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  1. Thanks again for all the suggestions. I'll look for the silica and sealable bags. As for dehumidifiers, I did buy these (link below) a few weeks ago. I haven't tried them in the van but judging from the way they perform in the kitchen, I think they will fight a losing battle in the van. http://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/Twin-Pack-Portable-Rechargeable-Moisture-Absorbing-Dehumidifier-Wardrobe-Caravan-/310825999686 Are these similar to the ones you bought? Christine
  2. Thanks everyone. I'll take a good supply of plastic bags and a cool bag & hope they do the trick. Christine
  3. Advice please. I am planning a trip to the Cairngorms later this month and I will be in the Camper Van. I am thinking that camera condensation could be a big problem - cold outside, steamy inside. Does anyone have any tips to keep the problem to a minimum? Christine
  4. You are absolutely right about manuals. For my more recent Sony kit I have purchased e-manuals from Gary Friedman, which I find very good. Searchable pdf format, so much quicker to find the information. http://www.friedmanarchives.com/ebooks/index.htm Christine
  5. I have never met a troll on this site, Richie. Only people who dispense advice - usually good advice. Speaking as someone who seems to be in the QC doghouse at the moment, I just have to remember this - QC work for the site owners, they set the rules. If I don't like the rules I have 2 choices... I wish you future success but here you will have to operate within Alamy's framework. Christine
  6. I agree. I try to keep my mind on the income it brings; that does concentrate attention a bit more. Christine
  7. Ed Do you not have a Nex charger that will fit the RX10 batteries? See David's comment quoted above. Really looking forward to hearing your user report. I'm seriously considering this camera. Christine
  8. Thanks Allan and David. That clarifies the battery thing. Christine
  9. I think it could be a deal breaker for me. My photo trips are usually in a VW camper. Space is a bit restricted for a camera to be tied up to a laptop for long periods at a time, and if I'm not on a campsite - no electricity. Trust Sony to come up with something promising and then shoot itself in the foot! Christine
  10. Just read the review on ePhotoZine. I get the impression that the only way of charging the battery is by using the camera on a usb cable. That sounds a bit restricting if that is the case. Christine
  11. Camping and Caravanning Magazine. Dec 2013. BJAYXR Bigsweir David Cheshire. p82 AR7PE1 Southport marina bridge night Chris Harrison p86 BGPHJX Cheltenham Park Snow Rupert Bryce-Morris p88
  12. Do you use a local expert or do you post the camera to someone? We are certainly a bit lacking in experts aound North Yorkshire.
  13. I can't find such a thing, Mirco. Do you have a part number or link for it? Christine
  14. Thanks David. I will try the extension tube/close up lens route and see if that will solve the problem.
  15. Thanks for the help from everyone. Looks like the bridge camera idea is a non-starter. Fuji XE1 sounds good I might look more closely at that possibility. Someone might produce a decent length macro lens for the Nex system. Ah - just spotted a pig over the rooftop. Thanks everyone. Food for thought. Christine
  16. Thanks for the imput Paul. I already have a Nex 7. Nice camera but it doesn't do what I want. It falls down badly in the macro stakes. I may end up buying a 30macro for it, but I'm exploring all avenues first. In particular I want a camera that will: macro focus when I want to photograph close - eg fungus. Will give a good depth of field when I want to show the fungus in its setting. Can be used as a general landscape/townscape camera as well, without carrying a ton of equipment on my aging shoulders. Maybe my dream camera doesn't exist!!
  17. Yes. I have a Nex 7 which is very nice and gives good results, but Sony don't have enough accessories. In particular it lacks a macro lens around the 100mm mark, and doesn't focus close enough with its standard lenses to be a good walkabout camera for me.
  18. I am considering getting a bridge camera as a "take everywhere" camera. Unfortunately most seem to be on the unsuitable camera list. Does anyone know of a good bridge camera that gives acceptable QC results? I have tried compact cameras, but I just can't make friends with them!! Any suggestions gratefully received. Christine
  19. Camping and Caravanning Magazine. October 2013. page 50 Blue Mosque Istanbul CN9R2A funky food London-Paul Williams page 49 Balloons over the Love Valley, Cappadocia. Credited to Alamy. Sorry I've checked through 3 times but can't find it.
  20. Camping and Caravanning Magazine. September. page 19 Canterbury Cathedral BAN408 Angelo Hornak page 78 Burnham on Sea lighthouse CF5FNP Nick Cable/Loop Images page 93 Ripon Cathedral AYK92T Whitfield Benson
  21. One of the things sadly missed from the old forum is the huge amount of advice it contained on various topics including DACS. Anyway. For the first time I am making a DACS claim and have run into an apparent brick wall with the magazine section. In particular I am unable to provide chapter and verse about which magazine and when. The form will not allow me to save or send without the details. I sure others have faced this problem; so, please, how do I get around the problem? Any help gratefully received. Christine
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