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Have you found any Alamy photos December 2022?

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Hampshire Calendar 2023 published by Carousel Calendars ISBN 978-15298-229-9



FWA98E Night falls at Spinnaker Tower in Portsmouth Harbour Slawek Staszczuk

2G2G65K Historic ruins of Wolvesey Castle / Old Bishops Palace in Winchester Jane Tregelles


P4T059 Winchester Cathedral Britpix


TWWJPH The mizmaze on  St Catherines Hill Gillian Pullinger


BC1E34 Exbury House Biblio Photography


C83TJP Heritage Centre Royal Victoria Country Park csimagebase

A6RTXC Dawn on a cold and frosty morning in the New Forest National Park Adam Burton


St James Church Upper Wield in snow Paul Markillie
Unable to find on Alamy. Perhaps deleted or incorrectly credited.


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11/12/2022, Observer, p10, girl taking lateral flow test, 2F8JYHG, Daisy-Daisy [Alamy credit only]
11/12/2022, Observer, p20, Vlad the Impaler, 2CT7BET, IanDagnall Computing [Alamy credit only]
11/12/2022, Observer, p21, lone ash tree, DGWE57, Digital-Fotofusion Gallery [Alamy credit only]
11/12/2022, Observer, p23, stained glass showing Fortune Theatre, GMDER1, PjrWindows [Alamy credit only]
11/12/2022, Observer, p27, restaurant in Soweto, EKK4WT, Jeffrey Isaac Greenberg 3+ [Alamy credit only]
11/12/2022, Observer, p35, Otto von Bismarck, 2AWXWFW, Old Books Images [Alamy credit only]
11/12/2022, Observer [Review section], p22, Jean-Luc Godard, P0CA35, Album [Credited to Philippe R Doumic/Alamy]
11/12/2022, Observer [Magazine], p11, James McAvoy, 2JHM2J5, Maximum Film
11/12/2022, Observer [Magazine], p11, still from 'Split', HK223E, Everett Collection Inc
11/12/2022, Observer [Magazine], p11, still from 'Atonement', 2JD8HNC, AJ Pics
11/12/2022, Observer [Magazine], p41, Mahonia x media 'Winter Sun', 2AFE629, John Richmond



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January 2023, Country Walking, p12, robin, ENTEW5, incamerastock [Cutout. Flipped L-R]
January 2023, Country Walking, p13, David Robinson, E0RMTX, Keystone Press
January 2023, Country Walking, p15, Xanthoria parietina lichen, HAF99J, Robert Carr [Circular crop]
January 2023, Country Walking, p15, heron, D8R167, David Tipling Photo Library [Circular crop]
January 2023, Country Walking, p16, Ashness Bridge, 2K241EY, Tony Allaker
January 2023, Country Walking, p17, The Wainwright pub, TYHMC6, PURPLE MARBLES CUMBRIA
January 2023, Country Walking, p56, Errol Flynn as Robin Hood, T11Y23, MediaPunch Inc
January 2023, Country Walking, p56, Kevin Costner as Robin Hood, HCXX4E, Everett Collection Inc
January 2023, Country Walking, p56, a cartoon fox as Robin Hood, BKB6C7, Moviestore Collection Ltd
January 2023, Country Walking, p66, Giant's Causeway, BGPF08, Jeremy Pembrey
January 2023, Country Walking, p66, summit of Ben Macdui, BE8P3K, Rob Read
January 2023, Country Walking, p66, St Michael's Mount, DEY3NA, Helen Hotson
January 2023, Country Walking, p79, Llyn Dinas & Dinas Emrys fort above the Afon Glaslyn river, HRRRA5, Mick Sharp
January 2023, Country Walking, p89, Cheddar Gorge, credited to Craig Joiner/Alamy but from crop used I can't say exactly which one
January 2023, Country Walking, p89, Kilchurn Castle, B60N9P, Derek Croucher
January 2023, Country Walking, p91, Gerrard's Hill, C6A4ED, Colin Varndell


Following all in Walker's Handbook supplement:


p4, woman leaning against tree, credited to Image Source Plus/Alamy but I can't find it
p4, roe deer, E1RC7B, Els Branderhorst/Buiten-Beeld
p9, kissing gate, BJ8CRJ, Justin Kase zsixz
p9, cow, BY19A0, Michael Olivers [cutout]
p9, dunnock, BY05PT, Premierlight Images
p13, Pen y Fan, CY9D2Y, Philip Jones
p15, Sandwood Bay, C5Y070, David Robertson
p15, bottlenose dolphin, A49MK0, Arco Images/Wegner, P./Imagebroker
p15, cormorant, BFETMG, Roberta Olenick/All Canada Photos [Cutout. Flipped L-R]
p15, machair, H8Y5P3, Nadin Dunnigan
p16, Fortingall Yew, AEDA3G, Edward Parker
p25, cows, FY3M04, John Hayward
p28, 'Striding Arches' sculpture on Benbrack, DXY7WJ, Tom Corban [No credit - poss not via Alamy]
p28, ptarmigan, CWD1WB, David Chapman [Cutout]

ISSN:  09532757

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Times online 12th




Bailey-Cooper Photography  Bank of England exterior, London, UK.  MNKWAM




sst Scotland, UK 10 December 2022. WEATHER:UK. Snow in Edinburgh. Christmas decorations on George Street. 2M155WM

sst Scotland, UK 10 December 2022. WEATHER:UK. Snow in Edinburgh  2M155Y8

geogphotos  M&Co clothes shop sale, Woodbridge, Suffolk, England,  PJPTF9

Ian Georgeson, Author Ian Rankin, Oxford Bar, Rather be The Devil J2N67G

Westend61 Engineer wearing reflective clothing looking at wind turbines by sky  2K312GH




