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  1. Horse and Hound online 25.09.20 https://www.horseandhound.co.uk/news/new-fei-covid-rules-prize-givings-media-vets-725953 Domestic Horse wearing bell boots. Germany - Image ID: FC96H3/Juniors Bildarchiv GmbH
  2. Horse and Hound online 24.09.20 https://www.horseandhound.co.uk/news/equestrian-bodies-back-calls-to-boris-johnson-for-urgent-sport-funding-support-package-725892 Horse legs running in twilight time - Image ID: GD03N3/ Dusan Kostic https://www.horseandhound.co.uk/features/cillnabradden-evo-photos-725701 Oliver Townend and CILLNABRADDEN EVO during the cross country phase of the Mitsubishi Motors Badminton Horse Trials, May 2019 - Image ID: T7GPKR/Nico Morgan https://www.horseandhound.co.uk/features/horse-stable-doors-725772 A stable yard with a horse tied up outside - credited to Alamy, same picture was used a couple of days age and I still can't find it.
  3. Horse and Hound online 23/09/20 https://www.horseandhound.co.uk/plus/features-plus/leicestershire-great-place-for-horse-riders-to-live-725740 Horse riding over open stubble fields, Leicestershire, UK - Image ID: BNEB9H/Tom Gilks https://www.horseandhound.co.uk/news/epsom-downs-horse-accident-police-warning-to-drivers-725752 Police tape at a uk crime scene - Image ID: R0JNMM/Thrive Images https://www.horseandhound.co.uk/news/owners-warned-to-be-vigilant-in-laminitis-perfect-storm-725812 Horses grazing on the cliffs above Whitby North Yorkshire - Image ID: A7B0RC/GothMeister Imaging And from yesterday https://www.horseandhound.co.uk/features/building-stables-37300 A stable yard with a horse tied up outside - credited to Alamy but I can't find
  4. Horse and Hound online 15/09/20 https://www.horseandhound.co.uk/plus/news-plus/cash-boosts-and-detailed-plans-as-pointing-aims-to-return-safely-hh-plus-725105 Point to point horse racing over hurdles winter March 2017 Bishops Court Ottery St Mary East Devon UK Contributor: Sharon Kingston / HTM0AN
  5. Thanks for the replies, at least I know it's not just me being daft. I just wanted to see the whole picture and, thanks to Mark, I have.🙂
  6. I can't find the front page picture on Alamy, GFR3MY, or the contributor using advanced search. Is it just me?
  7. Horse and Hound online 12/09/20 https://www.horseandhound.co.uk/plus/news-plus/animal-health-trust-disease-surveillance-service-replacement-724960 Indian scientist using microscope in laboratory - Image ID: BK0N29-Tetra Images, LLC 14/09/20 https://www.horseandhound.co.uk/plus/vet-clinic/whats-new-in-the-vet-world-the-latest-research-on-equine-skin-allergies-hh-plus-724907 Domestic horse. Sweet itch sores on the back of a horse - Image ID: DE3M85-Juniors Bildarchiv GmbH
  8. Horse and Hound online 3/09/20 https://www.horseandhound.co.uk/news/showjumper-olivier-phillippaerts-covid-st-tropez-france-724257 Equestrian rider Olivier Philippaerts poses at an official event for the Shanghai Grand Prix of the 2015 Longines Global Champions Tour in Shanghai, C Contributor: Imaginechina Limited / Image ID: W8EKTJ
  9. Not a photo app as such but the what3words app is very useful for finding your precise location. The world is divided up into 3m squares and each square has a unique combination of 3 words so by looking at the app you can tell exactly where in the world you are and by telling someone the 3 words, someone else can find you. The emergency services use the app in the UK. And it's free!
  10. Horse and Hound online 27.08.20 https://www.horseandhound.co.uk/features/horsey-questions-from-non-horsey-people-512180 Portrait of a horse with a funny, restless and anxious expression behind a wooden barn gate - Image ID: MJ04CX/ Cagkan Sayin
  11. Horse and Hound online 25/08/20 https://www.horseandhound.co.uk/news/pony-racing-grant-723314 pony racing at a point to point in the UK - Image ID: MCEG36/Mim Friday
  12. Horse and Hound online 13/08/20 https://www.horseandhound.co.uk/news/william-whitaker-backs-fantastic-multi-discipline-virtual-windsor-event-722110 Elli Birch/ MN1HWD - William Whitaker riding Utamaro D Ecaussines. https://www.horseandhound.co.uk/features/8-things-you-should-never-say-to-your-riding-instructor-721778 James Davies/C95HX9 - A young man receives tuition from a female instructor at an indoor manege horse riding stables.
  13. Horse and Hound online 11/08/20 https://www.horseandhound.co.uk/news/fei-coronavirus-rules-warning-721775 Volodymyr Kalyniuk/2BKC185 - Close up womans face in a protective mask on the yellow rape flowers background. https://www.horseandhound.co.uk/features/how-to-make-your-own-showjumps-at-home-622790 No Alamy credit but they have helpfully included the image ID Mk_Malin/EG5DN9 - many worn pneumatic vehicle tyres used as a practice jump for training horses https://www.horseandhound.co.uk/features/gifted-ad-social-media-meaning-721704 Woman looking at a phone, credited to Alamy but I can't find it.
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