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Have you found any Alamy photos December 2022?

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Had a Google alert but cannot see which image of mine has been used behind The Telegraph’s paywall. Does anyone have a subscription and could let me know (or send me a screenshot)? plus there is one I can see by Ian Rutherford of the Forth Rail Bridge
Many thanks




Edited: Thanks Joseph for sending me screenshots. lAso images by DGB (CX6D41) and John Peter Photography (JF1JY4) of South Queensferry.

Edited by Sally
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Cheers John - you're very welcome,

17/12/2022, Guardian [Magazine], p66, Friedrichstrasse in Berlin, EW6BWC, Sean Pavone
17/12/2022, Guardian [Magazine], p86, Cuilcagh Mountain Park, 2GP9FTJ, Dawid Kalisinski/Panther Media GmbH
17/12/2022, Guardian [Magazine], p87, Fairfield Church on Romney Marsh, CMMYN2, Stuart Black/robertharding [Alamy creedit only]
17/12/2022, Guardian [Magazine], p88, Kennall Vale nature reserve in Cornwall, E9P12M, Helen Hotson
17/12/2022, Guardian [Magazine], p90, fisherman's house in SW Jutland, 2GNXT4W, Guido Paradisi
17/12/2022, Guardian [Magazine], p91, Radovljica in Slovenia, 2AA9RH5, Europe [No credit - poss not via Alamy]
17/12/2022, Guardian [Magazine], p91, Loch Affric, 2ABK6MB, David Robertson
17/12/2022, Guardian [Magazine], p93, old Ottoman bridge in Berat, 2A195Y7, Stephan Mink
17/12/2022, Guardian, p6, Chevening House, E4WNMN, Tony Watson
17/12/2022, Guardian, p36, diplodocus, BY5PN1, Florilegius [Alamy creedit only]
17/12/2022, Guardian, p49, shoppers in Regent Street, 2KYP1MX, Marcin Nowak
17/12/2022, Guardian, p50, Sabetta gas plant in Russia, 2FNC7W4, Valerii Kadnikov
17/12/2022, Guardian, p54, winning Premium Bonds, W2Y9YB, True Images
17/12/2022, Guardian, p55, esure website, PF49HR, Casimiro [Cropped. No credit - poss not via Alamy]


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Sunday Times online 18th




Jansos  Signage on the KPMG building, London, England, : MBP5P3




Classic Image  Seneca the Younger, c. 4 BC – AD 65, fully Lucius Annaeus Seneca and aka Seneca. Roman Stoic philosopher, statesman, KJAPDF

Paul Davey  Hackney Empire Theatre, London, November 25th 2015. Hackney Empire presents Jack and the Beanstalk F743T1

Li Binian  Cairo, Egypt. 17th June, 2019. Chairman of Mansour Automotive Company Mohamed Mansour  TDKRN2

Landmark Media USA. Jennifer Coolidge in a scene from the ©Universal Pictures movie: American Pie (1999). 2C6BPAK




Niall Carson  Bailed-out AIB to shut 67 branches G5AR35




ACORN 1 pension pot label on british mixed coins inside a glass jar concept FCYJ57

M4OS Photos  The Alliance Trust logo is seen on an LED screen in the background while a silhouetted person uses a smartphone  2AA5P7R

designer491  Lifetime ISA Individual Savings Account sign and coins. 2AWW4CR




Derek Smith  Oriental Duck Scotch egg with yakiniki dipping sauce  FX60WA




Ian Dagnall  View over the old city and Lake Pichola from the Jagat Niwas Palace Hotel , Udaipur, Rajasthan, India : 2C4EYH1

Zoonar/Dimos  Virupaksha Temple, Hampi, Karnataka, India  FC0CKJ

Roop Dey   Male tourist hikers enjoy view of Kumaon Himalaya mountain range at Binsar Uttarakhand India. R9JWR5

LECLERCQ Olivier  France, Nord, Lille, Saint Sauveur station, exhibition Alebrijes y Cavaleras  2A3GMA6

MAISANT Ludovic  France, Nord, Lille, Vieux Lille, Meert, pastry shop founded in 1761,  T8F0H8

World History Archive  Mr and Mrs Andrews, c1750 by Thomas Gainsborough RA FRSA (14 May 1727 (baptised) 2K08EBP

Michael Brooks  Sudbury Suffolk UK, view of the statue of Thomas Gainsborough and the tower of St Peter's Church HKEH6T