UrbanImages  The Broadstairs Campus of Canterbury Christ Church University  D9B4CW

Prostock-studio Young Woman Practicing Yoga, Sitting With Hands Clasped Behind Her Back  2HBNKB6

D Legakis  Cardiff, UK. 17th May, 2017. Two of the AXON bodycams Body worn video cameras   J56B6M

Frank Hurley Launching the James Caird Imperial Trans Antarctic Expedition A62F28

Carolyn Jenkins  Poole, Dorset UK. 10th December 2022. UK weather: keen radio controlled boat enthusiasts racing  2M152PW

Enrique Shore New York, USA. 10th Dec, 2022. Revelers dressed as Santa Claus have fun near Times Square 2M16G6F

Guy Corbishley  London, UK. 11th December 2022. UK Weather: Snowball fight on London Bridge 2M1BNK0

Guy Corbishley London, UK. 11th December 2022. UK Weather: Snowball fight on London Bridge  2M1BNGN

sst Edinburgh Scotland, UK 08 December 2022. First Minister Nicola Sturgeon at First Ministers Questions 2M0W714

Steven Paston  Brighton, UK. 12th Dec, 2022. Dog walker at nearby woods in Falmer during recent snow, 2M1EXT0

Stephen Chung  London, UK. 12 December 2022. Passengers at Heathrow airport ahead of the Christmas getaway. 2M1DWMA

Edited by Bryan
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8 hours ago, Bryan said:

UrbanImages  The Broadstairs Campus of Canterbury Christ Church University  D9B4CW

Thanks once again for finding that one Bryan


6 hours ago, Nigel Kirby said:

and thanks for finding that one Nigel, and you're very welcome :)




12/12/2022, Guardian, p5, heavy snow in Brighton, 2M19FHE, Simon Dack News [via Live News]
12/12/2022, Guardian, p15, Moroccan fan with flag, 2M17WA0, SOPA Images Limited [via Live News]

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08/12/2022, Waitrose Weekend, p3, York Sheriffs Riding ceremony, PX0701, Paul Heaton [Cutout. Alamy credit only]
08/12/2022, Waitrose Weekend, p12, Vanessa Redgrave with her daughters Natasha and Joely Richardson, 2HW6D8X, Trinity Mirror/Mirrorpix [Alamy credit only]
08/12/2022, Waitrose Weekend, p49, Old Wellington Inn and Christmas market in Manchester, R869NY, Arpad Benedek
08/12/2022, Waitrose Weekend, p49, Mayfield park in Manchester, 2KG1R4K, GaryRobertsphotography
08/12/2022, Waitrose Weekend, p49, Chips Building and Ashton Canal in Manchester, 2B6ND6X, Jon Sparks

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Cheers Steve !


Times online 13th




Christoph Soeder  Berlin, Germany. 31st Oct, 2020. Johan Lundgren, Chairman of the Board of the airline Easyjet  2D8NJ5A

workingwales  A customer looking at stacks of bricks at a branch of Jewson builders merchants UK  F10T9G




David Warren  Babbs Mill Lake, a man made recreational park in Kingshurst, North Solihull, West Midlands.  GF78GT

ZUMA  Billionaire Vladimir Lisin has been named the richest man in Russia CCR48H

Matthew Taylor  Exterior of Rotherham Metropolitan Borough Council building - Riverside House, EYD5PB

Mark Kerrison London, UK. 9th December, 2022. Thousands of postal workers from the  (CWU) rally in Parliament Square 2M13Y6J

Vuk Valcic London, England, UK. 13th Dec, 2022. RMT  General Secretary MICK LYNCH speaks to the media 2M1KRD4

Oksana Bratanova  Woman hands holding bowl of vegetable soup with parsley and croutons JWJAGK

Victoria Jones  Rehab Support workers perform a physiotherapy treatment on patient 2CHGJWR

Everett Collection  AVATAR: THE WAY OF WATER, (aka AVATAR 2),  2M0PRC3 - and several others




Fredrick Kippe  Teacher and students in classroom during lesson  EAK789

Iain Masterton Edinburgh, Scotland, UK. 19th August 2021. Edinburgh City Council plan to close George Street to traffic 2GEEF14

PREVOST Vincent / hemis.fr  United Kingdom, Scotland, Shetland Islands, Mainland, Lerwick, Up Helly Aa festival,: WFNTBJ

Arch White  Edinburgh, Scotland, UK. 17 Nov. 2018. Edinburgh Christmas Market opens in Princes Street Gardens R28A3B

JASPERIMAGE  Stonehaven, Aberdeenshire, UK. 1st Jan 2019. Stonehaven Fireball Ceremony  RA663N

IAN GEORGESON  Marischal College 'Here be Monsters' SPECTRA, Scotland’s Festival of Light, returns to Aberdeen 2B16Y20

Alan Wilson  The Quad of Old College, part of the University of Edinburgh.  DD2FEN

Iain Masterton Edinburgh, Scotland, UK. 6th October 2022. Demonstration against Self ID 2K56E5H and 2K56E5N




Erin Paul Donovan Diamond Dust in Walker Ravine from along the Old Bridle Path  New Hampshire White Mountains  M8D6XC




Jason Richardson Brighton, UK. 4 Dec 2019, Dido performs at The Brighton Centre 2ADR2GM

Edited by Bryan
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