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Have you Found any Alamy Photographs November 2013

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USA, Washington magazine, Nov 2013 issue


Pg. 4 & 105 Jackie Kennedy BTXWMT  Daily Mail/Rex




Pg. 4 and 155 Warren Harding, BTJWNG  Everett Collection Inc




Pg. 18 Puneet Talwar (cropped tight), C1R7PW  White House Photo




Pg. 19, Larry King, C4JYFE Peter Brooker




Pg. 18, Savannah Guthrie, D32YD4 or D32YD3 ZUMA Press, Inc.




Pg. 19, Chuck Todd, CWYP9B  Mary Kent




Pg. 19 George Stephanopoulos (cropped to just his head) BTM37K Everett Collection Inc




Pg. 19 Bill Maher, BK30TM  Allstar Picture Library




Pg. 19 Joe Scarborough, CCWMW  ZUMA Press, Inc.




Pg. 19 Charlie Rose, BTWYCM   Everett Collection Inc





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MORE FROM:  USA Washingtonian magazine, Nov 2013 issue


Pg. 24, DC Metro, D9BGRB Mira




Pg. 60, Vietnam War Demonstration, CWAA0K Everett Collection




Pg. 63, Fig Newtons cookies, B3MR9E Foodfolio




Pg. 63, Vintage bus, D7YGM3 Pictorial Press





Pg. 76, Sammy Baugh, CWAPKA  or BTJTHN  Everett Collection Inc




Pg. 96, Jackie Kennedy, C5FPN7 Pictorial Press




Pg. 109 Jackie Kennedy, C5NCBW Marka




Pg. 155 Kennedys in their Georgetown home, BTJN1H CSU Archives




Pg. 156 John F Kennedy, D18MFE  GL Archive



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Mail Online 23rd

BP6DKW Jason Knott Gracetown beach, Western Australia
CF0MBG Phil Wills Gloucestershire Royal Hospital, Gloucester, UK.
DDTEDH Maurice Savage Gloucester Crown Court, Courthouse, Longsmith Street, Gloucester, Gloucestershire, GL1 2TS, UK
BKFKNE guy harrop generic filling in of a postal voting form for the general election on 6th May 2010 (cropped from landscape to portrait)
CPR626 eye35 manchester crown court crown square Spinningfields Greater Manchester England UK GB EU Europe
BH3497 ICP Selection of red wine bottles focus on neck
CN3RJW eye35 derby crown court front entrance and steps derby derbyshire england uk gb eu europe
AA8MCA Jack Sullivan An elderly lady with severe arthritis
CX8N60 BSTAR IMAGES Sanofi Deutschland Potsdamer street Berlin Germany
D8F6BF Annie Eagle Peterborough City Hospital
D3GXN1 roger ashford Colchester General Hospital frontage. An NHS hospital run by Colchester Hospital University Foundation Trust
AG51NF Picture Partners Woman having breast screening on mammogram machine
AGH018 Justin Kase z09z Upton Park Newham Green Street shopping area

BWXXG5 Ian Dagnall  Can of Red Bull Energy Drink, USA (Probably, lots of similar shots)

D4EDC1 Kevin Britland  a morrisons store uk

C6KEFH Frankie Angel  A cut out of a can of Relentless energy drink

BJ1FM4  anthony marsh   An elderly woman suffering from Alzheimer's disease, in a residential home specialising in the care of people with dementia.

D6GJ5E OMS Photography   Pigs Head

D9AH15 GL Archive   King Henry VIII (probably, colour shift)

A215JP  moodboard  Female Commuter Standing by Man's Wet Armpit on Train

ANGY4Y Ron Erwin  Large Bull Moose (Aces aces) with velvet antlers in Gros Morne National Park, Newfoundland and Labrador, Canada.

BDA3F3 Keith Morris  2 Paramedics responding to a 999 call putting elderly lady who has fallen over at home on a stretcher and taking her to hospital

AP8BKX  Arch White  Speeding Ambulance with blurred movement, on way to an emergency, Edinburgh, Princes Street, Scotland, UK

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Wall Street Journal - Friday-Sunday November 22-24 2013





BHCDT3 - RF - Isolated objects - Perseus by Cellini



CXB8N5 - RF - Kirsty Pargeter - music notes



B565B7 - Chris Howes/Wild Places Photography (hey I had him in my previous post too) - Mickey Mouse 1935 annual



CN0NDY - JOHN KELLERMAN - Florence, Duomo [cutout]



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Daily Express - Saturday November 23 2013



p14 - A24445 -  National Motor Museum - Motoring Picture Library - Undertaker by hearse



p44 - BDY7GH - Pictorial Press / Pictorial Press Ltd - Bill Medley of the Righteous Brothers with his wife about 1966



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Guardian Online, Nov 24
Teenage girl, BKRJM2, Catchlight Visual Services/Alamy
Kites flying on Old Hunstanton beach in Norfolk, BANAXE, Neil Holmes (Alamy credit only)

Sign for Ladies toilet, London, AKYF3H, D Johnson (Alamy credit only)
Ten Courts of Hell at Singapore's Haw Par Villa theme park, BFRCFJ, Chris Hellier (Alamy credit only)

Crab at Singapore's Haw Par Villa theme park, BM28WX, Neil Setchfield (Alamy credit only)
Tiger Balm Gardens at Singapore's Haw Par Villa theme park, C21PBJ, Martyn Annetts (Alamy credit only)

Suoi Tien Park near Saigon, AP76B6, Oliver Benn (Alamy credit only)
Spider chrysanthemums, CCPHMT, ZUMA (Alamy credit only)

Miscanthus sinensis ‘Kascade’, crop of A59F44, Plantography (Alamy credit only)

