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  1. If you scroll down the Alamy home page, the 'Browse images by category' section includes an option for background images, which suggests that they do sell. https://www.alamy.com/category/backgrounds.html
  2. Open the Adjustments panel. In the panel menu, select 'Add mask by default'
  3. Click on the image and it will open in a new tab. Click on it in the new tab to see it at 100%.
  4. Slightly breezier than usual in Weston-super-Mare
  5. Perhaps a more constructive approach would be to restrict access to the existing News, Sport, and Entertainment tabs but add an extra tab for topical or soft news images with access for all. This would prevent the weather and blossom images from cluttering the hard news categories without shutting out contributors who wish to develop their photo-journalism skills. A limit on the number of images that could be uploaded per month might encourage people to edit more carefully and not to use it as a route to avoid QC. Just a thought...
  6. Err, I think you'll find that agrees with what I wrote: the emulsion side should face towards the lens. OK, I shouldn't have mentioned scanners as there are so many variations. I use the Minolta Dimage MultiPro, in which the film is normally placed in the holder emulsion side down. The lamp passes above the holder and the lens is focused on the underside so it is scanning the emulsion side. Here's a video of one in action Why photograph through a layer of acetate/polyester if you don't need to? Anyway, it was only a suggestion, the o
  7. I would suggest putting the emulsion side towards the camera and flopping the image in Photoshop, then you will be photographing the image directly rather than through the base. This is the usual arrangement when placing film in a scanner or enlarger.
  8. See Alamy's guide to cameras: https://www.alamy.com/blog/alamys-rough-guide-to-digital-cameras The Nikon Coolpix 510 only has a 1/2.3" (6.17 x 4.55 mm) sensor.
  9. Photoshop's vector tools are intended to aid the production of raster images and are fairly limited in scope. Illustrator's tools are far more varied and powerful. If you save a Photoshop document as an EPS file, simple shapes drawn as 'Smart Objects' will be preserved as vectors but not necessarily in their original form. For example, a path with a dashed stroke applied will be saved as a series of rectangles. The fill colour might be saved as a raster image masked by the shape so it could be difficult to produce a pure vector EPS. If you flatten the
  10. Sunday Express 12 August 2018, page 29 S0CJ3R The valley of ice in Hardangervidda, Norway Arthur Gebuys / Stockimo The Observer 12 August 2018, page 13 ] P950G7 London, England. 14th July 2018. Pictured: Generation Identity. Patriotic English protested in Whitehall to free journalist Tommy Robinson... Richard Milnes / Alamy Live News The Observer 12 August 2018, page 6 A95PTR Female Trader on Spice Stall, Anjar, Gujarat, India Philip Bigg The Observer 12 August 2018, page 3 C7Y2WE On the harbour beach at Lamorna Cove Cornwall England UK ian woolcoc
  11. Philip's Complete Road Atlas Europe 2019 front cover F7C5AT Latefossen waterfall, Hordaland, Norway Jan Wlodarczyk Philip's Multiscale Europe 2019 front cover G3CJGM Sylvenstein Dam in Bavaria mauritius images GmbH Philip's Big Road Atlas Europe front cover DTT10P Tuscany at sunrise Sergey Borisov
  12. If you open the image in Photoshop and darken it to exaggerate the effect*, the top quarter of the frame is slightly darker then the rest. Perhaps you have a sticky shutter blade? * For example, set levels to 17, 0.2, 215
  13. A zinc-air cell is designed to supply a stable voltage throughout most of its life so it should give consistent readings. It should die suddenly rather than just fade away. Bear in mind that once the seal has been removed it will have a limited life regardless of how much it is used. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Zinc–air_battery
  14. Funnily enough, the exposure guide is still available in the traditional format on the Portra data sheet (turn to page 2 of the PDF). http://imaging.kodakalaris.com/sites/prod/files/files/products/e4051_Portra_160.pdf
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