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  1. Horse and Hound online, 14/11/2019 https://www.horseandhound.co.uk/news/wont-forgiven-fail-act-sector-urged-take-responsibility-equine-welfare-701013 Andrew Kearton - Image ID: G2N8R4 - Close up of a dark coloured horse with its eye closed in the summer sunshine
  2. Try searching for retirement properties. There are independent living apartments aimed at people over a certain age, usually 55 or 60, often in purpose built residential blocks. I guess it depends if there are any suitable ones in the area of Liverpool you are looking at within your budget. But at least you wouldn't be up against students/young professionals. Sue
  3. I can't really see any advantage for weather/crowds on the beach on Mayday bank holiday type shots, if they are just going to be buried in the main collection, unless buyers are made aware that there may be alternative locations available for a Mayday sunrise/sunset shot, not just those in the news feed. I know I was guilty of not uploading within the hour for news (more like 2 or 3 hours) but that was because I always returned to my computer to check quality. I aim to investigate quicker methods but the incentive isn't there at the moment. Surely opening up a reportage/archival route without QC will be seen by some as a way around QC? But I'll give it a try when I have something worth uploading...........
  4. But why also punish people who only made a rare upload to Live News, because they only did so when they had something that they thought might be of interest? I assume the purpose of the exercise was to reduce the number of submissions. Personally I haven't been able to upload much recently, due to other things going on in my life (yes, I'm an amateur!) but I always wanted to expand my photography and I'm grateful to Alamy for giving me that chance. Just sad that one avenue has suddenly and unexpectedly been closed when I'm on the verge of starting in earnest. Everyone has to start somewhere.
  5. I agree. An infrequent news uploader is possibly someone who uploads only when they have something which they think may be of interest, is a bit different or eye catching.
  6. As a very infrequent news uploader who has never sold news, I am disappointed to have received the email revoking my access to Live News. My most recent news upload was from the drought last summer of my collie sunbathing on the parched lawn. Hardly ground breaking or dramatic but Alamy were always telling us weather is in the news and it's a shame that should anything happen around here, I can no longer upload other than via the usual route. Alamy news have just retweeted a picture in the Times of a collie rolling in the snow so collies do sell!
  7. 17/1/2018 http://www.countryfile.com/article/south-downs-guide ECX8FB Slawek Staszczuk - Evening on High Street in Alfriston, East Sussex - described as Fog hangs over Washington village in West Sussex under the northern slope of the South Downs/Credit:Alamy in article FG8HNC Graham Franks - Lady walking through Kingley Vale West Sussex BRM7J9 Lesley Pardoe - The Inn and public house, 'The Fox Goes Free'. A3P2AE Derek Payne - River Arun and Arundel Castle on a cold misty and frosty morning D8C0HK Julia Gavin - Lancing College Chapel, West Sussex
  8. As far as I know the only people who know this particular email address are 2 family members, 1 friend and the company I have the email address with (1and1), none of whom know me Susan. And Alamy, who do know me as Susan. Weird. Sue
  9. I also received this email and the only place I can think of that they got my name/email from is Alamy, especially as it was addressed to Susan. I don't deal with any other stock libraries or POD sites, I've only had this email address since the end of July, very few people know it and Alamy is one of the very few places where I'm known as Susan. Sue
  10. Found these while searching Google Images for one of my recent zooms. https://www.woodlandtrust.org.uk/blog/2017/10/foraging-in-october/ All credited to Alamy. Beech nuts - Richard Clarkson - B8CH5K Bullace - FLPA - CNMB15 Hazelnuts - Zoonar/zoonar/Karin Jähne - EA611N Rosehip - Pixel Shack 2 - CC5MDE Sloes - Tim Graham - C31WR2 Sweet chestnuts - Matthew Taylor - H6HJP2 Plus one of mine.
  11. I had a look online through my library (Zinio reader) and I can see your image on page 47. I assume anyone can create an account if their library offers Zinio? Sue
  12. Daily Telegraph, UK, 16/6/2015, page 19 (letters), AJ474Y, UrbanLandscapes - Alamy credit only
  13. Daily Telegraph, 2/4/2015, page 8, N001XA, credit nidpor / StockimoNews / Alamy
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