Edited by Bryan
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18/12/2022, Observer [Review section], p4, Mildred's restaurant in Soho, 2J23FD4, Robert Evans [No credit - poss not via Alamy]
18/12/2022, Observer [Review section], p31, Deborah James, 2J9CXXY, Mark Waugh [Alamy credit only]
18/12/2022, Observer [Review section], p39, T S Eliot, 2AY2K09, AF Fotografie [Cutout]
18/12/2022, Observer [Review section], p43, still from 'Avatar', 2JCMPMJ, Collection Christophel [Alamy credit only]
18/12/2022, Observer, p25, Ditchling Museum of Art & Craft, G0R06B, Steve Speller [Alamy credit only]
18/12/2022, Observer, p29, still from 'Cinderella', F6J091, Entertainment Pictures [Alamy credit only]
18/12/2022, Observer, p32, 'Runner' sculpture by Tony Cragg in Berlin, TTXE48, Eden Breitz [Alamy credit only]
18/12/2022, Observer, p42, Naomi Ackie, 2KFHMXW, LANDMARK MEDIA [Circular crop. Alamy credit only]
18/12/2022, Observer, p43, Stanley Tucci & Naomi Ackie, 2K4NPC2, LANDMARK MEDIA [Alamy credit only]
18/12/2022, Observer, p44, water vole, W7Y986, Terry Whittaker/Nature Picture Library [No credit - poss not via Alamy]
18/12/2022, Observer, p44, harvest mouse, D50ER7, PB Images [Cutout. No credit - poss not via Alamy]
18/12/2022, Observer, p45, turtle dove, FKRHAR, Joe Blossom [No credit - poss not via Alamy]
18/12/2022, Observer, p45, model of an adder, E2D2C4, Sabena Jane Blackbird [No credit - poss not via Alamy]
18/12/2022, Observer, p52, impression of nuclear fusion, 2F1BFPM, National Ignition Facility/MCT/Sipa US [No credit - poss not via Alamy]
18/12/2022, Observer, p62, BT bill, BMDT3M, ANDREW WALTERS [Alamy credit only]
18/12/2022, Observer, p62, RAC rescue van, B3PN2K, Paul Thompson Images [Alamy credit only]
18/12/2022, Observer [Magazine], p17, still from 'Catastrophe', HD6ANN, Everett Collection Inc


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Daily Mail online :




Torquay, UK. 02nd Feb, 2022. Posting a 1st class letter with the new QR Code Stamps from the Royal Mail, released 2nd Feb 2022 in the UK. Credit: Thomas Faull/Alamy Live News
Contributor: Thomas Faull / Alamy Stock Photo
Image ID: 2HK4KFB
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Times online 19th




Mariusz Burcz  Lotus Evija is a limited production electric sports car to be manufactured  2F8AP69

clive tagg  Hazel Blears MP : B8BBPH




Tayfun Salci  London, England, UK. 30th June, 2021. UK Prime Minister Boris Johnson's Chief of Staff DAN ROSENFIELD 2G60KC5

M4OS Photos   A close-up shot of the Slack app icon, as seen on the screen of a smart phone  2BD3978

Anna Watson London, UK, 17 December 2021: Electronic display boards urge Londoners to 'Get Boosted Now'  2HB8935

Willows Images UK  Lecture theatre at BPP London. UK. 10.03.2010.  T5JCWX

WENN The White House Where: Washington DC,E2P140

WaterFrame  Blue Whale, Balaenoptera musculus, Indian Ocean, Sri Lanka  G12JHX

Maureen McLean Datchet, Berkshire, UK. 26th October, 2022. The Manor Hotel owned by MG Hotels 2K949WJ

Imageplotter  London, UK. 25th Oct, 2022. Jacob Rees-Mogg, MP 2K907C4

Paul Quezada-Neiman  London UK 16 December 2022 The always fun Shetland Pony Grand National   2M3RTHY

Vuk Valcic  London, England, UK. 19th Dec, 2022. Protestets gathered outside the Royal Courts of Justice   2M46C5H




Panther Media  Angry evicted couple worried moving house sitting on the floor in the kitchen  2BPP7E1

sst Edinburgh Scotland, UK 15 December 2022. John Swinney arrives to deliver the Scottish Budget.  2M3H1G3

sst  Edinburgh Scotland, UK 13 December 2022. Shona Robison Cabinet 2M1PE3J

ARCH WHITE  WanderWomen take a chilly dip at Portobello - can't find it

sst Edinburgh Scotland, UK 30 November 2022. Sue Webber, Scottish Conservative, MSP,  2KXKJF3

Colin Fisher   Edinburgh, UK. 09th Oct, 2019. Edinburgh, 9 October 2019. Jamie Greene MSP 

Iain Masterton Port Glasgow, Scotland, UK. 3rd November 2022. Views of Caledonian Macbrayne ferry MV Glen Sanno 2KAWG2F

John Peter Photography Scottish Government building at 5 Atlantic Quay 150 Broomielaw Glasgow  2AMC6FF

Colin Fisher Edinburgh, UK. 5th Feb, 2020. Pictured: Murdo Fraser MSP  2ATXKF9

Clearview  Front facade of the Scottish Government office building at Victoria Quay, Leith,  WAXYEW




Stefan Wackerhagen  Amercan beaver, Castor canadensis, feeds on wood, Alaska, USA AM7WRR

Edited by Bryan
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You are welcome Sharon

Best Nigel


Guardian Online





Orlando Britain




Cigdem Simsek




Composite: Alamy



Kevin Snelling

Guido Paradisi


Christian Draghici


David Robertson


Stephan Mink


Panther Media


Yevhen Rychko


True Images

Mark Richardson





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Daily Mail online :




Crime Burglary. Man breaking into house with a crow bar. Posed by models
Contributor: Zute Lightfoot & Akira Suemori / Alamy Stock Photo
Image ID: AA8DN1
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