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Have you Found any Alamy Photographs November 2013

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13 NOV 2013

9 Yummy Quick (and Easy) Breads


Keller & Keller Photography

Bon Appetit




13 NOV 2013

10 Best Holiday Travel Tips


Photographer: Fresh Start Images




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Guardian Online, November 16
Bully in school playground, similar to A6A2H0, Helene Rogers (Alamy credit only)
Two cups of coffee, B4FBW8, Michael Jenner/Alamy
Boy in school playground, ABW8A0, Daniel Atkin (Alamy credit only)

Ghent waterfront, DD2YD7, Paul Maguire (Alamy credit only)
Pigeon Point, nr Stonehaven, Tobago, CN2X1Y, JPIX (Alamy credit only)

Adult content on screen, AHJE3A, Martyn Vickery/Alamy
Statues at Angkor Thom, Cambodia, D2T6X6, Andrew Stewart (Alamy credit only)
Treecreeper, crop of A9GH44, Blickwinkel/Alamy

Gritting road, BWNP0E, Shoosmith Collection/Alamy

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Guardian Online, November 16
Byker Wall, Newcastle, CY16HM, Islandstock/Alamy
Dawson’s Heights, Dulwich, London, B8T3KB, Dan Skinner/Alamy
Lillington Gardens, Pimlico, London, AXJYNP, Andrew Holt/Alamy
Trellick Tower, London, A2PXW0, Ben Ramos/Alamy
Golden Lane, London, D60A1F, Ray Roberts/Alamy

Woman on bench, APK3XK, Keith Morris/Alamy

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15/11/2013, UK, London Evening Standard, p34, Wallaby, D3KGT2, Gerry Pearce15/11/2013, UK, London Evening Standard, p35, Wallaby, D3KGTB, Gerry Pearce15/11/2013, UK, London Evening Standard, p35, Wallaby, D3KGRY, Gerry Pearce15/11/2013, UK, London Evening Standard, p56, Frankie & Bennies in Cambridge, CE7XCB, Kumar Sriskandan [No credit but almost certainly via Alamy] 

Thanks Steve, definitely via Alamy





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i [uK] 16 November, page 42
CXDE3F or C15H12 Outdoor seating on decking of London townhouse after rain Andreas von Einsiedel

The Independent [uK] 16 November, pages 14-15
AE61D8 Silhouette of clubber dancing Hacienda nightclub Len Grant Photography

The Independent [uK] 16 November, Traveller page 4
CBE3K1 Old American car driving in front of the Cuban National Theatre (Teatro Nacional de Cuba) Havana Cuba Renato Granieri

The Independent [uK] 16 November, Traveller page 6
BTYGR4 Detroit, Michigan, USA. Derelict buildings in Detroit. james cheadle

The Independent [uK] 16 November, Traveller pages 6-7
CP584C USA - Michigan - Detroit. View of Downtown, at night. DEA / A. VERGANI / Universal Images Group / DeAgostini

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Mail Online 16th

BJTGD4 Mike Kemp Boy with plate of broccoli frowning
BTBDR7 Robert Convery Tesco supermarket store, Stratford upon Avon, UK
A0EP7F DBURKE The Royal Courts of Justice in the Strand in London UK
C93RPF Stockbroker Doctor with female patient
BWCFFM keith morris A 16 sixteen year old teenage girl reading Facebook alone on her laptop in her bedroom at home UK
CXR2KA www.mien.be Boy looking at computer screen

AX66CP Tim Hill   A glass a jug of orange juice and oranges editorial food

C4A4CE Kathy deWitt   High Court British judge and barrister wigs in Ede and Ravenscroft shop window, Chancery Lane, London England UK

D956B9   Stephen Barnes  Law Courts, Preston

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Sunday Times 17th


P20 ARXEDF Motofoto  The dining room at the House of Commons London



Sunday Times Home 17th

P31 D0XG58 Vidler Steve UK, United Kingdom, Great Britain, Britain, England, Europe, London, Liberty, Department Store, Libertys

P34 DD8XRY Tolo Balaguer Arbutus unedo arbutus Plansalloses Garrotxa Girona Catalunya Spain

Times Online 17th

A3R9NY PSL Images HM Revenue Customs document surrounded by pound coins

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Guardian Online, Nov 17
The Apple Store in New York, AWN3KM, imagebroker/Alamy
Valencia, A2FR93, Kevin Foy/Alamy

Woman filling car with petrol, crop of BWTAJX, MBI/Alamy

A print from an 1860s edition of Gulliver's Travels,  AXRDRY,  Antiques & Collectables (Alamy credit only)

Rothiemurchus Forest in the Scottish Highlands, BGXCN2, Duncan Shaw (Alamy credit only)
Bus in Ghana, B9B4FG, Eitan Simanor/Alamy

Couple dealing with accounts, AX4XPD, Chris Rout/Alamy

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16 NOV 2013


Here's Why It's So Hard to Get Free Checking Anymore


Photographer: John Wohlfeil



How can that be RF when there is a clear company name on the check and no property release or model release?  Taking a bit of a risk.



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Mail Online 17th


AKXHRX  J.W.Alker  Jat Airways, Boeing 737 takes off, Frankfurt, Hesse, Germany.

CMRBT0  Jeffrey Blackler   Tavistock Clinic 

BWC5HR  Chris Batson  male looking at Website of twitter, web, internet, blog

B89881 Jochen Tack  Young woman in her apartment working on a laptop computer surfing the internet, Twitter news service

CEHEHD Matthew Clarke  solihull hospital, uk

A0EP7F DBURKE The Royal Courts of Justice in the Strand in London UK

C7MW05 Ian Dagnall   Bridge over the brook and view down the main street in the picturesque village of Castle Combe, Wiltshire, England, UK

BMYP01  International Photobank   View of The Rows on the corner of Bridge Street and Eastgate Street in the historic city of Chester

A688KK  Darren Matthews   Great Pulteney Street Sign in Bath England

C921JW  Douglas Carr  View east over the rooftops of the city of Glasgow

BYBCK1  Roger Bamber  Classic Regency houses by the sea in Sussex Square, Brighton reflected in a bird bath in the communal gardens.

B6EJGY   Angelo Hornak  Charlotte Square Edinburgh

DE097T Kumar Sriskandan   Cambridge city centre on a sunny summers day, top of Kings Parade, Cambridge city, UK (cropped portrait format)

Yuri Arcurs  Young woman irritated (can't find it Alamy despite credit) http://www.dailymail.co.uk/health/article-2508456/Sexual-healing-Botox-solves-problem-womens-uncontrollable-arousal-disorder.html

C1XXMF I. Glory  A woman relaxing on the sofa with shot taken at her feet

BWEEN8 Juice Images248 Concentrating surgeons performing operation in operating room

D3GXN1  roger ashford   Colchester General Hospital frontage. An NHS hospital run by Colchester Hospital University Foundation Trust.

B84DGB  Greg Blomberg   Bright red PANIC button on monotone (silver) computer keyboard

AJ8H53  Ann Rayworth  Mount Snowdon Range North Wales  (I may have wrongly attributed this shot to Rob Rayworth on the 15th, 3 very similar images)


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