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Financial Times  23 / 24 Nov


p7   Russia Royal Family BRJ5GY Archive Pic


LIFE & Arts

p8   Place Mairie Sete - CR4FM5 DEGAS Jean-Pierre / hemis.fr

p8   Canal Royal Sete France - CR4F99 DEGAS Jean-Pierre / hemis.fr

p8   Tarragona Cathedral - DG66DE Age Fotostock / Linh Hassel

p14 Cuba Village  - C5HE9T Marc PoKempner / Picade LLC


House & Home


p3   Belgrade Viewed from Danube River - BEW2GT Elena Elisseeva

p6   Blade Runner Still - C5KCNG - Photos 12

p7  Guggenheim Museum NY - A77MPY Frank Chmura

p7   Atlanta Marriott Marquis Hotel  -  D8KHP7 Allen Creative / Steve Allen

p7   Still from 'Things to Come' - B3KNKD Pictorial Press

p12   Newton Ferrers on Yealm Estuary - B7N7W4 Seescanner


FT Weekend Magazine


p6  Kimbolton School - AAP17K Sally Cooke


Fine Times Magazine


p70 Puducherry Architecture - C5XX2A David South




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Il Sole 24 Ore [italy] 24 November, page 37
B3KN2H MILES DAVIS (1926-91) US jazz musician here in 1955 Pictorial Press

The Sun Herald [Australia] 24 November, Traveller, page 19
DFTMEY Rocky Mountaineer train at Morants curve near Lake Louise in the Canadian Rockies Banff national Park Alberta Canada eye35.pix

The Sun Herald [Australia] 24 November, Traveller, page 21
B1NKJ0 Geese grazing on lawn Sandringham house Queens country residence near Kings Lynn Norfolk UK Mark Boulton

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24/11/2013, UK, Observer [Magazine], p69, spider chrysanthemum, CCPHMT, ZUMA [Alamy credit only]
24/11/2013, UK, Observer [Magazine], p69, Miscanthus sinensis Kascade, A59F44, Plantography [Alamy credit only]
24/11/2013, UK, Observer [Magazine], p69, Colchicum speciosum, A678D8, Val Duncan/Kenebec Images [Cropped. Alamy credit only]
24/11/2013, UK, Observer [Magazine], p69, Hamamelis virginiana, A9XTF2, blickwinkel/Schmidbauer [Alamy credit only]
24/11/2013, UK, Observer [Magazine], p74, kites at Old Hunstanton, BANAXE, Neil Holmes [Alamy credit only]
24/11/2013, UK, Observer, p55, Foamhenge, A455YN, Andre Jenny [Alamy credit only]
24/11/2013, UK, Observer, p55, Parthenon in Nashville, CWMK49, Philip Scalia [Alamy credit only]
24/11/2013, UK, Observer [Review], p37, 1960s bride & groom, AAKYEM, H. ARMSTRONG ROBERTS [Cropped. Alamy credit only]

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CATNBR by ParryGrab


11/18/2013 - by MSN Money Partner: - "Wal-Mart says Obamacare may hurt sales"




when you right-click on image for Image Info:  Walmart plastic shopping bags in shopping cart © ParryGrab-Alamy


- Ann


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The Daily Telegraph [uK] 25 November, page 23
B46NK8 Palace of Darius in Persepolis, Iran Marcia Chambers / dbimages

The Daily Telegraph [uK] 25 November, Business page B2
D5RTNB Factory pollutes the atmosphere harmful emissions. Russia, Yaroslavl Anton Lebedev



Göteborg Metro [sweden] 25 November, page 16
Skåne Metro [sweden] 25 November, page 14
Stockholm Metro [sweden] 25 November, page 24
BPGWCD Math professor or teacher interacting with students in a classroom, Statistical formula on chalkboard in background J.R. Bale


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25/11/2013, UK, Guardian, p11, River Chess, BX5RTA, PCJones [No credit - poss not via Alamy]
25/11/2013, UK, Guardian G2, p2, VHS tapes, AJPHJG, Daniel Sicolo [RF & no credit - poss not new sale via Alamy]
25/11/2013, UK, Guardian G2, p3, woman smoking e-cigarette, D75RWR, Garo / Phanie [Alamy credit only]

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Guardian Online, Nov 25,
Boy writing on blackboard, crop of BJJWHA, RubberBall/Alamy
Robot with telephone, crop of AY96Y4, Yiap Views (Alamy credit only)
Statue of Philip Larkin, Hull, C8G02E, geogphotos (Alamy credit only)

Len McCluskey, can’t see exact shot, but looks like it’s by PjrNews (Alamy credit only)
Tower block, London, AMNNHX, Tony Watson/Alamy

Online porn site, AHJE30, Martyn Vickery/Alamy
Water vole, BDA9BK, Andrew Sproule/Alamy

Computer server, crop of B61D2N, MatthiolaC/Alamy

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SUNDAY EXPRESS, November 24, 2013



p38 - DDXYHE - Land of Lost Content - Fabulous Babe ad

online here: http://www.express.co.uk/comment/expresscomment/444869/The-sweet-smell-of-the-Seventies-is-back-with-a-splash



p51 - B2PB62 -  INTERFOTO / Fine Arts / INTERFOTO - Ophelia - Millais

online here:


[if I had seen this first it would have been a lot easier to decide which Ophelia repro they had used in print. Online it is in the original colors and crop.]



p74 - AN9BFP -  Trevor Smith - Boxing day Raft Race at Matlock Bath [no credit in print]



p75 - CBYGK1 -  Chris Deeney - Mousehole Cornwall [made a lot lighter in print]


CBYGK1 and AN9BFP are online as well [at the original brightness level and credited Alamy]:



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