool Ness waterfall, Big Water of Fleet, Dumfries & Galloway, RMCDFD




Marcel Kusch  Duesseldorf, Germany. 06th May, 2020. Hartwig Ollerdißen, presiding judge at the regional court,  2BM1KY2




Jansos  Mary's Living & Giving Shop For Save the Children, Elgin Crescent, London, W11,  2GY51PX

Tony Watson  Batemans, Nr Burwash, East Sussex, England,  E0T3AC


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